Turkey Undergraduate Scholarship | Master and PhD


Turkish Government Scholarships are well known and here comes another Turkish scholarship for undergraduate students to get a chance to study in Turkey. Turkey has announced its scholarships for all international students.

This Turkish scholarship gives you the opportunity to complete your undergraduate studies free of charge as there is no tuition fee.

The scholarship will be given only to the international students and will cover the entire time period of the program applied for.  As a student, you will be required to bear the costs pertaining to transportation, housing, and health insurance.

Courses offered under Turkey Scholarship Scheme:

Turkish Universities are among the best global universities. Turkish universities have a prime focus on societal impact, education, and research.  Most of the subjects in Turkish universities are taught in English.

Subjects Offered in the Turkey Scholarship Program:

The Turkish scholarship is directed toward undergraduate, master and doctoral degree students and if you are an undergraduate then the following fields are open for you

  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Business Administration

Watch the video of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Application Process

Turkey Scholarship Benefits and Coverage:

Turkish Government Scholarship for bachelor degree programs offer many benefits as below:

  • Winning this Turkish scholarship means that you will have the chance to experience a 4-year undergraduate, master or doctoral program at the partner Turkish Universities and that too in English
  • The tuition fee is not there and the overall accommodation cost is also affordable
  • Living in Turkey is not very expensive as compared to other parts of the world such as in European countries, the UK, or the US.

Eligibility for the Turkish Government Scholarship for Undergraduate courses:

  • You must pass international examinations like the ACT, IB OR SAT, etc
  • You must show whatever high school results you manage to achieve during your educational career
  • You must have a TOEFL certification. The certification is an international benchmark which it comes to English proficiency
  • It is recommended that you should show any awards or certificates which you may have received during your educational career
  • You should provide a letter stating your purpose in choosing this scholarship program. The statement of purpose should be professionally written and if your SOP lacks the important key points then you may face rejection
  • Your country of residence is not a problem. The Turkish scholarship is open to students all over the world

How to Apply for Turkey Government Scholarship?

  • Turkish Government Scholarships online application system now accepts your applications.
  • The undergraduate candidates are highly encouraged and automatically considered for this program

Make sure you check out the Deadline of the Turkey Government Scholarship for Undergrad, Master, and Ph.D. in 2020 here

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  1. Thanks alot Mr Muhamed Yousaf, this is really usefull to all international students
    who will benifits from this platform.

  2. Hi! I’m Murad & I’m Very intelligent student as well a player
    I wanna apply & admission in MBBS
    Any MBBS scholarship

  3. i am working in government sector in Gilgit i have done my master in English literature and we have govt policy to study for 3 to 5 years study leave i want to get admission on scholarship in any subjects tourism, administration,foreign polices , media communications, international relations,legislation and democratic studies

  4. I’ve level 4 Building Electrical Installation so I want learn Electrical engineering the country give me this chance you now I’m very happy learn in Turkey language .Turkey is very very beautyfull country in the world the quality of the city ,have many bechis generally wanderful.

  5. I am Musa P.Fakolee from Liberia at the age of 26, and a 2013 High School graduate. I am kindly asking you to please help me with scholarship to achieve my goal,since I graduated from high school my parents can afford to pay fees for college.

  6. Asalamu alaikum am asking whether I can get a scholarship in a college school.. I need help please so that I can fulfill my dreams. Many friends of mine are in turkey studying… Please help me. May Allah reward you abundantly.. Amiin ya rabbi

  7. Hi I was wondering if I would be exempted from doing one year Turkish language if I have already done it in my country, and would be allowed to start my course as soon as I come?

  8. I Hamidu Ansumana from Sierra Leone. I am interested in the Turkey GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2019/2020 I WOULD LIKE TO STUDY PROCUREMENT.

  9. Hello Mohamed
    I’m Isatou, I would be very much pleased if you could guide me through the Turkish Government Scholarship Award for the academic year 2019/ 2020

  10. My name abdilahi abdi Hassan . I want Turkish schoolarship, I don’t have money to learn bachelar of degree .I finished high school 2016 _ 2017 .I live Somalia . This opportunity apply for ask any questions you can call me and I will send my name abdilahi abdi Hassan thanks

  11. i’d like to have this scholarship because we are 6 kids , 3 of us are at university , 2 are in private schools and a baby . my father started a new buisness two years ago with no income .

  12. Dear team

    My name is hodan slah arshe
    I live in hargeisa somalia especially
    I want to member of this university
    But I can’t buy the whole money please I want to make the scholarship if you can please

  13. My name is abdinur Wali sheikyusuf
    I am student in Ethiopia
    I would like to offer me this great opportunity
    In department in engineering specially petroleum engineering

  14. Hello,
    I’m Sahid Bobson Sesay from Sierra Leone. I have a BSc degree in Geography and I would love to pursue my masters degree through your Scholarships help

  15. Je me nomme ilyas aden djama je suis un bachelier djiboutien de l’annee 2018.

    Tout d’abord je vous .ensuite J’ai l’honneur de venir respectueusement par la présente lettre de solliciter, de votre haute bienveillance de bien vouloir m’accorder a ma demande de vos bourses d’étude puisque j’ai un probleme de vie à part ma famille qui sont chaumeur et qui n’ont le moyen d’étude à l’exterieur. Donc je veux profiter de cos bourses d’études je l’aime continuer mes études à l’exterieur.
    Si vous plait aidez moi je vous besoin trop.

  16. Is their scholarship for Pakistani student without English proficiency certificate.Please let me know or if any Pakistani student studying in north Cyprus can easily transfer

  17. my name is Ousman Abdulah i leave in Ethiopia and i have been graduated from arbaminch university in Medical Laboratory science I do have experience both at hospital and collage know am working at Afar Region semera health science collage as nedical laboratory department head

  18. May name is muna mohamed yusuf am somali garil life in bosaso somaliya am bechelor degree in economic am wnt master if allh say plz heppy me

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am here to apply for the Turkish government scholarship.
    I completed high school in Kenya for a period of three years ago.
    During my there, i undertook teaching schools I took part in the teaching various subjects.
    I served as home teacher for three years after completing high school with intention of helping pupils in school.
    I am a person willing to learn for further education.
    I look forward to being called for amongst the Turkish goverment scholarship, thank you in advance.
    Your sincerely,
    Abdifatah Kassim
    Education seeker.

  20. Dear sir/madam
    I am here to apply for the past above advertised in the Turkish government scholarship through websites, I completed high school level in the year 2015 in Dagahley secondary School.
    During may stay there,I undertook Teaching schools and I served home teacher for there years after completing high School with the intention of helping puplis in schools.
    Iam aperson interesting for further education.
    Course you offer at any time,
    Thank you in advance
    Your sincerely
    Farah Idle Dubow
    Education seeker.

  21. there is a problem ..after registration and also receiving email notification i try to login again but its not possible
    plz if someone guide me,

  22. my brother turkey i proud as Privilege the respect the share one religion islam as help brother somalia i stay somalia i have degree engineering but ineed to learn master Engineering i like to get scholarship becouse my family poor it can please pleaase and pleaace provide scholarship free

  23. this is a noble gesture conducted by the turkeys Embassy, creating opportunities for international students to study in your country. i shall be privilege if am granted the chance to study in turkey.

  24. my names mohamed I life in somalia. Iam secondary high level student. having highest grade in our school exam my grade is above 95 petvent

  25. Dear committe, i would like to apply Turkish Summer School, but the website that i open does not work. Could you please to help me about this website?

  26. I was searching for such scholarship’s….because I need.I want to continue my studies but financial problems take me away from my studies. So I need such scholarship’ program plz give me information how to apply

  27. I want to study in turkey for masters in marketing. I am a holder of bachelor og arts in communication and cultural studies, major in public relations.

  28. Hi, my name is Farhio I,m from Somalia I member of the students those are graduating from their secondary schools and I need to get free scholarship in Turkey and I am so interesting to study something in this country


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