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In order to increase the cooperation and understanding between the people of China and other countries, develop outstanding international talent, SCUT will provide about 70 full scholarships for full-time postgraduate studies under the Chinese government scholarship program.

SCUT CSC Scholarship Eligibility

  • Applicants must be non-Chinese national and be in good health.
  • Education background and age limit:
    – Applicants studying to earn a Master’s degree must have a Bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.
    – Applicants studying to earn a Doctorate degree must have a Master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  • Applicants may not be in the recipient of any Chinese Scholarships.

SCUT CSC Scholarship Coverage & Benefits

  • Exempt from registration fee, tuition, and fee for accommodation;
  • Monthly Living allowance:
    – Master’s degree students: RMB 3,000
    – Doctorate degree students: RMB 3,500
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China.

SCUT CSC Scholarship Application Process

Step 1: Create CSC Scholarship application first 

Step 2: Insert Agency No of South China University of Technology: 10561  & select CSC Scholarship Type Category: B

Step 3: Download <APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP> (pdf) and Print two copies.

Step 4: Apply for admission at SCUT website


SCUT CSC Scholarship Acceptance Letter Process

All the doctoral or master degree applicants should contact supervisors (professors or teachers) from department school in SCUT via mail to obtain acceptance letter for CSC Scholarship application.

  • The applicants who pass the assessment by supervisors, please ask the supervisors to sign a <pre-acceptance letters>.
  • Regarding how to contact the supervisor, please find the information via: (Chinese Version) (English Version)

    SCUT CSC Scholarship Document Checklist for Application

  • The front page of Passport
  • SCUT Application form for international students
  • Application form of Chinese Government Scholarship
  • Highest diploma or Pre-graduate Certificate (original copy and notarized photocopy)
  • Academic transcripts (original copy and notarized photocopy)
  • A study plan or research plan in Chinese or in English (Chinese or English, no less than 500 words).
  • Physical Examination form for foreigners
  •  Two recommendation letters in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors
  • The applicants of Ph.D. have to submit Abstract(s) of Graduation Thesis (es) or Published Paper(s)
  • IELTS, HSK or English Proficiency Certificate

SCUT CSC Scholarship Deadline

Please submit your CSC Scholarship applications for SCUT ahead of time to avoid missing this fully funded Chinese Scholarship.

For more information visit the South China University of Technology Chinese Scholarship to check the Deadline ,submission of supporting documents and other application instructions .

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