The Best and Quick Guide For English Teaching In Taiwan



Before finalizing your decision of completely uprooting yourselves and moving to Taiwan just for the sake of teaching English, one must take a bold look is everything necessary. The significant areas one must cover in terms of the requirements are mentioned below:

  1. The legal requirements for teaching English in Taiwan
  2. The realistic and the financial expectations and the requirements
  3. The lifestyle requirements and expectations.

The transition of living and teaching must be smoother whenever you make sure all the areas are adhered and understood intimately as possible, specifically the legal requirements.


The legal requirements for teaching English in Taiwan

The most important thing you must do before heading to Taiwan for your English teaching in Taiwan is to figure out the realistic chance of gaining legal employment. While people fly to Taiwan and try working for a few months at a time on the short term visitor visa, this practice is illegal and also risky.

Those being caught often aren’t deported and are concurrently banned for reentering the country for five years. To do English teaching in Taiwan legally, you must meet certain conditions that are deemed necessary by the government of Taiwan.


Work visa needed

For legally teaching English in Taiwan, you must obtain a work visa that will allow you to get the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). However, the work visas are not handed out to everyone, and you must meet the basic requirements required to qualify.



Speaking legally, the minimum level of education which the government accepts for the English foreign teacher is the two year Associate Degree accompanied by TESOL or TEFL certificate from the recognized university. It is also important to note though it might be difficult for obtaining employment with a two-year degree as many schools prefer teachers having a minimum qualification of 4-year university education.

Most of the teachers in Taiwan tend to receive a work visa from the government just by proving that they do have some bachelor’s degree from the university that is recognized by the Taiwanese Bureau of education.

Most of the medium almost have the major universities those are accepted, but if you are graduated from some smaller and less well-known schools, you need to check the Taiwanese Bureau of Education before going ahead with your job search.


Other Considerations

If you are a college-educated person, speaking native level English and come from one of the countries you must set the legal requirements that are concerned. To complete the whole process for getting a work visa and the ARC, there are few additional requirements.

The person must be a minimum of 20 years of age, and their age must be the problem for many as you need to have some secondary education completed. The person should also get and pass the criminal background check. The person should also give the health check, which includes both the HIV/AIDS and the tuberculosis test.

One can even find a job in some small or rural school, but you might also get a lot less support both culturally and professionally.

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