British Council Free Online Courses for All Students – Study for Free!

We reported yesterday that Harvard University is offering 55 spots for students who are interested in pursuing online courses. Fortunately, Harvard is not the only university that wants to help students in this time of need and the British Council is now accepting applications for free online courses. Students who get accepted in this program will benefit from the amazing chance to study online courses from the UK’s top universities.

British Council Free Online Courses


As previously mentioned, the biggest benefit of being awarded a spot in the British Council program is that students will be able to study at the best universities located in the UK. That’s not all! The British Council program is also offering free registration and free online courses. This is great news because the registration alone will set back students a few hundred pounds.

We also want to highlight that the British Council program offers a full-tuition fee waiver. Therefore, students will never have to worry about paying anything extra to get tuition on the subjects that interest them. In addition, students will benefit from certificates that are free of cost. However, some of the online courses provided by the British Council program need to be purchased.

British Council Free Online Courses


The amazing thing about the British Council program is the fact that all international students are eligible to apply. This means that no matter what is your home country, you should apply for the program because there is a very high chance of being accepted. In addition, the British Council program accepts students of all levels and any academic qualification.

Official Letter and Deadline

We have to give praise to the British Council for launching this online course program and helping students from all over the world get a free certification that is going to look great on their CVs.

If you are interested in the free online courses provided by top universities in the UK, then you should access the official website where you can find all the additional information that you need about the online application. There is no deadline and the courses are ongoing.

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