Wellcome International Master’s Fellowship in Health – Access a £120,000 Scholarship!

Medicine Fellowship

Fortunately, the Wellcome International Master’s Fellowship is here to help out. Medicine Fellowship is a scholarship program that has been specially created to help students who live in middle-income countries.

The biggest problem with studying medicine is not the fact that you will need to spend a large part of your life in university and practicing instead, the problem is that medicine classes are super expensive. For that reason, Medicine Scholarship has introduced.

The medicine fellowship is going to help outstanding students, such as yourself, get their Master’s degree in a subject that is related to health. The amazing thing about this medicine fellowship is the fact that it supports universities from all over the world. Furthermore, the research project can be undertaken at an eligible organization and should be within the Trust’s science remit and focus on a health priority.

Wellcome International Master’s Fellowship in Health


As previously mentioned, studying medicine is expensive. Wellcome International Master’s Fellowship provides eligible students with £120,000 including salary, studentship stipend, fees, and research expenses. The fellowship lasts for 30 months (12 months taught Master’s course and 18 months research project).

Wellcome International Master’s Fellowship in Health


You need to meet the following requirements in order to apply for the medicine fellowship scholarship program:

  • Be a national of a low- or middle-income country;
  • Your proposed research focuses on a health priority in a low- or middle-income country;
  • You have sponsorship from an eligible host organization in a low- or middle-income country apart from mainland China;
  • Hold a clinical or non-clinical undergraduate degree in a relevant subject;
  • Be at an early stage in your career with limited research experience (but you must have demonstrated interest in, or aptitude for, research.

Official Letter

If you consider yourself eligible for this fellowship in medicine, then you need to access the official website where you can find additional information about the application process. The deadline is April 14, 2020.

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