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CAS-TWAS Scholarship | USTC/UCAS CAS-TWAS Fellowship

CAS-TWAS President Fellowship Program



The most prestigious scholarship for Ph.D. Studies in China is offered by CAS in collaboration with TWAS. Scholars of CAS-TWAS fellows receive high stipends per month.

A total number of slots each year in which CAS-TWAS Scholarship intakes are up-to 200 globally, which also includes 60 underdeveloped countries. The total study duration is up to 4 years for CAS-TWAS scholarship winners with a possible travel grant.

Following programs are being offered:

  1. Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
  2. Medical and Health Sciences incl. Neurosciences
  3. Engineering Sciences
  4. Mathematical Sciences
  5. Agricultural Sciences
  6. Biological Systems and Organisms
  7. Chemical Sciences
  8. Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences
  9. Physics

Age limitation also applicable which is up to 35 years.

As per Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) commitment only non-Chinese citizens are accepted to study in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) or in institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in China.


Steps To Apply Online for CAS-TWAS China Fellowship

  1. Study and Analyze eligibility requirements
  2. Get in touch with eligible supervisor under any institutes of CAS, USTC or UCAS, that agrees to supervise your research/studies. Below are the links that’ll help you find eligible supervisors:
    UCAS Professors & Institutes list:

    USTC List of Professors & Institutes

  3. After successful reach to supervisors, send your research plan, cv and other documents to professors and ask them if they accept you as their student. Remind your professor that he’ll fill some part of your CAS-TWAS application in later stages.
  4. Kindly click below CAS-TWAS Online Application Link to fill and submit your CAS-TWAS Scholarship Application Online: CAS-TWAS Fellowship online CAS-TWAS Scholarship Application Link

  5. Document list required by CAS-TWAS Fellowship:
    — Download CAS-TWAS application form from below two links, fill em up and leave the supervisor section empty for your supervisor to fill in.

    — Now remind your professor to fill this section in your application with sign and Stamp, afterward ask him to upload that part in the CAS-TWAS online application system.
    — [Optional] Produce two referees, preference will be given to TWAS members who know you. Your supervisor will never be considered as a referee.

  6. Other Documents:
    — Transcript of bachelor and Master notarized copy only together with the notarized copy of both bachelor and master degrees.
    — Any evidence of your English language proficiency [IETLS, TOFEL or English Certificate]
    CV which must entail details regarding your research/pre-research
    — Passport Copy, [Must have at least 2 years expiry remaining]
    Research Proposal Detailed
    Statement of Purpose or Interest Letter
    — Copies of full Abstract pages required of 5 published papers [Maximum]
    — Medical physical examination Form
    Physical Examination/Medical Form for CAS-TWAS
  7. Submit all documents to CAS-TWAS online application system
  8. Send scanned copies of all documents to Supervisor
  9. Ask Supervisor to produce hard copies of your documents including an application form, then he must fill his portion and then the supervisor sends the application to USTC or UCAS scholarship office before the deadline.

If you still have any questions regarding CAS-TWAS then ask in our FB group.

Some useful links below:
The official link to TWAS website.

UCAS Supervisors Contact Email Addresses and institutes under UCAS list can be viewed from below link:

UCAS Supervisors & Institutes

You can now view the list of USTC professors and institutes under USTC from below website link:

USTC Supervisors & Institutes


Deadline to apply:

For more information visit CAS-TWAS President Fellowship Program to check the Deadline, submission of supporting documents and other application instructions.




  1. i have just complited becholar in environmental health science from cavendish university uganda but am interested in doing masters in public health under your scholaship, am asking you to guide me because i am unble to pay myself.
    eluk job from uganda

  2. Sir Waqas I want to take admission in PhD mathematics.Please help me to take admission through scholarship.But I have not done IELTS or TOEFL.Is that possible to take admission without IELTS or TOEFL.Please guide me proper.Thanks

  3. This is Alemu Mosisa from Ethiopia. I hold a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and would like to further my PhD training in “Geotechnical Engineering” area. I am writing to request you for supervisor and also for a laboratory space for my PhD Research. but the professors are not answering my email. what you recommend me

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