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Nanjing University Chinese Government Scholarship 2020/2021 (Nanjing University CSC Scholarships ) is now accepting admission applications for  Bachelor, Master or doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in various disciplines taught in English & Chinese language in Chinese Universities. An online application for CSC Scholarships is a mandatory requirement with Nanjing University admission application.

After that, the CSC Scholarship applicant has to submit both the CSC Scholarship application form and the Nanjing University admission form directly to the international student office of Nanjing University to process the application.

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What is Nanjing University Chinese Government Scholarship? (NJU-CSC Scholarship)

Nanjing University Chinese Government Scholarships initiative was taken by the Chinese Government to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China.

Every year, Chinese Universities are awarding Chinese Government Scholarships such as CSC ScholarshipsConfucius Institute scholarshipsCAS-TWAS ScholarshipsChinese Provincial Government Scholarships and many more scholarships to international students.

Nanjing University CSC Scholarship 2020/2021 – Course Offerings

Nanjing University CSC Scholarship is available for these degree courses for all international students meeting eligibility criteria.  The above link for courses is valid for only those candidates other than America and if you belong from any other country then following degree courses in Nanjing University are open for you to apply for CSC Scholarship:

  • Nanjing University Master Degree programs for CSC Scholarship
  • Nanjing University Doctoral (P.h.D) programs for CSC Scholarship

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Nanjing University CSC Scholarship 2020/2021 – Coverage and Benefits

  • Undergrad Course Nanjing University-CSC Scholarship: CNY 2500 per month Stipend, free tuition, and room
  • Masters Course Nanjing University-CSC Scholarship: CNY 3000 per month Stipend, free tuition, and room
  • P.h.D Course Nanjing University-CSC Scholarship: CNY 3500 per month Stipend, free tuition, and room

How to apply for Nanjing University CSC Scholarship?

While applying for a Nanjing University CSC Scholarship, please keep in mind that an acceptance letter or an invitation letter from a professor of Chinese University is optional. Nanjing University Chinese Government Scholarship candidates need to follow the 10 steps to submit the Nanjing University CSC Scholarship application:

Nanjing University CSC Scholarship 10 step application guide:

  1. Candidates for Nanjing University CSC Scholarship need to submit TWO ONLINE APPLICATIONS. The first online application will be submitted on the China Scholarship Council (step 2-6), and second online application need to be submitted on Nanjing University Website (step 7-)
  2. Write down the CSC Scholarship Agency Number of Nanjing University 10284
  3. Fill CSC Scholarship Online application form for Nanjing University
  4. Select category B for Nanjing University CSC Scholarship while making above application
  5. Select Nanjing University in CSC form and fill agency number of Nanjing University
  6. Submit the Nanjing University CSC Scholarship form and download pdf
  7. Submit Nanjing University Scholarship Application here
  8. Attach all required documents online, download the form and sign it
  9. Make two sets of required documents listed in the section below, attach both online applications and send it on Nanjing University Address mentioned at the end of this article
  10. Wait for Nanjing University CSC Scholarship Results

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Nanjing University CSC Scholarship document Requirement

  • Apply for a passport if you don’t have it already now and make sure you have it at the time of submission of your Nanjing University CSC Scholarship application
  • Ask two of your professors or teachers to write a recommendation letter for you specifically for CSC Scholarship for Nanjing University
  • Acceptance letter (Consent Letter) from any professor of Nanjing University is optional. Motivation Letter is recommended while you send emails to professors to request an acceptance letter.
  • IELTS certificate or HSK award letter if you have (Both optional), you can also provide a simple certificate stating that your last degree was taught in the English language. It is called English Proficiency certificate, that is available from your university
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor to carry out complete medical examination for CSC Scholarship and then ask your doctor to sign and stamp the form
  • Write a detailed and impressive research plan and state clear reasons that why you want to chose a Chinese University for your next degree? Master degree students can write a Study Plan for CSC Scholarship. The Study plan eassy and Study plan writing skills were also published for you to look at. You may also wish to read how to write a well-researched research proposal to convince the scholarship awarding committee.

Nanjing University Scholarship Office Address

You can send your Nanjing University CSC Scholarship documents to the following address and it is highly recommended to chose a good courier service to make sure your documents arrive before the deadline.

Ms. Zhong Qiaorui,

Scholarship Coordinator,
Institute for International Students,
RM. 514 Zeng Xianzi Building,  
18 Jinyin Street, Nanjing 210093, China  
Tel. +86-25-83593586;
Fax: +86-25-83316747

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Nanjing University CSC Scholarship deadline

For more information visit Nanjing University CSC Scholarship to check the Deadline ,submission of supporting documents and other application instructions.

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  4. Respected sir, I have got 3.41 cgpa in my BS computer science I want to apply in China for CSC scholarship, please suggest me university names to apply in which I can get admission by this result.

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  6. hi I complete the CSC form application but I don’t know how to apply directly to the university ,i don’t know what to do after submitting the application to the CSC ,am looking for a scholarship for master in medicine

  7. What is the Last Date to apply?
    this website is saying 30 April but on all other websites its 15th April !
    what is the Matter?


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