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Application for UNESCO Great Wall Scholarship China


The Government of China has established a number of scholarship programs that will aid international scholars, teachers, and students to advance their fields of study or research in Chinese universities.

This has been done with the aim of fostering mutual cooperation and understanding as well as exchanges in various fields between China and the rest of the world. These scholarship programs of the Chinese government are administered by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The CSC is in charge of the enrollment process for the various scholarships.

Full Scholarship Program

The Great Wall Program is a full scholarship program offered by the Government of China for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO.

With this program, the Government of China aims to sponsor scholars as well as students from developing countries so that they can conduct research or complete their studies in China.

Supporting Category For Great Wall Program Scholarship China

The Great Wall scholarship scheme only provides support to general scholars, that is, those students wishing to study for their Master’s degree, and senior scholars, which refers to the students wishing to pursue their doctorate degrees. The Great Wall scholarship program is meant to cover a single academic year of study only.

Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program Scholarship Coverage

As mentioned previously, the Great Wall Scholarship Program is a full scholarship. A full scholarship program includes the following:

  • Tuition Fee Coverage by Chinese Great Wall Scholarship

    The great wall scholarship student will not have to pay for tuition or any administrative expenses over the duration of the scholarship. Besides, expenses on various activities that the students are required to be involved in will also be covered under the scholarship.

  • Great Wall Scholarship Accommodation

    The student availing of this scholarship will also be provided with free or subsidized accommodation. If the university hosting the scholarship, student needs  to live on campus then dormitory accommodation that will be provided at the university.

    However, if students are allowed to live off campus then the scholarship student will be given a  monthly or quarterly subsidy on accommodation. The amount of subsidy will differ for students studying for their master’s degree (general scholars) and those studying for their doctorate (senior scholars).

  • CSC Great Wall Scholarship Stipend

    Besides tuition and accommodation, CSC Great Wall Program Scholarship students will also be entitled to receive a monthly stipend from the university that hosts them during the scholarship period.

    Scholarship students who register for a course before the 15th of a month will receive a full stipend while those registering after the 15th of a month will receive half of the monthly stipend amount. Scholarship students who are graduating will continue to receive a stipend for half a month after the date of graduation.

    If a scholarship student is forced to remain away from China for a period exceeding fifteen days due to personal issues then the stipend will be discontinued during the period of absence. However, this will not include the period when a student leaves China due to the university being closed for holidays.

  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance

    The scholarship student will be entitled to a comprehensive insurance scheme that is applicable to foreigners living in China.

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Where & When to apply for Chinese Government Great Wall Scholarship Program (UNESCO)?

A student wishing to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program should contact his/her country’s National Commission to UNESCO.

The home country’s National Commission to UNESCO would also be able to guide the student on the deadlines for receiving applications. Applications are generally accepted from the beginning of January to the beginning of April in any given year.

Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the Chinese Government Great Wall Program, a student has to be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China. Applicant is in good health when applying for the scholarship program is another condition for eligibility. Beside these, there are Age and Educational criteria that have to be met.

The age stipulations for Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall program are as follows:

  1. For the Master’s program, the applicant has to be below 35 years of age,
  2. For the Doctoral program, the applicant has to be below 40 years of age.

The educational requirements CSC Scholarship Great Wall program are as follows:

  1. For the Master’s program, the applicant has to hold a Bachelor’s degree,
  2. For the Doctoral program, the applicant has to hold a Master’s degree.

How to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program 2020/2021 by (UNESCO)?


Submit an application to the National Commission of UNESCO in home country stating their request for an opportunity to avail of the Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program.


The eligibility of the student for the Chinese Government Scholarship will be verified by UNESCO and if satisfactory, the student will receive a letter of recommendation or an Award Letter from UNESCO.

Award Letter:

On receipt of the Award Letter, the candidate can then apply to his/her university of choice for a Pre-admission Letter. If a student does not receive a Pre-admission Letter from the chosen university, he/she will have to accept a university placement by the CSC.

Obtaining Agency Number:

The aspiring student then has to fill up an online application form of the CGS Information Management System for International Students. The Application form for UNESCO Great Wall Scholarship Program, as it’s known, has to be filled in and printed out, besides being submitted online.

Instructions of CGS Information Management System for International Students and Agency Number can be obtained from the National Commission for UNESCO in the home country.

Document Submission:

The final step would be to submit all necessary documentation for the application to the home country’s National Commission for UNESCO before the expiry of the deadline.

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Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program Application Documents Requirement

The documents required for the Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program application have to be submitted in duplicate by the scholarship aspirant to the home country’s National Commission for UNESCO.

Below is a list of the documents that have to be submitted by the student.

Application Form:

The Application Form for the Chinese Government Great Wall Scholarship Program filled in completely either in Chinese or English.

Formal Letters:

Notarized copies of the highest degree held by the student. Students who have yet to graduate or receive their degree certificates have to submit formal letters or documents issued by their present educational institutions as proof of their present status as students or of their probable date of graduation.

Documents not in English or Chinese have to be submitted with notarized English / Chinese translations.

Academic Records:

All academic records of the aspirant are to be submitted in either the Chinese or English language. Notarized translations have to be provided where the records are in any other language.

Letters Of Recommendation:

Two letters of recommendation written in either Chinese or English have to be submitted by all applicants to the senior scholar or doctorate level programs. The letters have to be signed by either professors or associate professors.

Students of the Arts have to submit a CD of their artistic creations. Those applying for musical studies have to submit a CD with their own compositions on it.

Those applying for the Fine Arts program have to submit a CD of their creations which must include 2 colored paintings, 2 sketches and 2 others of their choice.

Research Proposal:

A document containing a research proposal/study plan in Chinese or English. The word count for the document has to be above 500 words.

Physical Examination Form.

A photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The original of this form has to be retained by the student. This form has to be submitted by students planning to study for more than 6 months in China.

The form must be filled up in all respects and incomplete forms, forms unsigned by the medical examiner, forms without the hospital’s official stamp, or forms without a stamped photograph of the student applicant will not be accepted.

Once, a form is filled up it will only be valid for 6 months so a student should plan the physical exam schedule accordingly.

Other Documents:

  • If the student has obtained a Pre-admission Letter from any Chinese University a copy of the same has to be submitted.
  • If the student has a valid HSK Certificate a copy of the same has to be submitted as well.


The documents to be submitted have to be attached together in the order mentioned above at the top corner on left.

Two sets of documents have to be submitted. Otherwise application will be returned back to the student.

Chinese Government Scholarship great wall program Results and confirmation Period

  • Once the student has completed the document submission process for the Chinese Government Scholarship Great Wall Program he/she will have to wait for a confirmation of his/her selection for the scholarship.
  • UNESCO will transfer the applications of the recommended students to China Scholarship Council (CSC).
  • The CSC will examine them to see if the applicants are qualified and eligible to receive the scholarship.

Selection Criteria:

Applicants qualifying in every respect will be placed in various universities over China. The CSC holds the right to adjust or change an applicant’s host university, subjects, supporting categories and also the scholarship period.

These changes will be based upon various aspects such as the varied scholarship funding needs of different countries, the capacity of students that can be taught at the host university, the length of study as well as the applicant’s own criteria.

Applications that come along with a Pre-admission Letter will be forward to the respective issuing universities for confirming a student’s placement there.

Once an applicant receives a confirmed placement at any one of the Chinese universities, he/she will be entitled to a CSC approved Chinese Government scholarship to study in China. Each recipient of a scholarship cannot lay claim to any other Chinese Government scholarship.


At the final stage, the CSC, after reviewing the results of placements of the scholarship students, will grant its approval to a final List of Scholarship Recipients. It then sends all the documentation regarding admission to the permanent delegation of the People’s Republic of China at UNESCO before the 31st of July in a year.

The permanent delegation of the People’s Republic of China at UNESCO is then responsible for intimating the scholarship recipients and sending the necessary documentation to them.

Recipients of the scholarship will not be able to change their choice of university, subjects of study, or their period of study which will all be stipulated in their Admission Letter.

If a scholarship recipient is unable to register for the scholarship before the deadline for registration, the scholarship will not be reserved for him/her.

How to apply:

We are advising all the students who are interested in UNESCO Great Wall Scholarship Program to check the deadline on Official Website .


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