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[Complete Guide] Turkey Government Scholarships 2020/21

Turkey Scholarships | Evaluation & Selection Process Guide


Turkey is now accepting Turkish Government scholarship applications from international students around the world. Turkey scholarships for International Students are now underway and it is certainly a great time for students.

The country has opened its doors to students from around the world and is encouraging them to study at their prestigious Turkish universities.

This is certainly an amazing opportunity for students. With the help of such scholarships, you will be able to study at some of the best universities in Turkey and gain very useful insight, skills, and research. All of these things will prove to be extremely useful as you move on with your career and go into a more demanding phase.

As of now, only international students interested to apply for bachelor, masters, or Ph.D. are eligible to apply for the Turkey Scholarships. The reason for this is pretty straightforward, Turkey simply wants to improve mutual relations and understandings with other countries.

Turkish scholarships are already a great deal for international students, as they can get a lot of new experience and knowledge during this educational trip.

However, Turkey has also made sure to reward some of the outstanding students in a different way. They have included a separate scholarship policy for extraordinary students so that they get a chance to study at the best universities in the country.

Benefits Of Turkey Scholarships for international students

Just like most of the other scholarship programs, the Turkey Scholarship program also provides a whole range of benefits to its students. Some of the best advantages of the program are listed below:

  • Free Accommodation: 

One of the best things about Turkey Scholarships is that it handles student accommodations in the best way. All the students are accommodated in the university dormitories, the students can live free of charge.

However, if the students do not want to live in these dormitories, they can easily move to a location of their liking, although in this case, the student must pay for his own accommodation.

  • No tuition fees:

Students are encouraged to study at their full potential and there is no responsibility on their shoulders. The students do not have to pay for any tuition fees, the education is completely free and this is something that cannot be taken for granted.

  • Health expense: 

The health expenses of all the students are covered by public health insurance. Healthcare is a pretty big issue around the world especially if you are a foreigner.

Luckily, this is not the case if you are a scholarship student in Turkey. Even if you get sick all the expenses will be covered by public health insurance and you do not have to pay a single penny.

  • Travel Expenses:

The Turkey Scholarships program even pays for the travel expenses of the students. Two tickets will be provided to the student during their studies, one will be for their arrival and the other one will be for their departure after the students have completed their studies.

However, if the students decide to purchase their tickets on their own, then the amount will be returned to the students later on.

Language Course Requirement for Turkish Scholarships

All the students who do not show fluency in the Turkish language must take a one year long Turkish Language Course to sharpen up their language skills.

There are no exceptions for this course, even students who are taking courses in different languages must take the Turkish Language Course. With the help of this course, your stay in Turkey can easily become a lot more pleasant.

How to apply for the Turkey Scholarship of undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Programs?

The Turkey Scholarships selection criteria:

  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • International Test Score
  • CGPA

Watch the video of Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Application Process

Eligibility for Turkish Scholarships

The eligibility criteria for the Turkey Scholarships are given: Students from a number of different countries are allowed to apply for this scholarship program. Some of the countries are Pakistan, Germany, Iceland, Myanmar, United States, UAE, and more.

However, there are other countries that are only open to postgraduate applications. On the other hand, this does not mean that undergraduates will not be able to apply because the applications for undergrads will open between April and May.

  • There is also a strict criterion when it comes to the age of the applicant.
  • For the undergraduate degree, the candidates should not be born earlier than January 1997.
  • While for a Master’s degree the candidates must not be born before January 1988.
  • For Ph.D.’s the date is January 1983 and for Research program the applicants should be born before January 1973.
  • 70% marks required for the application of an undergraduate program
  • 75% marks required for the application of Ph.D. and Masters
  • 90% marks required for the application of Medical School programs
  • Anyone holding Turkish citizenship or having previously held Turkish citizenship cannot apply for the program.
  • Students who are already studying in Turkey are not able to apply for the Scholarship.
  • Students who are selected must present their documents if they are asked otherwise they will not be entertained.

Online Application Process of Turkish Scholarship

Turkish Scholarships online application system now accepts your applications. Check the deadline for the Turkey Scholarships application on the official website. The application must be submitted online and it is advised that the applicants read the instructions carefully.

Turkey Government Scholarship result announcement notice can be studied to check when you can expect interview email/call, final result notice, and receive documents to apply for Turkish Student VISA.

Evaluation and Selection Process Guide 

Turkey Scholarships are one of the most sought-after programs in the world. The reason behind this is that the scholarship program provides students with the chance to study at prestigious universities in Turkey while receiving financial support.

Since hundreds of students are applying to the Turkey Government Scholarships each year, the evaluation and selection process is tough.

Today we are going to present a detailed guide for the Turkey Government Scholarships evaluation and selection process. We will highlight the main criteria that the scholarship program is checking when selecting successful applications. You should stick around for the end because we will also show you a couple of tips and tricks to make your application look stellar.

  • Application and Evaluation

The process beings with the interested students submitting their online applications. This can be done directly on the official Turkey Government Scholarships website. The successful candidates will be selected and the committee will schedule the call for the oral interview.

  • The Oral Interview

Only successful candidates are picked for the oral interview and here is where students need to showcase their skills. That’s not all, students also need to present why they are a great choice for the Turkey Government Scholarships. All students are advised to prepare a short resume that helps introduce themselves to the committee.

  • Verifying the Documents

While the students are introducing themselves, one of the committee members will begin verifying the documents. If you have placed original copies of all your documents that were submitted online, you don’t have a single thing to worry about.

  • The Motivation

The “motivation” step of the application process is usually what scares most students. This happens because the committee expects the students to tell them why they are applying for Turkey Scholarships. Students also need to explain why they chose the Turkey Government Scholarships.

  • Academic Knowledge and Career Goals

On the fourth step in the evaluation process, students need to show their academic results. Having academic credentials that will help them get a higher-studies degree is a must. Here is also where students need to talk about their career goals.

  • Additional Questions

Before the interview is over, the committee will have a list of additional questions for the students. This is not anything to fear because they are all standard questions. For example: “What is your future career plan?” or “Why have you chosen this specific academic field?”.

Final Words

The selection and evaluation process starts when submitting the online application for Turkey Scholarships. This is why it’s best to pay attention to all the required documents listed on the official website. Also, students should make sure to bring all the transcripts, documents, and certificates of each year that they studied.

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  1. Hello Mohammad yousaf, I have a query regarding this Turkish scholorship.
    I made an account on the site which they mentioned in the scholarship link but when I am entering an information regarding my graduation , I haven’t found faculty according to my university. My university name is NED university of engineering and technology Karachi,Pakistan and my faculty is Faculty of Information Sciences and Humanities(ISH).Can you please help me t
    o resolve this issue.
    Please reply as soon as possible .

  2. I have made an account in order to apply for the following scholorship:
    Turkey Scholarships for International Students | 2018-2019 Scholarships

    Turkey Scholarships for International Students | 2018-2019 Scholarships
    2018/2019 Turkiye Scholarships are open to international students from around the world. The scholarships are to…

    but when I am entering an information regarding my graduation , I haven’t found faculty according to my university. My university name is NED university of engineering and technology Karachi,Pakistan and my faculty is Faculty of Information Sciences and Humanities(ISH).Can you please help me to resolve this issue.

    Please reply as soon as possible .

  3. I tried to apply but I couldn’t because the study plan is really difficult for , and I couldn’t complete the the application .
    could anyone help me please ?!!

  4. salam:
    All the courses for graduate program will thought in Turkish Langauge?
    Is there no option of English medium?

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    Please help me the right way will be Dane

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  10. Assalam O Alaekum

    Sir this is Muhammad Ayazuddin from Pakistan want to apply for turkish scholarship. i have passed b.com and want to get scholarship in MBA. can you please guide how can i get scholarship please reply me on gmail address.Thank you

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    Is there any scholarship offered in M. Phil(Chemistry) program?
    Looking forward for hop full answer…. 🙂

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    (I am boor boy pleas I went to the
    School free pleas give me

  19. Dear :mohamed yuosaf .
    (I am boor boy pleas I went to the
    School free pleas give me

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    Im Michelle from Mexico, I would like to know much more about scholarships at turkey.
    Can you help me, talking for a while 🙂
    Thanks a lot

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  23. I am planing to do midwifery , and i have been learn whole my life and that is what I love to do it as motivation
    Most od the universities in turkey a midwifery courses
    My plan after graduation is going back to my country and help my nation with knowledge i have gained from my past and current studies

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  25. Salam alaykum sir (Muhammad yousaf). Please I need more information about Scholarship application from you and I want the information to be private conversation. Kindly mail me through this my mail so tat I can send my message to you. Thank you

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    I am a PhD student in the field of curriculum and I am currently working on my dissertation. I was hoping to get a chance to apply for a research program in Turkey. I was very happy to find about the scholarship at first but I am baffled now. Is the scholarship for all international students? I could not find the name of my country, Iran, in the list. I was wondering to ask if I can still apply for it.

    Kind Regards

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    I have a question. I couldn’t find the registration form for this scholarship.
    In addition I didn’t understand which majors and fields are included in this program?
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    Best regards,
    Sheyda Kashi

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    Would you please be so kind enough to guide me regarding Teaching Psychology Opportunity with special reference to act as Doctoral Supervisor in universities located in Turkey .

    Regards .

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  34. Hi Muhammed

    please is the 2019\2020 opened, i have completed my Bsc and i want to pursue further studies for the postgraduates.
    i believe it doesn’t require any GRE

  35. Assalam….
    Dear Sir
    I need help for my son for a scholarship to study in Turkey.
    He is a Diploma Holder in Mass Communication from Universiti Teknologi Mara in Malaysia.

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    Plz guide me.

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    Am willing to continue my studies in Turkey,am from Uganda and requesting for a scholarship.

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    My name is Mohammed Nesirie from Ethiopia & I would like to ask you about few questions.

    I have BSc in dryland crop & horticultural sciences specialized in horticulture.I have 10 years of work experience in floriculture industry (fruits & flowers) in European farms.
    Currently working on certificates like Global G.A.P,BRC,African Partiner for 3-sisters company.

    Below are Qs:-

    1. I would like to know the ”FAQ”
    2. General & Specific requirements
    3. Visa Processing….etc.
    4. Any further info you would think it is important to me.

    Best regards,

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Mohammed Nesirie

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    are there any top ranking agriculture ( Horticulture) univesity in turkey for pakistani students.. I wanna to get fully funded scholarship for MS (horticulture).

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  46. Good evening Sir,
    I hope you’re doing well..

    I had a diploma at commerce and marketing in Morocco on 2013, I’m working now in UAE, born on 1992, do I can apply for scholarship in Turkey?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Thank you!

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  48. aoa sir i want to get masters scholership in food science and technology or relevent course. kindly guide me in this regard. my bachlor % is above to 70%. thank yew

  49. for research program the applicants should be born before January 1973. May I humbly request you about to be a correction here and it is should not be born before January 1973.

  50. shuaib Abdirahman life in somalia i need to get scholarship i completed my secondary school so i need some one who help me.

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    I also want to apply scholarship for2019-2020.
    Plz chance for me.
    I live in Arkan, burma.
    Our Rohingya students need scholarship for their education.
    They had very difficult to learn and attend to school.
    I don’t know how to apply Turkish scholarship.
    Plz help me.

  52. please could intimate with the processes involve. I am interested the scholarship programm with the Turkish government.

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  54. Hello sir
    I have applied for three years but still couldnt be success. Would u plz help me what are the key points and what are the serious requirments for turkey scholarship?
    My average is 81.81% is it enough?

  55. I will firstly like to take this time to give thanks and appreciation to the turkey government for their helps toward the african students around the globe.
    I am a high school graduate,from Monrovia,Liberia,West Africa.I Will be very much excited if I get this opportunity to study in Turkey,because I have been dreaming to study in Turkey and I want to my dream to come true.

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  57. am a young Zambian man age 20, interested in this scholarship program
    when will u start accepting applications for Zambians?

  58. I am interested in furthering my Masters Programe in International Relations in Turkey
    I am a First Class Honors Degree graduate in Political Science from Fourah Bay College- University of Sierra Leone. i am a Sierra Leonean by nationality, 26 years of age.

  59. Hussen Adal is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.my first degree is Applied physics.I went to learn Space Science

  60. my name is Abate Tola, I was born in 1989 G.C, Then I have master by the department of wild life management, I wish to learn Turkish University specially for studding Turkish language after that I want to continue my PHD programmer by zoology, there fore please select me.
    with best regards

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  62. Aoa
    Mr yousuf i am thankful to you to share such information with us. Sir you are requsted to guide us how to apply and what is the last day of apply.

  63. I need to apply for PHD scholarship in public health, I am currently holding masters of public health from Ethiopia @ mohamed

  64. bro you did a great job to students got scholarship into a broad specially students from developing countries.i am also eager to get this kind of scholarship.so would you help me by sending me your email or you can reply me back here is my email btsige95@gmail.com

  65. Asalam Alaykum.

    Thank you so much for the assist as it really very helpful in providing guidance for the interested persons.

    Can you please send the link of the respective website or anything that will outline all the instructions and admission requirements?

    Thanks in advance

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    My name is Yussuf. I live in the Netherlands where I have studied Bachelor and Master degree and have obtained relevant Diplomas. I am currently looking for a PHD scholarship and would kindly request your help. I have read some good scholarships in Turkey but there is one big problem: age limit. I am currently 50 years old but I am passionate to continue a PHD study programs.

    iI look forward to receiving your kind feedback.

    Kind regards,

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  70. My name is Abdul Jamil, from Afghanistan.
    i have graduated from Indian university with (MBA) degree in the year 2017. i tried to get admission in one of Turkey university for my Research program, but i could not get a proper information from any of them, here i would like to know from you, if i can take admission for the upcoming year…. thanks

  71. I am a ugandan and I would like to study in Turkey preferably masters of laws LLM , help me achieve this dream.

  72. I am very much looking for the scholarship opportunity to study in your country and I believe in your country is the best place for me to lean , with only scholarship I will be able to learn and this will be a dream comes true if I have this scholars to study ..

      1. Hello Muhammed how are you, I registered in the application portal since lastweek but am still yet to get my confirmation email to proceed what should I do

      2. I
        am an enthusiastic graduate student who loves to go outdoors and
        explore different cultures, so Turkish will be an ideal place for me to
        earn my Master’s degree. But I want to enquiry, is this Turkish
        Governmental scholarship is currently available to Eritrean citizens
        applying in Master’s Degree and if it is available to who do I contact
        for assistance with questions I have during the application process.

      3. Sir,
        I was born in 22-05-1997.
        I have completed 12th in the year of 2018 with 72% in arts stream . So I need to take a admission for undergraduate in Turkey . Actually I am poor that’s why I need it , otherwise I need to stop my study but my dream is that I want to become a well educated to work in my society to develop the education field.
        Eventually I request to you that could tell me the all process to take a my admission in Turkey.

      4. A.O.A
        Sir i hope you are enjoying good health. kindly give infromation about the name and surenamr name in latin character.

      5. i am from ethiopia i wana see recep tayyip erdogan and his country but i have not enough money to achieve my dream but i hope one day my dream is real by the help of allah so i try to search different route to reach or get the way that make it solution to my unlimit hoby, if you can support me under my god i ask you. or if there is another opportunity to visit turkey and its role model president you indicate me, finally i try to apply this scholarship because i do not know may be this makes the opportunity to visit turkey if i get this chance i will get chance to visit mekka(kaeba)

      6. Sir, I am Esther by name, I want to apply for an undergraduate scholarship programme, please when is the deadline for the Turkey scholarship for undergraduates, please I really need this help….just praying to God for favour….please I need a response from you. Thanks.

      7. Hi i am Raheel khan from Pakistan . my m.phil degree Will be complete at the end of June. i can apply for PhD program . plz send me the link and guide me which documents should be required for the Turkish scholarship thanks.

      8. Hi, I am very much interested for this Turkey exchange program 2019, but there is some problem that the registration form is not opening. Can you please help me out that how to apply for it.

      9. i have query. I have done 2 years bachelors and 2 years masters. can i apply for PHD ? or is there anything offered like MPHIL ?

      10. My name is alhajiconteh I need your help hif I am say I help in dis scholarship please I want to go and study in Turkey because I want to improve my education I don’t have a help data why I sent you the please

      11. I am Asad
        I want to study in Turkey.
        But I can’t afford to study in Turkey.
        I want scholarship, that give one opportunity to study there.
        Thanks and on my email.

  73. Asalaamualikum
    Hope u doing better ..could u please tell me about that can I apply scholarship for master’s in business administration as I’m indian Exactly from Kashmir so am I allowed to avail this opportunity
    This will be your kindness and greatness

  74. Hey
    Brother I wanna get some info about scholarship..it would be my pleasure if I would get in touch with u..
    My WhatsApp number
    Please do message me

  75. Just a question Sir Muhammad Yousaf; Does the 2019-2020 application process also have a Calender? like it was the previous year.

  76. I am Hamsasew from Ethiopia. I have MSc in analytical chemistry and am university lecturer. I want to upgrade my status to PhD in analytical chemistry.

  77. I was born in 1st January 1987 and I want to study in Turkey. It has been my dream since I was in school. Can I apply?

  78. I really interesting such that scholarship to study in Turkey. My name is Feyran Ullah. I’m a Rohingya student from northern Rakhine state. After conflict, I am staying in Bangladesh Ukhiya Cox’s bazaar since 7 September 2017.I have been passed matriculation exam from Maung Daw high school in the accedemic year of 2015 to 2016.The major which I got is psychology. I didn’t get the opportunity to attend university in Myanmar. At present, I am a boy of without parents. I just staying with my elder sister.

      1. We are not able to get the procedure plz contact

        I am from India(kashmir)

        Plz be our guide and help us

        thank you

      2. I want to take admission in metallurgy I m doing b SC (bio) now I want to know more about application process can you help me

      3. hi yousaf could you please share the link of universities and scholarship application, as im trying to open link but it show error

  79. please give me this scholarship i really want it. it will change my life & i’m from Eritrea. i couldn’t find opportunity to complete may Education.

    1. You can follow the procedure written in the article above to apply for Turkish Government Scholarship.


      2. Sir, I’m from India and I want to study over there in Turkey…it’s a very good opportunity…but there is some problem while registering….even though I’m entering the verification code correctly…the website is showing some kind of error in the verification code…kindly address my problem…

      1. But the application is not opened for 2019 for any program. I think above-mentioned information is wrong. I checked in the given link and opened my account but there is no any scholarship. I think this is no any official notice regarding 2019 scholarship from Turkey Government.

      2. what is the internationally delivered exam?i have a very great problem in filling that.i have been filled all the application form except that.please tell me how i fill that? And what is the reference information?please inform me i will wait.

      3. Hi, just to be sure, is the one year Turkish language course for those not well equipped with the language part of the scholarship or separate?

      4. sLM… sir I have completed my application to this scholarship but unfortunetly i get a big mistakes in my application.the mistake is,, i apply for pharmacy but for medical the percentage is 90% and my percentage is 75% and i submitted..now how can i change my application

      5. Good morning how are you? I’m OK. I wanted to find out if I can apply for postgraduate even though my highest qualification is a Secondary School Diploma in History and Physical Education from Kwame Nkrumah university in Zambia and I also have a certificate in Diplomatic practice, public relations from Zambia institute of diplomacy and international studies

    1. Hello.. hope you be fine I am general surgery specialist and want to join in a laprascopic surgery vourse or felloship would you please help me

  80. Afteroon me i want to know about my situation bcs last year i applied and then selected but the interview commitee come and not found me so i want to know more about my situation

  81. hello me from Burundi and very inerested but i have problm bcs lasy year i was apply and selected but the comitee of interiew was come but me i was out of my country so what can u help me??

  82. i have graduated with civil engineering in June 2016 from Haramaya university and i am working in Arsi Zone road Authority as a site supervisor since June 2017 but now i am looking for Ms c if u can help me

  83. My name is Faki Juma Faki I am citizen of Zanzibar Tanzania.I have finished Diploma level of Education in Human Resourse Management I am employee of government. I ask for Undergraduate level of Education

  84. Good day.
    I’m prospective graduate of Biology from our state runs University and a Liberian wishing to study graduate program in Turkey. But what all documents are to be in present to apply for Turkish Government Scholarships?
    Again, what’s the schedule of the Graduate Programs of round 1,2 and 3.
    Thanks Sir.

  85. Hello Sir, I am Farid form Bangladesh! It’s really a lucrative scholarship and I’m interested to apply but I’m afraid whether I’m meeting the age for Ph.Ds. I didn’t understand the age related criterion for Ph.Ds and research program clearly. By the way, I born in 1977. I have understand, Turkish language is must but is IELTS score also needed for the scholarship? I appreciate your feedback!

  86. I’m Q. Albert Welleh, a Liberian currently residing in Liberia. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Liberia. I wish of undertaken a scholarship for Master studies in Turkey, will you help me with when the application process will start and end plus the requirements

  87. HI i am from Algeria 20 years old i have passed the baccalaureate exam on 2016 with degree of 76.6% and studied 2 years in college but now I changed my college specialist from electricity engineering to science technology should I nee to repeat the baccalaureate exam or I may have a chance with what I have so far

  88. Hi.. Mr. MUHAMMAD YOUSAF.. how is your life ..?? I hope you always in protection’s our God. My name is Reza Hasim Rabbani. I just graduated from senior high school. I come from Indonesia. I’m really interesting to gain the scholarship in your country because my bigger dream is to continue my study in your country. The major that i’m gonna take is English Literature. I realize that my english is not really good, but I’m a type of person who never surrender to achieve my dream. could you help me yo obtain this scholarship..? Thanks alot mr. Muhammad Yousaf….

  89. Dear Yousaf Aslam.o.alikum!! I hope u r doing well.I am student of Bsc(Hons) agriculture major food science & technology.Now i am in 7th semester my degree will complete in 2019.I am looking for m.phil in ur university but i am not doing turkish language course.Am i eligible?Am good in English speaking,even i did ESOL, IELTS & English proficiency test.

  90. Asc bro.after greating of islam.I am somali man who have graduated faculty of medicine in somalia.so I would to ask you how to apply and master of medicine in Turkey.pleaze help me.

  91. Salam Alaykum

    How can we apply for Turkish scholarrships. I could not find in this any link for online application

  92. i hope you will be fine with blessing of Allah. I am also looking for scholarship for my MS degree as i done my Bachelor in Chemistry from UAJK Muzaffarabad. I hope you will guide me in better way to achieve my goal.Thank you for guiding students from different countries of world.

  93. Please can I also apply, I don’t know the Turkish language. Do we have to study only in that Turkish Language?

  94. I’ve registered in the above given site but it’s showing only for Ph.D & Research. But I’m willing to apply for bachelor’s. What should I do now?

  95. Salam dear Yousaf,
    Thanks for all the information.,
    i come from Kashmir (Indian Administered). Looking for short term courses in jewelry design and/or marketing. Are there scholarships available for such courses by Turkish Government.

  96. Hello dear admissions
    I’d like you to let me know about online application process. I’m really fond of studying in Turkey therefore i intend to apply for this scholarship. I couldn’t find the point of application form to fill it out. Could you give me a hand with this issue please? Please let me know about its eligibilities and requirements if it’s no bother to you. Where will I be able to find the online application procedure’s link? I’m grateful to you in advance.
    I looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best wishes.

  97. Respected sir!
    I am doing BS in computational mathematics and my degree will be end in April 2019.i want to do MS from turkey.Can I apply?plz guide me about this

  98. Assalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakat. Hello Mr. Muhammad, my name is Harmony from Uganda. I am looking forward to applying for a scholarship in my masters degree in project management. I have quite a number of questions. When are the scholarahips to be announced. Will they be online based applications?. And is project management one of the courses taught at the universities??. Thanks

  99. Hi sir…hope u r fyn….i am from kashmir india..i will jus complete my 12th annual exam on 15nov.2018….i want to b the part of this remarkable scholarship…on what date i have to apply for this scholarship.??? Can i apply now

  100. Sir, thanks for great effort and happy to see more students like me will reap the dividends.
    can you suggest me better options to pursue phd in English Language teaching?
    suggest me some better options


  101. I am fully request to get this unavailable opportunity to improve and increase my knowledge because l want to reap the fruits of my efforts since i have been in learning.
    I am very hopeful to allow me what you have presented
    Thank you

  102. My name is Yusuf Umer from a beautiful country Ethiopia. I got my MBA in 2016 and now looking for my PHD ,please could you
    mind to help. thanks in advance

  103. Please I’m having a problem during the signing up on the official site and this is about the password.
    When I’m creating the password, I type in more than 8 characters but I was still told that, the password should be more than 8 characters

  104. Salam alayk,
    I have problem to access application form, keep saying taking long time to access. Is there any other way to access the link?

  105. hello sir Muhammad yousaf. how are you my name Muhammad Riaz from pakistan I’m interested for this scholarship so please help me sir

  106. Hello Mr. Yousaf,
    Is there any chance to apply for the Turkish Scholarships from Yemen? I have just finished the 3 years Trainee as Medical Assistent in my university and want to carry on Studying Medicine and help out my village. My problem is that i was born in 1996. Will I still be considered in the application process? Thank you

  107. hey, i’m ilhem from Algeria and i want to study in a turkish university so bad, it’s like my dream but since the fees are so expensive i couldn’t, now i still have a small hope for coming there if i get a scloarship but i’m finding a trouble in howor where to aplly, can someone help ?

  108. The site is not providing proper information as its email gives error 404
    and scholarship programs page is giving error at offset 21 of 7198 bytes…..

  109. Hi,i’m from myanmar.i was gratuated in Bachelor of Architecture.i would like to form turkey scholorships for
    Master of Architecture.i saw the Master degree requirements of the last year of scholorship.
    The requirements are
    -Bachelor degree holder
    -grading and transcript
    -ID card
    – passport
    I would like to know
    Should i form other certificate
    TOFEL result or Any???
    Thanks for ur reply
    would like to know


  110. I have a degree in electrical and computer engineering. I want to continue my masters in Turkey. Because turkey is one of the countries who have good quality of education . Bytheway my name is Birhane Kahsay from Ethiopia.

  111. hy sir when is the deadline to apply for the turkish scholarship? currently i am 12th grade student, i will finish my 12th year in mid march.wish me luck

  112. Hello!
    I am very intersted by Turkish scholarship. But I want to ask are ae obliged to come back home when we finish our studies ? What if we want to became residents ? Is that possible

  113. You can only apply for this in March? Even for September intake?
    Also, what are the requirements for this scholarship!?

  114. Sir, how can I apply for Turkey scholarship and those who are born on 04/06 1997 are the eligible to apply for the scholarship 2019?
    A student from South Sudan looking for the scholarship.
    How will I apply?

  115. I’m from Kashmir India. I’m in need of this scholarship I have passed my 12 with 73% in 2017
    I want to apply for undergraduate course .Do guide me sir please

  116. My name is Daniel Misghina Kahsay and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) in 2017, and I am currently working as a geologist at the Eritrean Geological Survey since September 2016.

    Is this Turkish Governmental scholarship is currently available to Eritrean citizens applying in Master’s degree, because I heard somebody saying Turkish governmental scholarships is always announces its application from February on wards for Eritrean citizens.

  117. I am real interersting this apportunity i am from somalia i have abacholar degree in banking and finance i want to get master degree from you thanks for turkish govermant my contacts is +252615973173

  118. Hello man !!!!

    I has visited the website and the application online system, but i don´t find where says that the proccess of application for scholarships for 2018-2019 are open. I need to wait for an announcement ?

    Thanks !

  119. My name is Alpha,I really need to study my bachelor for the benefit of my country and your country.
    Please and please help me.

  120. Salam alaikum. I am from Uzbekistan (18 y.o, fm) and i want to study islamic theology in Turkey. I would be very glad if you could help me with some questions:
    _which university would you advise?
    _are undergraduate scholarships open for applications?
    _what should i do in order to apply?
    _is it necessary to take international exams? Which?
    Thank you for your answers beforehand)

  121. I really interesting such that scholarship to study in Turkey. My name is Arifah Mustaqimah. I’m a Indonesia student from Andalas University. But I confused what should I do to get scholarship, so, can you be guide me, sir?

  122. Good morning, sir. I read your information and i really interesting such that scholarship to study in Turkey. But I confused what should I do if I want to get scholarship. So, could you be guide me, sir?

  123. Dear sir,
    My name is Idris Zubairu Kaida. I studied food science and technology and interestingly graduated with first class honours from Federal university Dutsinma Nigeria.
    I’m self- inspired to study in one of your prestigious universities where much consideration are put on the excellents and outstanding students.
    All my setbacks are nothing other than lack of funds, therefore looking for scholarship in order to meet and mingle with world class and reputable tutors remain necessary for me achieve my dream of becoming a globally renowned researcher from Turkish universities. need more clarification in a summarized piece on getting the scholarship sir. looking forward your kind response sir.

  124. hello sir!
    Is English proficiency test one of the requirements for the scholarship?
    if yes, which type of tests do you recognised most?
    if ielts is among the recognised ones,
    what is the required IELTS point for most of the Turkish universities?

  125. My name is Daniel Misghina Kahsay and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) in 2017, and I am currently working as a geologist at the Eritrean Geological Survey since September 2016.

    Is this Turkish Governmental scholarship is currently available to Eritrean citizens applying in Master’s degree, because I heard somebody saying Turkish governmental scholarships is always announces its application from February onwards for Eritrean citizens.

  126. I am interested to do my postgraduate study from Turkey on scholarship base how to apply for admission please guide me

  127. I want to apply for turkish summer excahnge program but i cant login to the link to apply online..how can i get the correct link..? Can u plz send me

  128. Hello Sir Here I am TAULESHWAR NATH GUPTA from developing country called Nepal . I have completed my graduation bachelor degree from Pokhara University of Nepal.Now I want to Study post graduate Master degree In any University of turkey to fulfill my dream in full scholarship so that I clearly mentioned that I know English language and all my documents are in English but I don’t have any English certificate but u provide me the scholarship I will join Turkish language in turkey for best knowledge. Thank you looking forward good response from you Sir soon

  129. Hi, I am an independent filmmaker from Indian Occupied Kashmir & i am looking for a scholarship in Film Studies. There are no film schools in Kashmir thus turkey seems to be the only place where i can find a home for my academic dreams. Apart from filling the online application, is there any other way to contact you in person?

  130. I am an enthusiastic graduate student who loves to go outdoors and explore different cultures, so Turkish will be an ideal place for me to earn my Master’s degree. But I want to enquiry, is this Turkish Governmental scholarship is currently available to Eritrean citizens applying in Master’s Degree and if it is available to who do I contact for assistance with questions I have during the application process.

  131. My name is Grmay Goitom. I am from eritrea, just i am so gulad when i see this chance so i really need it to complete my musters and to develope my departement coruse (physics).because i belive on turkiye university to lean me beter than the past.i hope so to fill the reqariments that u asked me netelly.

  132. well, my name is Daniel Wani Alfred am south Sudanese by nationality I have completed my diploma from Upper Nile University of South Sudan in the faculty of human development department of accounting and finance with the grade excellent CGPA 3.67 I would be very grateful if you can help me or give me this opportunity to apply thank here are my contacts numbers +211922805580/+211911690334
    email address is danielwani2014@gmail.com

  133. I really interesting such that scholarship to study in Turkey. My name is Muhammad Khalid Umar. I’m a Pakistani student. I have been passed matriculation exam from Govt Model high school Bhakkar in the accedemic year of 2007 to 2009. I have passed the BS Economics (hons) from International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan. I am a poor student and i am a continue the study and MS Finance in turkish university in scholarship. sir guide me any scholarships.

  134. hello, could you please guide me, how can i aplly for the government scholarship. and… is it possible to apply this for the medicine?? i will be grateful if you tell, what documents should i send, and until which date i should register, too. tnx very much… i am looking forward to hearing from you.

  135. i am from Pakistan my name is waqar ahmed i had did Masters in plant breeding and genetics form SAU Tandojam sind,I am very much looking for the scholarship opportunity to study in your country and I believe in your country is the best place for me , this will be a dream for me i want to do PhD in any university through scholarship. i have try to fill the form but unfortunately i was filed can you guide me,

  136. yeah , that is good idea for providing a such opportunity for lifelong learning ,i Joseph from Rwanda wish to win this a day. i promise. thank u very much . have a go forwards.

  137. Hello Mr. i graguated from Agriculture faculty and i obtained my bachelor degree but now i want to get a scholarship for getting my master degree in Turkey and still i don’t any TOEFL or IELTS marks so i am eligible or not? please inform me

  138. Hi, I can’t seem to register to the site, I mean I open the TGS site but in order to apply you have to register to the site but I can’t seem to do that, has anybody had that problem if so could you help me resolve it.

  139. Hi am Cypres Mambo from South Sudan, is it a must for students who is willing to apply for masters to learn Turkish language?

  140. why age restriction for scholarship criteria.. knowledge for everyone. and everyone get the chance in any age of life. what the relation between age and scholarship??? am from pakistan

  141. i am a Pakistani citizen, i really am interested in moving to turkey for a fully funded MS scholarship, i need to ask about the language requirements, do we have to take 1 year Turkish language course before applying for scholarship or this course is conducted in turkey for newly arrived students? and also, only IELTs and TOEFL are accepted for english fluency? i am already graduated from a “2 year English language course supported by American consulate”, is it not acceptable?

  142. I am already studying in turkey (northern Cyprus) and I am really looking forward to get the Turkish government scholarship to support my finance,which will really help me and build a strong relationship between nations .

  143. i have completed my secondary level education in sri lanka and wanted to continue my higher studies in turkey. can i apply for this scolarship ??

  144. Turkish scholarship is fantastic to young boys and girls but for me is non appropriate due to its limitation for ages

  145. It is four years that I am waiting for my graduation in order to study graduate degree in Turkey.
    Please tell me how I can win this scholarship, and what increases my chance.
    And when the deadline is.

  146. I have always wanted a scholarship to study in Turkey. And In sha Allah if I am given this opportunity I will be very pleased.

  147. Sir I was born in November 1996 and I really got confused on what to do when I saw the age limit,I need your help here

  148. I am very much looking for the scholarship opportunity to study in your country and I believe in your country is the best place for me to lean , with only scholarship I will be able to learn and this will be a dream comes true if I have this scholars to study ..
    And then helb me the process for applying

  149. Sir, I have completed my Fsc in 2018 with 901 marks
    Can I apply for this Scholorship ???
    Plz Guide me as soon as possible

  150. asalmu alikum.
    i am asif jamal, from Pakistan. i am government teacher and i have 11 year experience in my field, sir I am very much looking for the teacher training scholarship. can you help me for this purpose.

  151. Hi,
    Are candidates from Africa eligible for masters of medicine?
    If so, what is the procedure if they hold a diploma in another language than English, for example french?
    Many thanks.

  152. My name is Alhassan I’m from Liberia I’m a high school graduate I would really appreciate it if I get this scholarship.

  153. Good morning Sir,am a girl from Tanzania am 18 years old, I accomplished my high school studies in this year 2018 ,during my middle school (O’level education) I scored well average of 72% (division (1.16)),but I accomplished my high school(A’level education) scoring average of 50%(division (3.13)),I took science subjects in all my education levels mentioned above my dream is to become a specialist doctor for women.I really want the chance to accomplish my dreams in your country Turkey.

  154. Good morning Sir,am a girl from Tanzania am 18 years old, I accomplished my high school studies in this year 2018 ,during my middle school (O’level education) I scored well average of 72% (division (1.16)),but I accomplished my high school(A’level education) scoring average of 50%(division (3.13)),I took science subjects in all my education levels mentioned above my dream is to become a specialist doctor for women.I really want the chance to accomplish my dreams in your country Turkey.This is my last hope.

  155. hi muhammed I have read all procedures of turkish government scholarships but ,submission of online applications is not there dear.

  156. Assalamualaikum. Bro!
    I have interested in Turkish Govt. Scholarship but my age is 23 yrs, born in 1995. Can I apply for the scholarship?

  157. hi i am Eliyas Abdella from Ethiopia i need to learn in turkey i have graduated in civil engineering in 2018/19 from wolayta sodo university please help me

  158. Assalam-o-Alaikum . i am from pakistan, i really want this scholarship to study in ur university.i completed my BS in Environmental sciences .and now i want to study in turkish institute.plz guide me well

  159. How are you? My name is Aliyou Hussen Gizaw. I am very interested to join to your Univercity to study in phD program. so please help me now.

  160. Hello, I’m Muhammad Juldeh Barry, I live in Istanbul – Turkey.
    Can I apply for the Turkish Goverment scholarship from Turkey for my younger brother who is currently in Africa?
    I hope to hear from you soon, my dear.

    Best regard

  161. My name is Aliyou Hussen Gizaw. I am interested to join to your Unvetsities to study phD program in structhrsl engineering. So try to help me please.

  162. Assalamualaikum, may you always be under the protection of Allah Aamiin. I am Hanan B. Ibrahim From the Philippines , and officially graduate as Islamic Business law profession at Tazkia University college of Islamic economics in Indonesia. sir I am planning to take my Master degree in your country and having a scholarship please I need your help and responce, thank you JazakAllāhu khayron Aamiin ya Rabb

  163. I want to know when open Scholarship 2019 I have plan to apply master degree plz give me suggestions how schorship apply

  164. hell,
    I’m Palestinian from Gaza looking for a scholarship (PhD in dentist) for my son who graduated from Alazhar University in Gaza.

  165. hello may name mohamed faarah hassan
    lam hargeisa somalia
    l finished high school l have no any money to start university l hope to success turkey scholarship ship if allh say plz respect may request

  166. Hi this is me Shaukat Ali I have done MPhil in wildlife management and now looking for PhD in wildlife management/zoology scholarship and it’s my dream to have PhD degree from Turkey so please guide me. Thanks

  167. Hey
    Am by the names of Lwamunda Nasser from Uganda east Africa I would like to thank the Turkish government for the great opportunity given to us students who cannot manager to pay for our selves Thnx ,I would like to give me a chance to learn in turkey because it has been my dream please sir or madam help to got this scholarship help me thank you so much

  168. Me my case is exception bcs last year i was tried on scolaship and expted but i still in m’y country so what can i do now

  169. In reality, I proposed to this scholarship in last year but I was not be accepted. Is there any advises that can help me during submission this year, please?

  170. Hello, thank you so much for this wonderful content.
    I want to find out if the Turkish scholarship is open for application and if undergraduates from Zambia are also eligible to apply.
    thank you once again for sharing the information.

  171. Hello, thank you so much for this wonderful content.
    I would want to know if the Turkish scholarship is open for application and if undergraduates from Zambia are also eligible to apply.
    thank you once again for sharing the information.

  172. Sir, I am Adnan Hossain from Bangladesh. I really don’t understand the applying process. Recently I have completed my bachelor and interested to masters in Turkey. Can you please tell me the procedure of applying ?

  173. thank you mr Muhammad for creating a platform where students can find rear opportunities to study in your country and been given a free will to ask questions, am looking forward to study in your country and it will be my dream come true

  174. Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Мухаммадий я закончил школу 2 года назад могу поступить в Университет Гази

  175. I am Khalil ur rehman
    I have done BS in geology in Pakistan
    Please send me proper channel for apply, MS in engineering geology.

  176. My Name is Kibru am from Ethiopia Addis Ababa and graduated with Bsc degree from Addis Ababa science and technology university with Industrial chemistry by now i am seeking master degree from Turkish scholarship

  177. i am ghulam dustigeer and i complete my bachelor degree in math now i want to take admission for scholarship.plz guide me for scholarship

  178. hi,,, I want to ask that for turkey scholarships

    “University Entrance Exam Grade”
    Diploma Grade
    Average Grades
    High School Graduation
    International Test Score

    can you explain this please

  179. I am from poor family I want to further my study but my family have no ability to pay for my education. please help me with this chance. Thank you.

  180. I want to know about the disciplines you are offering scholorship for??? As I have to apply for Ph.d in Eng linguistics ..

  181. Hi turkish government my name is izharullah from afghanistan and i live turkey i compelete fsc from Pakistan peshawar ICMS collage now i am working in shoes company I wannt to continue my study but i cant offer the fees off unverstity if you have any unverstity for me so plz help me thanks

  182. Hello
    I would like to know if there is a montly stipend for tge Turkey govt scholarship. If there is…. how much is given per month
    Thank you


  184. SIR, I am Firdosa Akhter From Kahmir, India.I want to apply for PHD programme in Islamic Studies .plz tell me the proceedure.

  185. I am highly interested in continuing my graduate studies in the humanities, I wish that a kind person and Philanthropist would be found and help me to achieve my dreams, I will be grateful to him forever. Friends help and guide me to I get a full scholarship.


  187. i have BSc in Agriculture, so thet i would like to get MSc in Agronomy .
    let me ask you a one question : is the programme taught in English or not?

  188. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله..
    اخوك صهيب من الجزائر
    انا قدمت طلب العام الماضي ..وما حصلت على فرصة..
    ممكن اني اقدم هذا المسم؟
    تحياتي ليك

  189. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    انا قدمت طلب العام الماضي وما نجحت
    هل فيه امكانية انو اضيف طلب هذي السنة

  190. Hi am Mohammed M. Sayon jr from Liberia, I pray to Almighty Allah to help me get this scholarship to study in your country. It’s will be a dream of my life to achieve my goal in your country.

  191. When will the application for Turkey scholarships for the academic year 2019/2020 be published?

  192. Salam! Muhammad yousaf, I have account on website burslari.com since Last year but they always said there is no any scholarship for your medical field, well I am interested in learning Turkish language so kindly help me to get scholarship in Turkish language course scholarship , i’ll appreciate it.

  193. Hello! I’m interested in applying for the scholarship Turkiye Burslari announced but there is a problem with the website, therefore I couldn’t read the information or the requirements for applying. Hopefully you’ll be able to help me with that. Thank you.

  194. I am Varfley. M Dorley from Liberia :
    I am seeking to obtain bachelor degree in Science and technology at the highest level of education in your affordable compensation. I love to read books literature and do research on things that is more significant. Art is my majoring course. Thanks for your heartfelt hospitality in offering this granted opportunity to those of us who want to seek our goals but we can’t afford the financial acquirement to enter in the University /colleges . I’m gratitude to the government of Turkey and the people of Turkey too!!

  195. hello sir kindly assist with the application for postgrduate degree tried following the steps explained above with no avail please help thank you

  196. Thank you , Iam somali student and need scholarship where can I apply and how can I apply? where do i contact with you mohammed yousuf sir? I need your instructions

  197. can i apply for this scholorship? i am in BS applied microbiology nd my last semester will be completed in june 2019.

  198. please give me a chance for this scorscship im very interested in this.i hope i will get this thankyou

  199. hello
    i have been trying to access the application process but i have trouble doing so.
    kindlyn send me a direct link to the page
    thank you

  200. je suis très enchanté par cette bourse et j’aimerai savoir quand et comment postulez sans inconvénient

  201. Hi,
    I am from Bangladesh. Can you please give an estimated idea on living cost if i have been selected. Does the government offer monthly/yearly stipend for bearing the other cost (like: foods, travel etc)? How is the possibility of getting job in turkey after completing MS degree?
    Thanks in advance

  202. Asslam o Alikum…….Sir please tell me how can i apply for this scholarship..I avail this chance to get more education…………

  203. salut
    je veux aller poursuivre mes études .
    dans votre lycée
    Turquie est un pays très grand et trop avancé
    je suis vraiment intéressé si possible !!!
    Abakar Ali

  204. I really want to study in Turkey but my worry is, I want to do journalism, must I be lectured in Turkish?

  205. Hey. I wanted to apply for this year scholarship but I have read that, for one to apply for poatgraduate scholarship has to be born between the year 1988 and 1997. What about if someone was born between 1988 will he/she be elligible to apply?

  206. Assalamualaikum

    I am interested in the said scholarship. However, I had encountered several problem in applying the scholarship online system. It kept telling me to fill the name in Latin letters, my name already in Latin letters. Kindly enlighten me Sir

  207. Dear Sir can you please guide me how to apply for this scholarship actually I am from chemistry and don’t getting the online application form.

  208. Hello…. I am interesting that scholarship to study in turky. My name is Sefinesh Abdellah from Ethiopia. Now I am studying pharmacy and marketing management. But I am unabel to find the application pls guide me about application

  209. Salam Yousaf! Last year I tried by best for postgraduate study in Turkey and applied for Scholarship but not accepted. Can you please give some advice.


  211. Much better for our advancement, in deed appreciate, but what don’t know if still have scholarships of short courses of months,e.g optic fibre, and of the like

  212. Please, I have not seen the name of my country Cameroon, and also I don’t understand what is written on the gender list. What should I do?

  213. Unfortunately the Turkye Burlsari site isn’t working. The Arts & Humanities section on their website is showing an error. I won’t be able to file myself in and get a scholarship because of it. I hope it’ll be fixed soon.

  214. am very interested about that scholarship program. I would be content if your institution considered me. I have all the relevant documents with me including my diplomat. thanks.

  215. am very interested about that scholarship program. I would be content if your institution considered me. I have all the relevant documents with me including my diploma. i thanks


  217. Hey I’m kanwal from Pakistan i am interested to avail this scholarship opportunity. I am currently doing BBA(hons) its my final year now. I just want to confirm that Turkish Language course for one year is separate from scholarship? Including one year course my MBA total duration will be 3 years?

  218. I have my BA by civics and ethical studies. I’m very appreciate on these scholarship. pls if there is extra information regarding on this scholarship contact me by my mobile phone number:- 0916987581

  219. My name is Abdulsamad Hule. I’m from Ethiopia. I have my BA by civics and ethical studies. I’m very interesting on these scholarship to study in Turkey. pls if there is extra information regarding on this scholarship contact me by my mobile phone number:- 0916987581

  220. Hello…..I am sefinesh Abdella from Ethiopia. I am pharmacy student in diploma. I really need Turkish scholarship to learn clinical pharmacy, so How I can apply

  221. I cannot find enough information on the official website, could you please help me? I would like to study in the field of nutrition and dietics but I’m not sure whether you can get scholarship in that field. I was trying to find out by looking at the website but it doesn’t give any information about the scholarship programs. I am really worried about the situation. Please helppp

  222. Dear sir/madam
    The online website shows the following error… I really want to apply please help me apply it…I want MSc. in any field of veterinary medicine. I am lecturer at Jimma university of Ethiopia.
    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /en/english-home/

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3163.0….

  223. i am very happy to visit this opportunity an i would like to a scholarship in turkey so thank you very much


  225. I am Tilahun Elema from Ethiopia and I want to study MSc. Degree in Highway Engineering there. Now I have BSc. degree in civil engineering, and I am Assistant Lecturer at Bule Hora University. Thank you for opening this chance for us. I hope that I will be there. So help us in application process. Thank you!

  226. please tell me which website use to apply online application turkey scholarship, or sent me please link to apply online application scholarship for post graduate

  227. if it is i am happy to learn in your country. please MUHAMMAD YOUSAF, i want to have your contact address;could you reply me???????

  228. Hi I have been trying to registre for this scholarship but i can’t. i was later sent a link to activate my application but the link is too long and was not working. i really want to apply for this scholarship.

  229. Helloo There! my name is Ebrahim Nuri Ahmed & I’m from Ethiopia. I have B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering. I want to apply for Masters program. but its not clear for me about…….
    #having the “international test score” and in what languages am i going to study.

  230. Greet sir am Tatang Nobert from Cameroon study at catholic university Institute of byesbuea “the entrepreneurialEntrepreneurialuniversity. I try accessing the application system but is noyt opening

  231. Hello, I am Hasan from Bangladesh. I want to apply turkey Govt. Scholarship . I have CGPA 3.55 out of 4.00 (71%) marks in my Graduation in Bachelor of Professional Pharmacy (5 years). I have IELTS score over all band 6.0 . Can I apply for this now// Can you share the link

  232. Asalam o alikoum i am trying to register for turkish scholarship… but a problem occurring on the gender type option… as i am filling it correctly… all other things are ok… could you plz help me?

  233. Bonjour.juste vous dire que j’arrive pas à trouver la demande ni le formulaire à remplir.donc comment vais-je faire

  234. Date:-16-jun-2019
    full name : mezid sani mohammed
    Nationality: Ethiopian
    Marital status: single
    Age: 24
    Current address: addiss ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel:- +251924694123
    To:- Turky scholar ship
    Subject: Applying for lerning Ms program

    Generally:-I am very interested injoy your university and attending masters program in adult healt nursing.

  235. From TANZANIA,I always wanting for turkey scholarships for masters studies,but what pain enough is the criterion of age limit “not born before 1988” I WAS BORN 19985 WITH THE AGE OF 33 YEARS NOW.what can I do?

  236. From Tanzania I was always wanting for turkey scholarships for masters studies but what pain me a lot is the criterion “not born before 1988 for masters applicant ” my self born 1985 with the age of 33 years,what can I do in order to get scholarship to study in turkey?

  237. Hello Sir , I am interested in applying for the above scholarship but I am unable to access the online application system . each time i try to click on the link its giving me the same response of systems error. how else can someone download the application form.
    Thank you

  238. Afternoon, The Link that you provided for the online application is not working it says it is invalid is there any way possible you can provide us with the link of the website thank you.

  239. Dear Sir.
    My name is Musa a 19 years old Tanzanian student, I have been completed my ordinary level education and i have passed my high school in the academic year 2017-2019
    I really interesting such that scholarship to study in turkey,please Sir award me this opportunity it will change my life and my society as a whole
    May god bless you for offering such opportunity to people

  240. Hello dear Turkey scholarship team
    My name is Daud jan from Afghanistan, here i filled all online application form with necessary documents and requirements، but at the last stage after summary revision when i click on submit option, its give me errorr in ( personal information) section, indeed i dont have any error in that section on that regard i need your kindly help , i will be waiting for your response


  241. It is very bad that Bursalari fix age in PhD 35 years. Me and other many students who are working and c. now I am 36 years. Turkish management should increase age limit. Is there other Turkish scholarship which can accommodate me?

  242. Dear Muhammad

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. Kindly am trying to reach the online application system but this is the reply “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.
    The resource cannot be found.
    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /en/english-home/

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.7.3163.0”

    Kindly help

    can anybody help me to find a scholarship in Ankara in the main of English language translation and interpretation?


  244. i ready carefully but there is one point that i don’t have like international exam, but i have master degree i gonna goin to apply Doctoral or phd.

  245. Hello Sir!
    Hope you are having good time.
    Sir would you please guide me about language criteria.
    I wanna MS in Geology and i have selected three of the Turkish Universities which offered to teach in English.
    Is TOEFL is mandatory as it is just mentioned there; I have a good academic record and scored more than 75% in my last degree.

  246. I’m interesting to apply this scholarship but I have question so i want to know if you were born in 1996 can you apply it?

  247. hey, there is a e in application because the online application wizard is not opening
    code error #404# please sort out the issue to allow us to apply thanks.

  248. Hi sir,I really interesting such that scholarship to study in Turkey. i hope to get an opportunity to study master there but unfortunately i passed the age, my birth in 1986..Could do you please guide me how i can get such scholarship

  249. My name is Irakoze Jean de Dieu from burundi. Now I m vry interesting the scholarship to stady to turkey.I finish paramedical of secondry School!! i had passed national examination accademic 2016-2017 and i have nice notes! i have one parent(mother) because my father have been kelled in the war in 1998. Now im with my Mather and one sster! please help me in older to improve my stadies!!

  250. Hi there,

    I would love to apply, but the link does not open. Would you please send me a valid link?

  251. salam
    i am Sayed Eslam Mosavi from Afghanistan
    i have done the whole parts except of application part how submit it ?
    so i have question that how i can find that part and submit it
    May you help mr for this

  252. Hi I am looking for a Maters Scholarship in Analytical Chemistry. Anyone can help me for that please. Mohammad Yousaf can you guide me brother,,

  253. I am very much looking for the scholarship opportunity to study in your country and I believe in your country is the best place for me to lean , with only scholarship I will be able to learn and this will be a dream comes true if I have this scholars to study Iam Soomaalia

  254. I am very much looking for the scholarship opportunity to study in your country and I believe in your country is the best place for me to lean , with only scholarship I will be able to learn and this will be a dream comes true if I have this scholars to study


  256. I really interesting such that scholarship to
    study in Turkey. My name is nure kasim.
    I’m a ethiopia student from
    oromia state. I am very much looking for the scholarship
    opportunity to study in your country and I
    believe in your country is the best place
    for me to lean , with only scholarship I will
    be able to learn and this will be a dream
    comes true if I have this scholars to study

  257. I am very grateful to apply for this scholarship because its the best to do and I’ll be happy to study in Turkey

  258. Hi, my name is Yolo Hassan Yolo I’m a south Sudanese by nationality and I’m glad to apply for this scholarship my wish is to advance my education in Turkey and I hope I can make a great change to my country if I’m lucky to win this scholarship

  259. Assalamualaikum sir..i am really interested on studying in turkey and getting scholarships there.. But how do i apply? does application still open?

  260. Sir/ Madam,
    I’m from Srilanka, just completed my GCE advance Level xamination. I want to apply for the Turkey Government Scholarships 2019-2020 – Study in Turkey Please let me know whether i’m eligible to apply for this.
    Thank you

  261. Salam
    Dear to whom it may concern,
    I already sign up and have my application system for this scholarship, the problem is i cannot fill up at ‘My Application’ part. What should i do? I still cant fill it up as it says:
    “You may have entered an incorrect or incorrect address.
    You can continue by re-entering.”
    I already entered the correct one.
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  262. i want to see Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his county in what way my hobe is true i do not know but i search every route to get the way i think this scholarship is on of them because i have not enough money to visit turkey. if may dream is true after that i hope i get chance to visit mecca i.e this is my limitless hoby in my life…

  263. I really interesting such scholarship to study in Turkey. My name is Melese Honelign. I’m from Ethiopia.

  264. Hi Muhammad Yousaf
    I am student of FSc Pre Engg. in Pakistan. I am about to complete my higher school secondary certificate in 2019. I am interested to apply for Turkey Government Scholarship. As I proceed towards the registration process, it says registration is failed. How can I register my self there? Plus there is another question Do I need to submit TOFEL/ any other English Language Test for this scholarship?
    Areeba Sarfraz