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Research Proposal for CSC Scholarship is a mandatory requirement for the Chinese Scholarship. Chinese Government Scholarship expects you to hand in a full account of the study or research proposal.

Any other relevant information and previous research projects or study that are important when writing a research proposal for the CSC scholarship is also essential.

However, the information provided should be relevant and significant in the decision-making process for scholarship awarding board members.

The research proposal is the first step towards your first research design. So it is advised to write it properly as per your area of expertise and interest.

The primary aim of the research proposal for CSC scholarship is to make sure that the applicants have done adequate research on their area of interest. They will be able to provide a comprehensive description of the topic of their choice.

It is significant to note that the research proposal for the CSC scholarship is not a fixed plan. There is no room to forecast answers earlier or stick to a quarrel automatically since the investigation can have an avoidable change or even go against someone’s initial prospects.

There is no set or secure formula for writing a proposal due to slight differences. An example is theoretical civilizations globally and that of China tends to have slight differences.

The research proposals should be able to persuade the technical public members of your ability to establish a problem as well as a systematic approach to solve the issue within a truthful time frame and using reasonable methods.

It is also a good idea to mention in your research proposal that you will abide by the college rules and regulations while your study there.

Words Limit:

The research proposal for the CSC scholarship should have over 800 words for Master’s degree applicants and over 1500 words for doctoral degree students. It should not exceed 30 pages.

The proposal portray a proper design that includes line spacing and the font used.  It should also include page numbers and the table of contents. Having excellent legibility is an added advantage as the recipients may have bulk study proposals to go through.


How To Write Research proposal for CSC Scholarship


  • Research Proposal Title Page

The title page of your CSC scholarship research proposal should have individual information such as designation, your campus position, moot name if it is valid, your work, rave, year of birth, email address and telephone number.

The title of your research report or planned dissertation should then follow. It is important to note that at this stage the claim is only a working title.

All the information on the title page should be handled with caution and the relevance and association with one another should be carefully considered.

The heading should be brief, descriptive and accurate. It should also be comprehensive and be able to clearly indicate the subject of investigation. And also it should clearly state the time frame within which you are able to complete your project.

It should have the names of your supervisors, where you hope to carry out your research and other academics as well as whom you plan to work with if applicable.

  • Abstract of your Research topic

The statement of the research topic should not exceed one page. Here, you are supposed to quickly stretch on exploration material which you must identify. Further, your focus should be based on the recent, new and related pieces of the topic.

Furthermore, it is vital to remember that clarity is the, most imperative element of the research proposal for CSC scholarship.  You should be able to give an exact and short indication of the present state of study which is personally connected to the exploration project.

The offer should be able to bring out a reasonable and clear debate of the agenda of notions or academic scope that can back the examination.

The research proposals should show how thoroughly you are acquainted with the thoughts that you are trading with as well as your ability to grasp their running inferences.

  • How and from where you will begin your research?

Your research proposal for CSC scholarship should have an immediate impression of your work on the given topic.  You can attach the relevant copies of the magazines to the research project.

  • Research Work Objective

You should be able to give a short and precise skeleton that speculates on what you intend to achieve. It can also be non-academic and possibly be based on the political or social aspect. The proposal should show why research is essential.

For the purpose of justifying your CSC scholarship research plan, you need to outline the practical or theoretical meaning of the significance of the topic.

The defense may be a possible life where you are expected to explain combative areas or provide new abstract apparitions or of rational nature where you expect to have an addition to the existing body of knowledge.

  • Research Project Outline

The project outline is a vital element of the research proposal for a CSC scholarship.  You should be able to give a full material about your research in the given time frame.

Anyone who reads your plan should be able to understand your sources, the excellence of sign you are to consult and the investigative strategies you will employ. Also, they should be able to understand the schedule you are due to follow.

Moreover, suitable and relevant research techniques should be defined so as to ensure a successful collection of adequate experimental data for the success of a research project on a research proposal for SCS scholarship.

You should explain and describe the future methods of data collection, arithmetic techniques to be used, documentary or poetry analysis to be followed, and the joysticks you will introduce among others.

  • Tentative Timetable for your Research

The timetable should be in a table form if possible. Your projected timetable should include the phases of the complete study schedule in your research proposal of CSC scholarship and the time needed for each step.

  • Selective Research and Bibliography

Here, you are supposed to tilt everything cited in the CSC scholarship research proposal document outline in a theoretical manner as well as other imperative works which will help in raising the research.

  • Attachments with Research Proposal

You are supposed to provide a list of pamphlets that are attached to your offer.

  • Research Proposal Editing Work

It is important to go through your research proposal once you are done with the abstract work. It is essential to making sure there is no misprint or existence of orthographic or linguistic mistakes.

You should make sure the title, the happy and the intellectual aspects of your offer correspond to each other. Lastly, given the chance, let someone from your moot community check out your proposal to make sure your project proposal conforms to the laid out academic ethics.


List of headings in Research proposal of CSC Scholarship Application:

List of headings in Research proposal:

  • Abstract
  • Table of contents that is based on the decimal system
  • Literature and research review
  • The objective of the study research methodology
  • Hypothesis
  • General topic introduction
  • Data collection methods, analysis, and evaluation
  • Problem statement
  • Explanation of the research project
  • Bibliography
  • Expected results and study output.
  • Appendix
  • Three recommendation letters with social researchers
  • Home academy report outlining the need for maintenance and faculty growth of an applicant
  • C.V which focuses on the scientific background, conference participation, publications, research projects participation, teaching experiences, published papers and co-operation.
  • Correspondence with a legal agreement and scientific supervisor on supervision in China. There should be evidence on the use of kitchen supplies, equipment among other things.

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