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Chinese Scholarship Application Procedure | csc Scholarship, Confucius Scholarship, CAS-TWAS Fellowship

ScholarshipFellow team welcomes all new students who are interested to compose their application online for various Scholarships offered to international students by China. In this regards you have to follow below steps but before that you can read some useful information below about all available Chinese Scholarships under China Scholarship Council.
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Following Chinese Scholarships and fellowships are available sponsored by China Scholarship Council:
If you wish to consider applying for CSC Chinese government scholarship then you have to bear in mind that Acceptance letter is not mandatory issue. You can apply even without obtaining acceptance letter for China scholarships. While inserting your personal bio-data details into the online portal of CSC scholarship system please select type B for CSC scholarship to begin online application and then upload all relevant documents into the system and download the CSC scholarship document form. Follow steps listed below to apply today for China scholarship: 
Common Procedure to apply for all above Scholarships:
Step 1: Find Chinese University as per your Subject from below link:
Chinese University List without application fee and with application fee

Step 2: Email professors of Chinese Universities so they can supervise your Degree and issue an acceptance letter. Below link will give you an idea about how to write an email to professor:
Write an email to send to Professor, all Email Samples link

Step 3: After receiving your emails, professors might ask you for your study plan so they can accept you as their students. So, below link contains template and sample files of study plan:
Sample of Study Plan for Scholarship

Step 4: Finally, professor will issue an acceptance letter. Template and sample of acceptance letter can be found on below link:
Acceptance Letter for scholarship sample

Step 5: Its time to decide that for which kind of Scholarship you are interested to apply for. Like CSC Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chinese Local Government Scholarships, Cas-twas fellowships etc. So, below links will provide you step by step procedures to apply for all these scholarships online.

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