How Students can Earn Online? | Methods of Online Earning for Students


ScholarshipFellow took initiative to facilitate students to learn some great procedures to begin their online career. A vast majority of students have some great skills in them which they can utilize to earn some extra cash with just little effort by working online on some wonderful platforms listed below:

First of all, students must know their skills which they can utilize to earn like below:

  • Are you able to make logos? (Earn by making Logos)
  • Can you speak Some great English? (Then teach English online)
  • How good are you in Graphic Design? (Make cash by working on graphic Design jobs)
  • Good in writing? (Then Article/content writing jobs are waiting for you)
  • Blogging (Initiate your personal blog and earn via ads)
  • Virtual Assistant Work (Help employers online for jobs)
  • Excel & powerpoint opportunities for students
  • And much more…

Step by Step procedure to get started with any of the above-mentioned jobs:

Step A: Make an account of any of the following websites:

  • Upwork Earning Portal
  • Freelancer Earning Site
  • Fiverr Earing Scheme
  • 99 Designs Online Earning Portal
  • Design Crowd Official Earning Site
  • Guru Site for Online Earning

Step B: Build your professional Profile having wonderful portfolios

Step C: Browse Jobs in those sites, apply and work to earn.

Keep yourself safe while Earning Money Online: Things to Consider:

  • Before you apply for any specific job, have a look at the ratings and prestige of the job holder, i mean his previous hiring history. So, you must know his ratings that either that person is legit or not.
  • Ask for “Milestone” or “Escrow” payments before accepting jobs
  • Escrow or Milestones are third party payment system. The job holder deposit funds to website and website gives you confirmation that payment for your work in deposited and once you submit work then it’ll be released to you. In case, you do not have milestone payment before submitting job, then website has no guarantee that job holder pays you or not. So, its always a better choice to ask milestone payments.
  • Browser article writing jobs, graphic design jobs, logo design jobs, excel jobs, English teaching jobs, web development jobs and much more on above sites.
  • Do Not Pay Any thing to Any Site! Its Totally free to start working online.
  • Post Questions below in case you need any further help.
  • An average person can make an average amount of US$500 a month by working just few hours three to four days per week and maximum of up to US$25,000

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