College Application – 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid


When applying for college, it might seem like you are ticking boxes with basic information about yourself. However, answering these simple questions can be tricky, and if you are not careful, you will end up missing admission to your dream college.

A rejected application is usually not a result of one particular mistake. A combination of factors outside your control often contributes to rejected applications. There are common avoidable mistakes applicants make that contribute to rejection. If you are not careful, yours will end up in the ‘no’ pile if you don’t avoid these mistakes.


1. Not showing ambition


Everyone wants a good job after graduation, but your application will end up in the trash of an ivy league university if this is your ambition. You might not win a Nobel-prize or become the president, but without dreaming big, you will not reach your full potential.

However, readers do consider your background when making the selection. If you are the first person to attend college in your family, getting a white-collar job is deemed to be ambitious. All the effort you put into getting SAT Test Tutoring, balancing your classes to include both easy and challenging ones, and having time for extracurricular activities you are passionate about will be rewarded.


2. Being unprofessional


Unprofessionalism can take many forms. For instance, using the email you created in third grade as your primary email might cost you your application. Nobody wants to read an email from Instead, create a professional email with your first and last name.

Missing deadlines is also considered unprofessional. Every project you will work on in school will have a timeline. If you can’t meet your application deadline, you are likely to miss your project deadlines, and worse, your work deadlines.


3. Sending essays to the wrong school


The only thing worse than sending dull essays with no personality is sending them to the wrong school. It’s easy to get what you’ve written mixed up, but sending applications to the wrong school will get you disqualified.

Even when schools use the same prompts, you must remember to change the name of the school before submitting it. Make sure you send the right essay to the right school, so you don’t get thrown out.


4. Sending the application and forgetting about it


You will always remember to check your Instagram, text messages, and Snapchat, but you are likely to forget about your email once you send your application. You must check your email in case the university sends you essential information about your application.

Scholarships, meet-and-great, acceptance, waitlist, deferral, and denial are some of the information you might miss out on. Remember to check your spam folder just in case.

Write your essay about a topic you care about, not what you think the admissions officers want to hear. The officers want to hear and know more about you. The lack of passion in your essay will be obvious and get you thrown out. Balance the schools you apply to different school categories, so you have options when the decisions come out.

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