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Dalian University of Technology (DUT) offers Chinese government scholarship for the masters and doctoral degrees students. It does not include majors in arts and literature other than in Chinese.  The DUT scholarship only supports graduate programs where the duration for the master’s students is three years and four years for the doctoral programs.

Most of the programs in DUT are carried out in Chinese. However, the Dalian University of Technology has some programs taught in English. The scholarship duration is written and specified on the admission notice covering Chinese language study and major study and cannot be extended. The students do not have the permission to apply for changes in their study duration or specialties institutions as noted on the admission notice.

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Dalian University CSC scholarship criteria:

The applicants must be from other nationalities other than Chinese and be in good health and a sound mind.

The applicants must be students studying in foreign countries or a Chinese university graduate for more than a year.

The applicants must pass the age limit and education background requirement which is 35 years, and below and a bachelors degree for the master’s students and a masters degree and 40 years or below for the doctoral applicants.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship Benefits

  1. The successful awardees are given a monthly allowance as listed:
  • 3500CNY per month for the doctoral students
  • 3000CNY per month for the master’s students.

The scholarship students receive their allowances after registration. Students who register in the mid-month get a full allowance for that month and those who register after the 15th of the month are given a half amount of that month. After graduation, the scholarship students are given another living allowance for 15 days after the set graduation day by the university. The allowance is thereafter terminated the next month after the students complete their studies, suspends their education in the university or drops school. The monthly living allowances also cover every school holiday.

Students who don’t get their monthly living allowances during holidays are reimbursed once the school re-opens. The students who register late within the universities permission monthly; living allowance is suspended for one month. It can also be suspended if the students are absent from the university without clear reasons for over a month or leave the university for non-health issues.

Students who suspend their studies for health reasons or due to pregnancy are required to fly back to their countries and get labor treatment. The students are required to cater for their travel expenses. The scholarship slot and status can be reserved for one year and the monthly living allowance suspended during the leave. For the scholarship students who suspend their scholarship due to other factors, their slot is not reserved.

  1. They are given on-campus accommodation and exempted from tuition fee.
  2. The applicants cater for their international travel expenses.
  3. The awardees are provided with a comprehensive medical insurance. MOE provides the scholarship students with protection program and comprehensive medical insurance in case of accidents or hospitalized while in China. The entrusted medical institutions or agencies provide services for insurance expenses as well as compensation claims with the required receipts from the insurance companies. The individual claim from the scholarship students is not acceptable by the insurance company.

 The application procedure of CSC scholarship for Dalian University of Technology

The applicants should present their application forms and required materials to the school of international education, DUT between 16th January and 17Th March. The application deadline is on the latter date.

The applicants should truthfully and correctly fill the following materials in duplicate:

  1. The checking list for the Ph.D. and masters application at DUT.
  2. Chinese Government scholarship applicants should fill and print an online CSC scholarship application form online and sign it before submitting.

Note: When filling an online application:

  • 10141 is the agency number for Dalian University of Technology DUT
  • In the item, 5.b) namely “field or subject of study in China”, you are supposed to fill the subjects or the majors listed in the DUT masters or doctoral programs.
  • If you prefer English taught programs, you should indicate when filling the form.

You should note that if we cannot get your information on an online application system then your application will automatically be canceled.

Doctor programs applicants can also submit an application form for Liaoning government scholarship when applying for their doctor’s program scholarship.

    1. Notarized copy of the highest diploma. The applicants should provide employment documents and study certificates if they are already in universities and or employed. The documents that are written I other languages other than English or Chinese should have an attachment of the translation in either English or Chinese.
    2. Transcripts which should be in English or Chinese and notarized translations in either of the two languages where the transcripts are written in other languages.
    3. Research or study plan must be written in either English or Chinese which should not be less than 800 words. The study plan should talk more about the majors or your research field which you plan to study in DUT. You may write a well-structured research proposal to convince professors. In some cases, candidates for DUT CSC Scholarship may also attach SOP also known as a statement of purpose. A guide that will help you to write a good purpose of statement to convince professors was also published for reference here.
    4. Two recommendations letters by the professor of the university from which the applicant graduated.
    5. Foreigner physical examination form photocopy which should be filled in English. The applicant should keep the original copy. This form is printed by the Chinese quarantine authority which caters for those whose studies in China lasts up to 6 months. It must cover every item as listed in the foreigner physical examination form.

Forms lacking an attending physicians signature has incomplete records, lacks the hospital stamp or doesn’t have an applicant’s sealed photograph is termed as invalid. The results are only valid for a period of six months and the applicants are requested to take their time and undergo the medical examination. The applications should be submitted online on Dalian University Chinese government scholarship portal.

  1. Passport photocopies
  2. Photocopy of HSK certificate if the applicant has gone through the Chinese language course.
  3. Six pictures which should be 3*4 cm.

The above-named documents should be submitted directly to the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) by the applicants.

Admission Notice and Enrollment Time

The admission notice is issued by the end of June and the enrollment is in September. The study time cannot be extended and therefore those who feel that they cannot study in September should not apply for this scholarship. Before you begin your next academic journey in China, a quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.

Deadline to apply:

For more information visit Dalian University of Technology Official website to check the Deadline ,submission of supporting documents and other application instructions

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