Writing a Great Employment Letter [3 Samples Included]

Everything you need to know about employment verification letter

An employment letter is a formal business letter used to verify the employment history and income of the previous or current employee. The request to write the verification letter can come from the employee or a third party.

The good news is that the employment verifications letters are relatively simple. Therefore, it is easy to write one. You only need to include the asked details.

The verification details may have the employment date, job title, current salary, and if the person is eligible to work at any other organization.


Why is there a need for an employment letter?

If you think an employment letter is only for recruitment purposes, you have got it wrong. There are many other instances where you need the employment verification letter.

Loan and credit card

A bank needs the employment verification letter for the surety that the applicant is a good candidate for the loan or the credit card. Some banks also ask for a verification letter if a person demands a low interest rate.

The mortgage provides

Mortgagee institutes need a job verification letter at the start of the process. The providers need to know the lender’s stable source of income. In some cases, the mortgagers ask to contact the employer directly for the letter.

Lease application

In most cases, the landlord asks the prospective tenants to provide the employment verification letter. They want to make sure that the person can pay rent on time.

Work visa application

Depending on the visa application, you may need to provide an employment letter. It allows the authorities to verify the application status.

Selection and recruitment

A recruiter interviews the candidate, reviews the CVs, performs background checks, and needs a verification letter to certify the current job status of the candidate.


Tips for writing the employment verification letter

Here are some tips that can help you write employment letters for your employees

Use the format of business letters

Use the traditional business letter format to write the employment verification letter. Mention your information on the top, the Date, and the recipient information. Close the letter with a signature.

Keep the letter concise

It is not a job offer letter. Therefore, the letter should not be too long. Only provide the asked details for the verification process. You can attach tax and income documents for proof.

Add all the required details

A formal employment letter includes the employee’s name, his department, his job title, and the job period. You can also mention the annual salary.

Proofread it

Since it is a formal business letter, proofread it to ensure no errors. A well-written business letter shows your professionalism.


Employment letter format

We have included an employment letter formal and three samples to guide you write the perfect letter:

Your name
Job Title
Company address


Recipient’s name if known
Job title
Company address

Dear Recipient name or job title,

I am writing to confirm that [employee name] is currently employed in [company name]. Followed by any additional information

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by [preferred contact information].


Your name
Your title


Employment letter samples


1. Employment letter for a temporary employment visa

Jim Carl
HR Manager
Unique Business Solutions
1234 Main Street
New York, 1002

October 7, 2012

Subject: Employment letter for John Louis

Dear Mr. Jim,

We receive your request for an employment letter for John Louis. It relates to his application for a temporary employment visa. As the Executive Manager of our Global Partners Internship Program, I can gladly provide you the requested information.

John Louis recently graduated from college with a degree in Business Management. He applied and was accepted to our Partners Program through our office in Munich, Germany. He will complete the 12-week internship program in New York and then seek permanent employment in our Germany office. The internship will commence on September 28, 2021, and end on December 28, 2021.  His duties in the internship program would involve training and entry-level functions in our Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Investment departments.

We sincerely hope that Mr. Peterson will take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining an employment visa, which we feel will be equally beneficial to him and our firm. If I can be of further assistance, contact me at (111) 555-6666 or email me at


Mark Peterson
Global Partners Internship Executive Manager
SalesPush Inc.


2. Employment Letter for Job and Salary Verification

Jacob Mason,
Vice President
ABC Enterprises
172 Williamson Rd.
Los Angeles, 23089

August 30, 2021

Dear Mr. Jacob,

This letter is to certify the employment and income for Jessica Miller. She has been employed at Technical Solutions. Jessica holds the title of Sales Manager and has been working with our company since January 1, 2018. Her annual salary is $60,000 with a bonus of $2000.

Pay subs and Tax returns are enclosed as proof of the income. All the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

If you have any queries about the provided information, you can contact me at 123-000-4567 or email me at


Macie Austin
Director of Operations
Technical Solutions


3. Employment verification letter for loan approval

Jim Kerry
HR Manager
Optimal Solutions
Florence Lane, Denver
USA 64321

August 30, 2021

John Miller
Branch Manager
National State Bank
Bath Circle, Denver
USA 65467

Re: Employment letter for Mr. Jacob Mandel

Dear Mr. Jim,

Regarding your recent request for an employment verification letter for Mr. Jacob Mandel, I can confirm that he has been employed at Optimal Solutions since March 25, 2019, and is currently serving as Head Account Manager.

His Jon responsibilities include seeking out buyers and selling bulk orders of our company to meet the predefined targets. Mr. Mandel is working full time and earns an annual salary of $75,000, plus annual bonuses. He has no disciplinary record.

I hope this information is sufficient to aid the bank in its loan approval process. If you require further information or have any questions, you can contact me on (000) 222-4564 or


Jim Kerry

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