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Fujian province government has established the Fujian government scholarship (FGS) to cater for international students. Therefore, It is run in accordance with the guidance for the long-term and medium development and education reform in Fujian province.

Its main aim is to attract outstanding international students to study in Fujian province as well as promoting development and improve the levels, serviceability, and scale of the international students.

How to apply for Fujian Government Scholarship?

The scholarship is offered to students who would wish to study in Fujian province. It is located on the south coast of China and lies west of the Taiwan province. Fujian and Taiwan are commonly known as sister provinces as they are only separated by a strip of water.

Furthermore, their people joined by similar dialects and blood.  Fujian province consists of 23,100 schools on all levels and about 843.51 million students. The various kinds of schools at all the levels are 11,117.

Eligibility for the Fujian government scholarship

  1. The applicant should be of sound mind and good health and a non-Chinese citizen.
  2. The applicants applying for the governor special scholarship program must have a recommendation from the provincial partnership cities of the Fujian province and they must be 50 years and below.
  3. International liaison of provincial partnership cities must also be recommended by the provincial partnership cities and be of 50 years and below.
  4. Independent recruitment program by the Fujian universities has various applicants such as:
  • Long-term language or undergraduate applicants who must have their high school diploma and be 30 years or below.
  • Masters degree applicants who must have their bachelor degree and be of 35 years or below.
  • General scholar program applicants who should have a bachelor’s degree or have at least completed two years in their undergraduate studies. They should be of 50 years or below.
  • Doctoral degree program applicants who should be of 40 years and below and posses a masters degree.
  • Senior scholar program applicants who should be 50 years or below and hold their master’s degree. They can also be holders of an academic title of associate professors for them to be eligible for the scholarship.
  1. All the applicants should meet the required language standards by the higher education institutions.
  2. The applicants should not at the same time be awardees of the Chinese government scholarship.

English language test

An applicant should prepare their studies by taking the most common test that determines their English language proficiency. They should be able to pass the IELTS English language proficiency test (Optional).

Benefits of the Fujian government scholarship

The scholarship is divided into various categories and is given to the relevant university institutions who accept internal students.

  1. The governor special scholarship program awardees are given 60,000 RMB per year.
  2. The international Liaison of provincial partnership cities study in the Fujian programs applicants is given 30,000 RMB per year.
  3. The international Liaison of provincial partnership cities trainees has two categories. The non-academic language applicants are awarded 30,000RMB per year. They have one cadmic year. The short-term program trainee’s applicants are given 5000 RMB per month for the students who undertake individual study period.
  4. The independent recruitment program by the Fujian universities is granted to applicants who want to study for three or four academic years for their bachelor’s degree. They are given 30,000 RMB per year.
  5. The general scholars and masters degree who takes two or three academic years are given 40,000 RMB per year.
  6. Senior scholars and doctoral programs students who take three or four academic ears are given 50,000 RMB per year.

Attach the following documents with your application before submitting your application in Universities:

Following Universities under Fujian Government Scholarship for International Students is now accepting applications in Wuyi University and Xiamen University.

List of Universities in Fujian Province in China:

  • Amoy University
  • Fuzhou University
  • Fujian Medical University
  • Fujian Normal University
  • Minjiang University
  • Jimei University
  • Xiamen University of Technology
  • Huaqiao University
  • Wuyi University
  • Minnan Normal University

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  3. Am a male Zambian interested in studying abroad especially in China. Recently I bumped into Mr Muhammad Yousaf’s intellectual collections surrounding helping international students with scholarships. Once again, thank you for that gesture.That said, I would also like to request for detailed information regarding the same chance of studying in China. There are just so much information, as some seems to be crap or scam and could not earn me any tangible information leading acquiring one opportunity to pursue studies in the great Republic of China. Finally, I would not mind if you sent me alot of the universities showing their scholarships and deadlines as well as other requirements. I would be very grateful if you helped me with same requested matter as soon as possible.

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  4. Good day Muhammad, thank you for your article.

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    Also, could you please help me by telling me how/where to apply to the Fujian Government Scholarship? I´ve been looking but I don´t find a link where I can “upload” my documents.

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  7. This is a wonderful scheme, a nice opportunity for scholars, thanks to China Scholarship Council this. i have studied chinese language in confucius institute UNIZIK Awka, Anambra state, Nigeria. I am so much interested in learning and understanding chinese language, i want to apply for a Chinese government scholarship in Jimei University under Fujian province to continue my studies. please how can i immediately apply online and when is the deadline for applying. Thanks

  8. Am interested in a masters program with full scholarship,I read law as a first degree & I have a certificate diploma in public relations


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