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Guangdong Municipal Government Scholarship is accepting applications from international students for Master and Doctoral degree programs as well as language programs. Guangdong government has set up the outstanding foreign student scholarship with the aim of:

  • Increasing the number of outstanding overseers students who want to study in Guangdong.
  • Working towards the advancement of the international influence of Guangdong High Education.
  • Promoting development the high education in Guangdong by having foreign students involved.

The outstanding government scholarship is offered on a full-time basis to the excellent foreign students.

How to apply for the Guangdong Government Scholarship in China?

The applicants of the outstanding foreign student scholarship must satisfy the following conditions for them to be eligible:

  1. They must be undergraduate students taking full-time courses and having formal academic achievements. The freshmen do not qualify for this scholarship.
  2. They should have a foreign nationality with valid passport and visa.
  3. They should be 40 years and below.
  4. They should be proficient in Chinese and give the relevant proof of the same. Students handling English taught programs can relax on the named restriction in an appropriate way.
  5. They should have no disciplinary record in their previous academic year and must have passed all compulsory courses.
  6. They should be awarded or gained with another scholarship in the same academic year.

Guangdong scholarship Amount:

The scholarship amounts to ¥10000per annum.

How to submit an application for Guangdong scholarship to China?

The applicant will follow a few steps which include: selecting an individual subject application, then try to obtain acceptance letter from that department (Optional), followed by university approval, scholarship public list then to Guangdong education department and Guangdong finance department reconfirmation and finally approved.

Required application material

  • A printed and fully completed form of Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship
  • Passport information page copy
  • Certificates of language proficiency
  • Official transcripts, diploma of highest degree and graduation certificates copies.
  • Personal statement or research plan which should not be less than 800 words. It should include your academic background, work experience, reasons for choosing your major, and your motivation to study in China, research plan, your target research field, and academic achievements.
  • Academic achievements and papers
  • Provisional consent form for the postgraduate applicants which is filled by a professor and sent with the application for the scholarship.
  • Reference letters where the bachelor degree applicants submit two reference letters from their high school teachers and the master’s student applicants submit two reference letters from professors at their institutions which should be in Chinese or English.
  • Foreign physical examination form photocopies as well as the original one, which should be in English.

Guangdong University Scholarship Application Date:

The application of Guangdong Government scholarship takes place in December to June every year.

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      • Please tell how we can fill the application form because I have open the university website but the application form is not open.

        • If there is no online application form then feel free adopt the application procedure specified by the university situated in Guangdong province of China.

  1. They should have a foreign nationality with valid passport and visa.

    dear Muhammed ,
    please can you enlighten this above requirements for me. if is relating to my own country, then how can it be possible to get a visa as my own country. or if is relating to travelling experience from another country also, please let me know

    • If you are a foreigner (which means holds the nationality of any other country other than mainland China) and holds a valid passport then you can apply for this scholarship.

  2. Sir I have applied for CSC in wuhan uni and Shandong uni, in the states written as in progress. should I submit my hard copies or wait for their response. ?

  3. hello sir just am searching for my 3rd degree course and am masters degree holder and teaching in university for 5 and above year in sport science program/ filed. so if there is any related field with sport I wanna apply it
    thanks for your cooperation

  4. I am studying PhD in a institute of guangzhou with CASTWAS scholarship, I got this last year in that case I am eligible to apply this scholarship?


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