Grant proposal cover letter

A grant proposal cover letter is the formal letter submitted with the grant proposal to the foundation, organization, and government agencies.

Foundations don’t always require a grant cover letter, but the inclusion of such documents can increase the chance of grant approval. Organizations use this letter to introduce their mission and project. Moreover, the cover letter is usually the first page of the grant proposal application.

The grant proposal cover letter is a formal document addressed to the Foundation Director and signed by the requesting organization’s executives.

Features of a professional grant cover letter

Your grant proposal cover letter should have the following attributes:

  • Be short and brief
  • Show that you understand the funder. Also mention how your project will help others
  • Get straight to the point
  • Don’t state the information presented in the proposal
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread

Format to write an effective grant proposal cover letter

A cover letter includes different elements besides the main content. here are some best tips to follow for writing a professional grant proposal cover letter:

  • Start with adding all the contact details. Add your name and details, and also add the details of the company that is providing the grant.
  • Address the person by its name. Most of the time, you need to address the director of the grant foundation.
  • Introduce yourself, your organization, and also your project. Tell them about your project and the grant amount you are requesting.
  • Highlight your previous projects and publications. It is your chance to emphasize your company’s accomplishments.
  • Mention how the project will help the others. Wrote it down carefully as it is your opportunity to capture the reader’s attention and also to make an impact.
  • Keep all the paragraphs brief and also get to the point.
  • You can also provide information about the budget, but it is not mandatory.
  • Close the grant proposal cover letter with a follow-up statement.
  • Sign off the letter with your name and signature.

Grant Proposal Cover Letter Samples

Are you struggling to write the cover letter to approve the grant? Below are some of the best samples to write a grant proposal cover letter.

1. Grant proposal cover letter for special children

7 September 2021

Ms. Rebecca Mare
Executive Director
ABC Foundation
13 XYZ Street, FL 02116

Dear Ms. Rebecca,

ABC Middle School respectfully presents this application for your review. We look forward to partnering with you to provide an intermediation program for special needs students with poor reading and writing skills called Learn to rise. Currently, ABC Middle School has over 100 students with learning difficulties and is a minimum of two years behind the current level. The objective of the Learn to Grow program is to help all students with poor reading and writing skills learn at grade level and improve their writing skills, reading speed, and attention span.

Since the last year, we have been leading the Learn to Grow program with a small group of students with learning difficulties. We have seen drastic improvements. Also, most of the students improvise by one to two grade levels. The program provides special students with access to assistive learning systems with training from specialists.

Due to the massive success of the program, we are now seeking to expand our Learn to Grow program. We aim to address the needs of all special students in the ABC Middle School. We request a $17,500 grant to obtain the software, hardware, and training necessary equipment. Moreover, Orchard Middle School needs seven assistive learning systems.

We appreciate your taking your time in helping our special students develop their learning skills through our Learn to Grow. For any questions regarding the grant proposal, please give me a call at 000-467-9999.

Yours Sincerely,

Jennifer Hazelton
Special Education Coordinator
ABC Middle School

2. Grant proposal cover letter for scholarship support

Andrew Maxwell
Program Manager
ABC Graduate School of Psychology
97 Hummingbird Ln
Galaxy, Virginia (VA), 24333

7 September 2021

Grant Administrator
The Adam Foundation, Inc.
752 Matson Dr
Marion, Virginia (VA), 24354

Dear Grant Administrator,

Find enclosed the proposal summary and application for review by the Executive Directors of The Adam Foundation on behalf of ABC Graduate School of Technology.  I hope that the Adam Foundation will partner with us in order to provide the scholarship for students to avail respectable positions in Ministry of the Information Technology.

We are requesting a grant of $10000 for scholarship support. The funding will help reduce the high tuition cost for the School of Technology students in the following academic year.

Additional scholarship funds and institutional financial aid are crucial to the success of the technology students. Although, School of Technology students receive the highest professional training in the Information Technology field and the unique opportunity to integrate this with their professional career.  They must also bear high tuition costs that can lead to a high level of debt.

We are particularly concerned about reducing the debt burden for our graduate students, as many students intend to apply for the training and deserve to secure a well-paid position in the market.

Proposal summary, organizational budget, IRS determination letter, and completed Adam Foundation application form are also included with this cover letter.

Thank you for considering our grant request.  We will be happy to answer any inquiries you may have. You may call us at (000) 123-4567 for any additional information.


Andrew Maxwell

3. Grant proposal cover letter for a kid club

Diana Blackwell
Executive Director
Kid Fun Club
6346 Yellowtop Dr
Bradenton, Florida (FL), 34202

7 September 2021

Joan Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
ABC Foundation
2441 SE 23rd St
Cross City, Florida (FL), 32628

Dear Joan Anderson,

Kid fun club respectfully requests a grant of £1000 from the ABC Foundation. We are a group of 16 parents in Florida and set this club in order to run sports activities for children in our town.

The motivation behind starting this club is the trouble faced by students in the school. Some children are extroverts and also can’t make friends easily. Over the last six months, our group has run 24 weekly sessions in the local park attended by over 50 children.

We adopted our constitution on 2 February 2021, which is enclosed. Our organization focus is to:

  • Provide a friendly, safe, and fun environment.
  • Develop healthy habits and encourage a healthy lifestyle in the children.
  • Provide an opportunity for parents and children to build their relationships.
  • Provide a safe and sporty environment for the children who struggle in school or face difficulty making friends.
  • Encourage children to build friendships with other individuals.

We have begun our sessions at the start of the year. We usually borrow equipment from a local school and run our sessions in the local parks to keep the cost low. Our mission is to provide a thriving experience to all the families involved.

We are applying for a £1000 grant to hire a sports hall for the sessions, and also for extracurricular activities, including swimming and skating. Our club is also requesting the funds to promote our project for increased exposure.

We have enclosed a bank statement and a copy of our constitution.

If you want any additional information, don’t hesitate to ask.

Yours Sincerely,

Diana Blackwell

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