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Applications to the Holland Scholarship for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs for the academic year 2020/2021 can now be submitted online. The cut-off date for the same could be either the 1st of February or the 1st of May depending on the University/institution being applied to.

The Holland Scholarship has been set up to facilitate the studies of international students living in countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area (EEA) and who wish to pursue either their Bachelor’s degrees or their Applications to in the universities of the Netherlands.

The Holland Scholarship has been jointly funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science the Dutch the academic applied sciences and the Dutch research universities. In all, at present, there are 48 Universities/educational institutions participating in the scholarship program. Together they award 1536 scholarships to deserving students every year.

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There are many reasons for an overseas student to pursue a degree in Holland with a Holland Scholarship a few of which are mentioned below.

  1. Universities in Holland provide international students with a wide range of study programs to choose from. In fact, there are around 2100 study programs conducted in English in various universities in Holland.
  2. A student can be assured of high-quality education that will be worth the time and money spent on it.
  3. Partially Fund Education with the Holland Scholarship: A scholarship student only has to look to fund a part of his/her education in Holland under a Holland Scholarship. The Holland Scholarship is a partial scholarship and amounts to a total sum of €5000 that will be paid to a student during his/her first year of study. However, the entire amount of a student’s tuition fees will not be borne by the scholarship. The grant under the scholarship is awarded to a student only for one year and cannot be received more than once.
  4. Holland’s international study programs offer students a wider exposure and experiences, as well as the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and be one be a member of a global student community.
  5. Pursuing a course of study in Holland will help a student develop important life skills besides a successful career.
  6. Students will be ensured a safe and secure environment when they study in Holland.

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How to apply for Holland Scholarship in 4 Simple Steps

A student can apply for a Holland Scholarship in 4 simple steps:

1. Explore Prospects

Students aspiring to a Holland Scholarship should firstly research online on the various programs being offered under the scholarship as well as the cut-off dates for each. Details of the programs can be found under the head ‘List of Universities Offering Holland Scholarship’ below.

2. Pre-application Prep

Prior to applying for the Holland Scholarship Program, a student should do some pre-application prep that involves checking to see if he/she meets the applicable eligibility criteria as given below;

  1. The student should not belong to an EEA country.
  2. A student cannot apply for any part-time course/degree but can only apply for a full-time undergraduate or Master’s degree at any one of the Dutch Universities/higher educational institutions offering the scholarship.
  3. A student also has to fulfill the specific eligibility requirements of his/her educational institution of choice. These requirements could be found on the particular institution’s website.
  4. A student wishing to apply for the Holland Scholarship cannot already be a holder of a degree from any Dutch university/educational institution.

3. Apply online

Eligible students can apply for the Holland scholarship directly on the website of their chosen Dutch University/educational institution. Students should ensure that the University/educational institution that they have chosen to study at is a participant in the Holland Scholarship Program. For a list of eligible Universities/educational institutions read the section on ‘List of Universities Offering Holland Scholarship’ below.

4. Check application status

If a student is awarded a Holland scholarship, he/she will be informed personally of the same by the University/educational institution that he/she has applied to.

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List of Universities of Applied Sciences Offering Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is funded by the Holland’s Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science long with its universities of applied sciences and its research universities. A list of the universities of applied sciences that offer the Holland Scholarship with links to their websites is given below.

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List of Research Universities offering Holland Scholarships

A list of the universities offering the Holland Scholarship is given below:

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Holland Scholarship Application Deadline

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the deadline for the Holland Scholarship will be either the 1st of February or the 1st of May , depending upon the University/educational institution being applied to. Use the links to the websites of specific universities given in the lists above and have specific deadlines confirmed.

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