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[Ultimate Guide] Write An Essay Introduction Paragraph Like A Pro

Are you struggling to write an introduction Paragraph for your essay?



The first thing that you will need to do when setting out to write an essay for your university or scholarship application is to create an introduction. The introduction of an essay is the most important part because it has the power to draw in the reader and to keep him around until the end so that you have enough time to showcase your writing skills.

On the other hand, the introduction of an essay can also make the reader be uninterested in your essay if it’s boring, too long or filled with unnecessary information. This is why today we are going to present a couple of tips and tricks that will help anyone become a master at writing the introduction of an essay. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

What is an Introduction in an essay?

Let’s start with the simple stuff, what is an introduction in an essay? You should think of the introduction as a roadmap for the entire essay. The beginning paragraph will set the tone and path of the entire essay and this is why you need to write one that has the power to grab someone’s attention right from the start.

How to Properly Write an Essay Introduction

Our advice for when starting to write an essay introduction is to begin with the outline and then transition to the paper writing. We also want to mention that some writers like to highlight their body or conclusion before the start of an essay but this is only a personal preference. Now, let’s look at some tips for how the structure of an introduction should look like.

  1. Always grab the attention of the reader

As previously noted, the first thing that you want to do is to grab the attention of the reader. This is why you should try and start with something that is both interesting and unique such as a fact related to the topic of your essay. You can learn more about how to write hooks here.

  1. Formal language and tone

You never want to get too personal when writing the introduction of an essay. You will find out that academic writing can be quite strict when it comes to language and tone and the same rules apply to the introduction. The only time that you should use an informal style is when it is requested.

  1. Keep it short

Since this is the introduction part of your essay, you should try and keep it as short as possible. Simply brief the reader of what he is about to read and don’t use too many details.


We know that it can be quite difficult to come up with a creative introduction for an essay and this is why we have gathered multiple samples from all over the world. You can be inspired by these samples or even modify them to make them yours.

First Example

The issue of ecological catharsis is one of the most challenging and painful these days because of the growing problems regarding it. We all can debate about it because one group of people say that we are killing our planet and others say that it just does not matter. I think we should stop damaging our planet now.

Second Example

When you look at Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece there are obvious similarities. In this paper, we will discuss them. But the main purpose of this paper is to show those differences that made those ancient counties the most influential and inspirational for future generations.

Third Example

Contemporary science is totally into the most modern technologies, and our classroom is not an exception. Digital tools like computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets are very important. While our parents were fine with only pens and paper, our generation needs more. This is because of the new era of technology. The new view of life and the world requires new tools and approaches.

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