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Top 5 Best Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU Students – Get Your Degree in Europe!

Are you an international non-EU student? Here are the best scholarships for you

One of the biggest advantages that living in Europe brings is the fact that you can pick from hundreds of prestigious universities where you can get your degree from. Fortunately, governments of EU/EEA member countries and a large number of universities located in Europe believe that everyone should have the same chance of pursuing their academic dreams, no matter what country they are born in, and this is why they are offering tuition fee waivers and scholarships programs for non-EU international students. With that said, today we are going to present the top five best scholarships in Europe for non-EU international students.

Top 5 Best Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU Students

#1 Danish Government Scholarships (Denmark)

The Denmark Government knows that the only way to improve the country is to attract bright minds from all over the world and this is why it is offering a number of scholarships each year to motivated non-EU students who want to benefit from financial help and to take part in a full degree higher education programme. The scholarships are covered by the Danish Ministry of Education.

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#2 Radboud Scholarships (Netherlands)

Non-EU international students who want to experience a new culture and get their Master’s degree should be pleased to know that the Radboud Scholarships Programme is now accepting a selected number of talented prospective non-EU students. The scholarship will be used to reduce your tuition fee to €2,143 and pays for costs for visa and insurance. For example: a grant holder in 2020/2021 will pay a tuition fee of only €2,143, instead of €11,471 or €12,645.

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#3 Uppsala University Global Scholarships (Sweden)

Do you want to study for your Master’s in Sweden? If that is the case, then you might want to check out the Uppsala University Global Scholarships which are aiming to attract international students outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland and cover the entire cost of tuition. Unfortunately, these scholarships do not cover the living expenses.

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#4 Cambridge International Scholarships (UK)

We think it’s safe to say that Cambridge University is one of the most well-established and renowned universities in the world and there is no doubt about that. Nonetheless, the scholarships offered for non-EU international students by this program will pay for the University Composition Fee and also provide students with a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single person.

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#5 Emilie Boutmy Scholarships (France)

Paris is hands down one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and getting the chance to study there is something that no one should refuse. The Emilie Boutmy Scholarships for non-EU international students can take different forms ranging from €3,000 to €12,300 for 3 years of undergraduate study. On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of €19,000 may be granted to cover the three years of College. In addition, the scholarship program can also offer a grant of €10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Masters or a tuition grant of €5,000 per year for the two years of the Masters.

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