Japan METI Government Internship Program – Japanese Internships

Internships in Japan for international students now open under Japanese Meti Government internship program. Meti government internship program is designed to recruit 100 international students for internships in Japan. Huge monthly stipends, heavy life insurance, outclass accommodation arrangements and return economy class tickets will be given to international students selected for internships in Japan under Meti Government Scheme this year.

Benefits for Internships in Japan under METI Government?

All international students who are currently enrolled in Bachelor degree programs and now willing to work in Japanese companies, industries or public sector companies are encouraged to apply for this Meti government internship program.

Japan internship duration under Meri government is designed for 02 months, so, international students will start their internship journey in Japan from 27th September to 21st December.

  • US$1000/month Stipend offered by Meti Government internship council
  • Outclass accommodation facility will be provided to interns in Japan by the company where they will be placed for an internship
  • Interns in Japan will be funded with return economy class tickets
  • Meti government covers the candidate’s life insurance of worth up to Five million yens
  • Free preliminary courses funded by Meti Government besides internship placements
  • Computers and phones will be provided to winning interns sponsored by METI Government

How To Apply for Internships in Japan Sponsored by METI Government?

There is only one method to apply for Japan Internship program under METI government and that is to fill an online form and submit it. Committee will screen documents and finally call shortlisted candidates for interview to provide internship opportunity in Japan. After the successful interview, winning candidates for Meti Government internship program will be asked to submit documents in hard copy.

Documents Required for Internships in Japan under Meti Government?

To apply for Meti government internship opportunity student must entail the following qualities in him and holds the following listed documentation:

  • Candidate for Japan internship under Meti Government must be from an Eligible country
    You can check Japan Internship Eligible country List on the official website.
  • International student have to be capable enough to manage their studies back at home together with internship and preliminary training in Japan
  • English Proficiency Certification is required or else Japanese Language Certification
    How to get English Proficiency Certificate from your university? 
  • Age of an applicant for Japan internship program must be over 20 and under forty years
  • Applicants for Japanese Internship program must be able to produce a recommendation letter from the university where he/she is currently enrolled and also provide enrollment copy
    Recommendation Letter Sample
  • He/she must fulfill all other requirements asked by the Japanese company where the winning applicant will be placed for internship
Online application link and Process after submission of an application for internships in Japan

Following steps will ease your understanding of Japan Internships selection procedures:

  • Screening of documentation performed by Meti Government Internship Placement Bureau
  • Candidates will be categorized for placement in various Japanese firms based on their abilities and host companies will be informed by Meti government internship department about the available candidates after candidate’s interview
  • Finalization of contract among students and targeted company bonds together after approval form that particular company
  • Japanese public and private sector companies will contact students they have selected to tell about program commencing dates and will provide a mutual contract entailing stipend, accommodation, life insurance and other benefits listed in that contract
  • Students must apply for METI internship program before June 30.
  • At the end of the internship at Meti Japan, all participants are required to submit an internship report.
  • Fill the online application to apply for internships in japan funded by Meti Government

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    • No need to send documents at this stage. Shortlisted candidates will be informed with address to send docs.

      • Do you also pick those that has completed their masters, but want to learn something from Japan and also enrol in his PhD

  1. I’m a pharmacy background(4th year) student. Can I apply for this internship program? Any C.G.P.A criteria is required for this program? Waqas Muhammad Vai

  2. Is it the right process to send my documents after the first selection procedure or I have to send my documents as well as confirming pre-entry form simultaneously ? Moreover, actually I didn’t find any authentic address where I can send my documents and also the last date of document submission date. So, what is the last date and right address of submitting my documents??

    • You have to submit an online application for now, if you are shortlisted then an interview will be conducted and after that interview they’ll ask you to send your documents. Last date is mentioned in our article ready carefully 🙂

  3. as far i know ‘International student’ must be some foreigner studying in any Japanese university. what about Students from Pakistani universities? can they apply ? what is the selection criteria ?

    • No it does not mean international students studying in Japan. Its open for all international students studying in their home countries. They are also providing return tickets as travel allowance.

  4. assalam o alaikum i have filled the online application pre entry form after that i received a mail and now wht is the next step in thi i did my pharm d m i eligible if i m then tell me about the next step

  5. hello,
    the link you have shared (Pre-entry for Internship) in your article just we need to fulfill it now
    is it?
    not any other process for now

  6. Salam this is Adil Hussain I have completed my bachelor’s in electronic engineering from iqra university. I have submitted my online from and I received an E-mail …now what’s the next??? Also from where I will get English proficiency certificate? Please bro guide me thanks

  7. Sir, I have completed master recently in DSS, I have two year bchelor and two yeat master degree, could i apply for this scholarship

      • Mr. Waqas Muhammad,
        It is not necessary to be enrolled in under grad program. fresh graduates can also apply to this.

        • I have checked this already but couldn’t found it in eligibility criteria section that fresh graduates can apply. So, i would say you can apply but no surety for consideration….

  8. its not working I have filled all required boxes but still its giving an error
    there is an error in the details u input check the details .

    its shows error in completion date of bachelors

    • You might be missing something in form or using wrong letters so correct them first and try resubmitting. Great number of students registered successfully.

  9. i have filled the registration form and conform it. but i have not received no conformation email that my data is received. please check out my registration and email me at any problem .

    My brother has done master in finance in 2008. I s he eligible?

    • Online application link is available in Article if you read it carefully then you’ll see its there. No he is not eligible its only for bachelors.

  11. What should we write in name (kanji or kana) ?
    If only this form is required now, how will they shortlist candidates on this base? like they are not asking for enough information for now

    • This is just screening stage. So once they shortlist candidates then they will ask for documents in hard copy via email.

  12. Waqas ……. .where i uplode my excel from when i click 2nd opton tht givn on email message show sorry opration close…

    • Seems like they might have closed applications prior to the deadline… Try applying with some other Device and using other email

  13. Dear Waqas Muhammad Sir,
    I have searched the whole website and was unable to find the online Application form could you please paste the link here so that everyone could get the benefit from it. I will be looking forward for your kind response JazakAllah.

  14. Sir, kindly guide regarding how to prepare the answer for “Please explain the reason why you decided to apply for Japan Internship Program?”. Tips and guidance pls.


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