IVHQ Scholarship & Internabroad Internship (Multiple Countries)

IVHQ and internabroad invite applications from students for their internship and scholarship programs for 2019-2020 across the globe with clear and concise learning objectives for the purpose of personal and professional development under their slogan ‘Take a break that counts!’.

IVHQ Scholarship & internabroad internship Benefits

  • Volunteer program of 2 weeks at IVHQ headquarter or intern abroad HQ as per the choice of the recipient’s destination
  • Up to US$1000 flight funds
  • Up to US250 travel insurance
  • Award of ‘Certificate of international volunteering’

However, an internabroad internship program may be perceived differently in various parts of the World – with varying entry requirements, expectations and outcomes. A lot of programs may also be described as “Practicums” or “Externships”.

This is why IVHQ and internabroad compiled a user-friendly guide in order to let you know how exactly do we work. In case you’d like to chat or discuss the opportunity with IVHQ volunteer, you’re welcome to contact their professional yet friendly customer services team directly.

Submit an application for IVHQ Scholarship or Internabroad Internship

If you’ve already checked our basic requirements, and you’re keen on one or a couple of internship programs, feel free to submit an application.

One of the greatest perks of submitting an application with us is that it’s free of cost.

Furthermore, you can check “program destinations” section for more details.

Here are our eligibility criteria for IVHQ Scholarship and internabroad internship:

  • You must be proficient in the English language.
  • You must be a high school graduate by the start date of your internship program.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age by the start date of your internship program.
  • You must provide a clean criminal background check.

Learn from the expert team of IVHQ Scholarship and Internabroad Internship

Once you’ve settled upon an IVHQ Scholarship or internabroad internship program, then they will provide you with a complete program guide that’ll assist you in preparation. Furthermore, their Internships or scholarships Manager will provide you with the required guidance and a complete set of pre-departure rules and regulations. Apart from that, they’ll arrange a short Skype session with you to learn more about your aspirations and goals. Their in-country host will come up with a suitable placement for you as well, depending upon your program, abilities or experience.

Internabroad Internship and IVHQ Scholarship program objectives

Internabroad internship programs and IVHQ Scholarship incorporate a comprehensive reflection course, that combines professional development with personal competency. Candidates will receive various reflection modules on a weekly basis – each with a new set of learning objectives, to help you learn more about your progress.

Boost your career with IVHQ Scholarship or internabroad Internship

IVHQ Scholarship and Internabroad internship programs are designed in such a way that offers experiential learning framework, that allows you to become more confident, self-aware, responsible and culturally sensitive. These essential life skills allow you to work better in a competitive environment. They also provide candidates with a weekly reflection of your development, that allows you to demonstrate everything you’ve learned during your journey.

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