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Presidential Scholarship OEC Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University in China is now offering Presidential scholarships for both Autumn and Spring intakes to any Master or Ph.D. level degree students. The worth of this scholarship is quite high as far as it covers full tuition fee and accommodation expenses for Ph.D. level students and nearly 20,000RMB for Master degree students. Moreover, for monthly stipends, various departments in Jiangsu University provides monthly funding expenditures. This article will provide information that how you can contact professors right now to ask them for obtaining monthly stipends whereas Overseas Education College Jiangsu University provides free education and accommodation.

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Benefits of Presidential Scholarship in Jiangsu University for Master and Ph.D. Degree

  • Overseas education college (OEC), Jiangsu University offers Full tuition fee waiver for Ph.D. & Accommodation
  • For MS degree applicants OEC Jiangsu University provides 20,000RMB
  • Monthly Stipends offered by Professors and Departments themselves as well

How to apply for Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship?

  • Find out if Jiangsu University offers your subject:
    Jiangsu University Degrees Link for MS students
    Ph.D. Subject link search link in Jiangsu University
  • Navigate to your subject departments in Jiangsu University and write emails to professors to obtain acceptance letters.
  • How To ask professors for Monthly Stipends in Jiangsu University?
    mail professors and once they are ready to accept you then tell that you are applying for a presidential scholarship which does not have monthly stipends so you need the departmental scholarship as well. Your professors will allocate some funds for you and he will commit to you that his department will provide some extra funding as a monthly stipend.
  • Submit an online application system here: Jiangsu University Online application system 
  • You are not required to send your documents in hard copy to university address until Jiangsu university asks you to do so.
  • All online applications to Jiangsu university online application portal will be replied within three business days, if your online application is successful then you will be required to send hard copy of documents to OEC, Jiangsu university address in Zhenjiang, China.
  • Finally, successful candidates will receive their admission letters and Jiangsu University will make arrangements for your pickup from Nanjing or Shanghai Airport.

Rankings of Jiangsu University in China

Jiangsu university ranking among Chinese universities is 39 and it is one of the only 27 universities in China which is now considered in Asia’s top 200 universities. BRICS ranking for Jiangsu University is 181. Students from 101 countries are enrolled in different bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree programs in different departments of Jiangsu University. University is also pioneering in China for its medical and pharmacy programs like MBBS. It is highly recommended to Ph.D. students to apply for a Presidential scholarship and ask professors to provide you with some extra supporting departmental scholarship as your monthly stipend.

Deadline to apply for Presidential Scholarship in Jiangsu University?

You are required to submit your online application in Jiangsu university website before January 10 for Spring and August 10 for Autumn intakes if applying under presidential scholarship.


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Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.

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    1. Please go to jiangsu university website and navigate to its departments. From there you will find the list of professors.

  1. Slam. Can you tell me the amount of departmental scholarship?
    2ndly my professor said that she will try his best to avail departmental scholarship. Can you tell me possiibility or probability to attain it?

    1. Every department has it’s own fund allocation so you can ask your professor about the fund allocation based on department scholarship along with the presidential scholarship.

    1. There is no need to obtain acceptance letter for Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship. But, if you manage to get one then it will be positive thing for your application.

  2. At jiangsu univesity for MS only stipend will be given under presedential scholarship or full fee wiver+ accommodation

    1. If you are applying for the Ph.D. program then you will receive free education and free accommodation. And you may expect that your supervisor may provide you with some living expenses. But as you want to take admission in MS program then you will receive the partial presidential scholarship which will only cover your tuition fee. You can maybe check out another fully funded scholarship to study in China here named as Schwarzman Scholars program for postgraduate students.

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