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Last Updated on December 30, 2020

Here is all the material a student needs to prepare for IELTS test. Any of this content is not owned by the staff of scholarship fellow team. This is open source IELTS links.

 How to reserve IELTS Seat Video

How to prepare for IELTS Tests?

  • We always recommend that you must get some good IELTS preparatory books or material and then plan your mission to accomplish decent band score
  • Our English trainers always suggest IELTS candidates concentrate on IELTS test sections before they start formal practice
  • Commence your IELTS training by making your way through section to section or IELTS portions available in preparatory books and plan 6 weeks training
  • Once you get familiar with pattern of IELTS testing then its time for you to initiate rigorous practice sessions and elevate your training to the next level by speaking English with everyone around you so to get some fluency and watch English news so your hearing capability enhances so to get good IELTS band score
  • There are numerous ways for you to find online IELTS practice content and to conduct Mock IELTS testing to get tested for free to analyze your IELTS training performance

Which one to chose between British Council or AEO to book an IELTS Test Seat?

Both competitors British Council or AEO Australian Education Organization are doing great in Pakistan when it comes to the testing standards and both are allowed by Cambridge universities to conduct IELTS testing in Pakistan. Some of the comparisons between AEO and British Council are as follows:

  • British Council is now equipped headsets in its various testing centers and now when you take the test with British Council then you can take IELTS listening section using headphones whereas, AEO lacks this facility and sometimes due to big halls and some noise you might lose your concentration level.
  • If you are planning to register soon and your choice is with British council then it is advised to register soon because there are limited number of seats available at its each center otherwise in case seats are all booked then find out about availability of seats at AEO
  • You have to take Academic IELTS not general IELTS section so please keep this in mind
  • Do not worry about stationary because AEO and British council both of them provides nice stationary and of course pamper their candidates with refreshment drinks to cheer up
  • It is strictly prohibited to carry a cell phone inside AEO or British Council IELTS testing hall, in case you are carrying one then you can drop it to the cell collection unit just outside the testing halls at both of these testing agencies
  • Both of these testing agencies announce IELTS testing results at same duration of time


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