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A prominent Korean research university, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is accepting scholarship applications for 2019. KAIST established in 1971 was Korea’s first university for research studies in the fields of mathematics, business, science, and technology.

It has three separate campuses, the business campus at Seoul and two campuses for science and technology at Daejeon. KAIST MS and PhD Scholarships are also open.

The classes at KAIST are all conducted in English, which is more beneficial to international students who have studied in the English medium than to Korean students who generally study in the Korean medium. Hence, while international students can concentrate on the subjects in their chosen field, Korean students would have the additional burden of studying a foreign language English.

Besides, since classes are conducted in English, international students are under no pressure to learn Korean promptly. They have the liberty of taking their time to learn the language. This is specifically why KAIST is a great option for international students. Moreover, students from some countries are exempt from IELTS.

KAIST International Students Undergrad Scholarship Details

Duration of KAIST Scholarship:

For undergraduates:

  • 5 years for a Bachelor’s degree inclusive of 1 year of a language course
  • 3 years for an associate degree including 1 year of a language course

Eligibility Criteria of KAIST Scholarship:

Only international student applicants are eligible to receive the KAIST scholarship.

Coverage of KAIST Scholarship:

The KAIST scholarship covers the following;

  • Complete tuition fee: The tuition fee is exempt for 8 semesters
  • A sum of 350,000 KRW per month as living expenses
  • National health insurance coverage

KAIST Scholarship Application Requirements

The KAIST undergrad scholarship is offered to students who have already been admitted to KAIST. Students are required to maintain a GPA score above 2.7 out of 4.3 on completion of freshman year in order to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship.

When to Apply for KAIST Scholarship?

Students have to apply for the scholarship at the same time as applying for admission to KAIST. They are simply required to check the relevant scholarship, box in the Statement of Financial Resources section on their online applications.

The Selection Procedure for KAIST Scholarship?

The selection procedure for awarding the scholarship is the same as the procedure adopted for the admission of students. The deadline for KAIST Scholarship is May 24, 2019, and the online application fee will also be required by KAIST which is US$80.

International applicants of Korean origin MUST additionally satisfy one of the following two requirements:

  1. Neither of the applicant’s parents is a Korean citizen or;
  2. The applicant must have received his/her entire elementary, junior high, and high school education outside of Korea at a comparable and equivalent level of those provided in Korea. But in this case, international schools located in Korea are not acknowledged as foreign schools.
    the applicant of Korean origin who completed their entire education(elementary, junior high, and high school) outside of Korea should submit the Certificate of the Facts Concerning the Entry & Exit issued by the Korean Immigration Office.
    The certificate should have recently been issued.

※ International students of Korean origin who do not meet one of the eligibility above CANNOT apply for International Admissions. Instead, they must apply for Korean Admissions.

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  1. Dear professor,

    I have recently graduated from the University of Swat, which is one of the most prestigious university of Pakistan, with an M.Sc. degree in Physics, and I have decided to pursue my studies as a MS student on scholarship at a prestigious university of korea under your supervision.

    Currently, I am searching for a supervisor who works on your area of “condensed matter physics” to. On tracking website, I have found that you have a vibrant research group and I realized that you are a prominent researcher in the area of physics.

    I feel confident that joining as a MS student of university under your supervision will help me fulfill my ambition as a researcher. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my resume attached, and inform me upon any probable position for coming semester. Korea Government Scholarship will financially support me throughout my MS, as I believe that I fulfill all the given requirements to get it.

    Thanks for your precious time, I sincerely hope to hearing from you soon.

    Your sincerely,

    Muhammad Sohail

    University of swat



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