KGSP Scholarships

Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP) for MS and PhD

KGSP Scholarship for MS and PhD

Last Updated on September 5, 2020

The Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP) is not offered by KAIST but by NIIED, the governing body for the Korean Government’s scholarship programs.

When to apply for Korean Government Scholarship KGSP Scholarship?

For details on the deadlines for KGSP application and document submission, candidates should get in touch with the concerned Korean embassy or Korean education center, entrusted with carrying out the first round in the selection process, either in the candidate’s home country or in a neighboring country.

Coverage of the Korean Government Scholarship KGSP Scholarship:

The Korean Government Scholarship KGSP provides coverage to a student in the following aspects;

  1. Complete tuition fees: Tuition fees of a student will be exempt for 8 consecutive semesters under this scholarship
  2. An amount of 800,000 KRW per month will be provided to the student as living expenses
  3. The airfare for a single, economy, round trip will be provided to the student
  4. The fee for receiving training on the Korean language for a year will also be provided to a student. Learning Korean is mandatory for international students and if a student does not obtain a TOPIK grade 3 within one year, he/she will be disallowed from pursuing the degree program.
  5. Other elements covered under the scholarship include medical insurance and settlement and returning expenses.

For additional information on KGSP look up the NIIED website, click on the scholarships tab then click on GSK notice and search for the KGSP.

Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP) for MS and Ph.D. Students

Korean Government Scholarship KGSP Scholarship Coverage

The KGSP scholarship provides coverage on the following basis;

  1. Complete tuition fee waiver: The student will receive a complete tuition fee waiver for 4 semesters (MS)/ 6 semesters (Ph.D.)
  2. A sum of 900,000 KRW per month will be paid to the student toward living expenses.
  3. The airfare of one economy class round trip will be provided to the student
  4. The fees for a 1-year Korean language course will be covered by the scholarship. Training in the Korean language is mandatory for every international student and if a student fails to obtain a TOPIK grade 3 within a year, he/she will be disqualified from the degree program for which he/she had received admission.
  5. Other elements covered under this scholarship include free medical insurance and payment of settlement and returning expenditure to the student.

Korean Government Scholarship KGSP Scholarship Application timeline:

  • Deadline for KGSP scholarship is before April
  • Admission list for KGSP Scholarship will be announced in June
  • The course will begin under KGSP from September

Points to be noted while applying for KGSP Scholarship in Korea

  1. Applicants can only apply for Korean Government Scholarship KGSP through the university track or the embassy track
  2. Applicants are advised to read the Korean Government Scholarship KGSP guidelines carefully and decide on which track to use for applications. The guidelines for KGSP will be uploaded in January on the website of NIIED.
  3. The KGSP guidelines will provide details on the fields of study and the majors being offered by various universities
  4. An integrated MS and Ph.D. degree cannot be obtained with Korean Government Scholarship KGSP

Deadline to apply

More Information can be obtained from the NIIED website to check the Deadline, submission of supporting documents and other application instructions.


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