Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program for Master’s Degree

It’s quite late in the year to apply for scholarships right now. However, the wisest move that you can make is to start preparing for the 2020 academic year. This way, you will be ready to submit your application ahead of the pack. If you are interested in getting a Master’s Degree in 2020, then we have some great news to share with you. The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program is open to non-EU/EEA students who want to study in the Netherlands. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program.

Accepted Levels of Study

All Masters programs (with the exception of regular LLM (non-advanced) programs) in the following Faculties: Archaeology, Humanities, Medicine/LUMC, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Science, Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON), African Studies Centre, International Institute for Asian Studies

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program: Benefits

The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program has 3 awards:

  • € 10.000 of the tuition fee
  •  € 15.000 of the tuition fee
  • Total tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Program: Criteria

Students must have achieved excellent study results in their previous education, this being relevant to the Master’s program for which they are applying. As an indication, the student is amongst the top 10% of graduates in his/her previous study program. Note: proof of ranking is not required – this information is purely to indicate the level of competitiveness.

Applicants must have a non EEA* passport and may not be eligible for support under the Dutch system of study grants and loans (Studiefinanciering).

Official Letter and Deadline

All non-EU/EEA students who are interested in getting their Master’s Degree from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands should CLICK HERE and access the official website where they can submit their application. In addition, the deadline is 1 February.

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