Letter of Interest VS Cover Letter

Detailed comparison between Letter of interest VS Cover letter provides an insight that which one if a good fit for your need. Letter of interest also known as letter of inquiry or prospecting letter, is sent to such companies that may be hiring, but hasn’t listed a specific job. While, cover letter is sent to companies that are hiring and have made proper advertisements for the job on the local newspaper and the magazines.

Letter of interest VS Cover letter, Format and Difference:

  • A cover letter is usually written when you’re contacting a hiring manager about your interest in a specific job. A letter of interest is written by a student looking for an internship opportunity or looking for a job after graduation.
  • Letter of interest vs cover letter are quite similar yet quite different when it comes to content. A cover letter includes content specific to job you want to get, whereas letter of interest is an overview of your background and mentions of your interests.

Cover letter format:

Heading (This should include your address, zip code, city, phone number and e-mail address.)

(All the text should be in left margin.)


Employer’s Name
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State Zip Code                                    

Dear Employer’s Name
First Paragraph) Introduce yourself: This part should include the reason why you are writing this cover letter for, why you are applying, and why are you applying to this company in particular. Briefly express why you are interested in this position.

(Second Paragraph) Highlight your education: This part should include information about your academic background, your major, research projects, relevant course works or other Georgetown experiences. Make sure to connect this with the job you’re applying to because this will create a good impact.

(Third Paragraph) Highlight your accomplishments: This part includes paid positions, internships, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, athletics, or anything that you think is relevant to the position. Look at your resume and mention 2-3 activities that demonstrates the skills that the employer is looking for.

(Fourth Paragraph) The closing: In this part refer the reader to your resume. If you find it appropriate then request for an interview and give a final reason to the reader, that you are a perfect candidate for the job and why he should select you. In the end thank the employer for reading it.


Your signature (If you’re submitting it online then it is not necessary)

Your typed name.


Letter of interest format:

A letter of interest ought to start with a convincing proclamation in regards to the premise of your enthusiasm for that business and industry. You may insinuate an advancement at the organization which started your advantage.


Your letter should start with a professional greeting, if you have a contact person then address to him personally.

First paragraph:

Your first paragraph should start with, you mentioning the reason why you are writing the letter and what makes you a perfect candidate for the job.

Middle paragraph:

This should include your past experience and your academic background and the volunteer work you did in your past. This should contain a concrete example of how you used those strengths.

Final paragraph:

You ought to express a solid enthusiasm for meeting with the business to investigate openings in your last passage. You may likewise say that you would welcome an exploratory meeting regardless of the possibility that there are no formal opportunities at the season of your request.


This should include your contact information(email address, phone, LinkedIn history of yours, if you have one) so it the employer can contact with you. Here’s an example:

Best Regards,

First Name

Last Name
Email Address
LinkedIn URL




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