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List of Chinese Universities without Application fee (2019-2020)

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Chinese Universities offer admissions into bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs to international students of all countries; and to apply for an admission you have to submit your application for consideration of admission into Chinese University and Scholarship offered by China Scholarship Council. It must be noted that an applicant is required to pay an application fee to process your CSC Scholarship and admission application in a Chinese University. However, there are nearly 31 Chinese Universities where you can submit an application without paying an application fee.

The list of Chinese Universities without Application fee:

    1. Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University
    2. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)
    3. Northeast Normal University
    4. The Renmin University of China
    5. Shandong University of China
    6. Huazhong University of China
    7. Nanjing Agriculture University of China
    8. Harbin University of science and technology
    9. Zhejiang Science and Technology University
    10. Harbin Engineering University
    11. Northwestern Polytechnical University of China
    12. Southwest University
    13. Wuhan University
    14. Chongqing University of Posts & Telecommunication
    15. Fujian University
    16. Shaanxi Normal University
    17. Tianjin University
    18. Shandong University of China
    19. Sichuan University
    20. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
    21. Chongqing University China
    22. Southwest Jiaotong University of China
    23. Southeast University of China
    24. The Dalian University of Technology of China
    25. Nanjing University of China
    26. Wuhan University of Technology of China
    27. East China Normal University
    28. Jiangsu University
    29. Yanshan University
    30. Donghua University Shanghai (At the time of Application, no fee required)
    31. Northwest Agriculture University of China

You can get familiar with the process to apply for CSC Scholarships in China and apply in any Chinese University. Please keep in mind that you can apply for CSC Scholarship in many universities at the same time. If you apply for more than one Chinese university for CSC Scholarship then your chances of winning a Chinese government will be increased vice versa.


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