What Is Chinese Government Scholarship | CSC Scholarship?

What is CSC Scholarship?


CSC Scholarship is sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council. CSC Scholarship is also known as the Chinese Government Scholarship being offered in over 243 Chinese Universities. CSC Scholarship offers fully and partially funded scholarships to international students to study bachelor, master and doctoral programs in Chinese Universities.

An applicant for the Chinese Government Scholarship also known as CSC Scholarship can apply for CSC Scholarship in many Chinese Universities at the same time.

As per the details verified by the Chinese Scholarship Council, international students have the liberty to apply for admission and scholarships in all universities across China.

However, you have to fill a separate CSC scholarship online application and submit it separately to each university.


What are your chances to win a CSC Scholarship?


If your grades are above average and you have clear and novel research or study plan then you have high chances of being selected for CSC Scholarship in any of the Chinese universities.

It has been seen that students with high grades often get rejected from Chinese Universities because they do not have a well-written research proposal or study plan.

Whereas, the average students successfully won fully funded Chinese Government Scholarships just because of their complete documentation and well researched and nicely written study plan or research proposal.

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Can I apply for CSC Scholarship in more than one University at the same time?


There is no restriction over the total number of CSC Scholarship applications you submit in Chinese Universities. That means you can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) in many universities at the same time.

However, please make sure to fill separate CSC Scholarship online application forms for each university. If you apply for Chinese Scholarship in more universities then your chances to win a Scholarship will be increased accordingly.

One of our followers told us that he applied to nine Chinese Universities at the same time for CSC Scholarship and he got accepted by three Universities. Then, he made his decision to select one university out of the three.

If in case you get selected by more than one University for CSC Scholarship and you don’t give your preference then China Scholarship Council will decide which university is a good fit for you and you will then be admitted under CSC Scholarship in that particular University. There are nearly 243 Chinese Universities awarding CSC Scholarships to international students.


Can you apply for a CSC Scholarship on Hope Certificate?


Yes, you can apply for the CSC Scholarship by providing a hope certificate of the final result (final semester). You have to attach a set of all your transcripts along with the hope certificate and submit the documents to the international student office of the university for consideration of CSC Scholarship.


Where can I find the list of Chinese Universities without application Fee?


There are some Chinese Universities where international students applying for the CSC Scholarship are not required to pay any application fee. A complete list of Chinese Universities without application fees was recently published which will help you to apply for a CSC Scholarship without paying the application fee.

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  1. Dear sir i have done my mphil in Botany and now we want chines govt scholership plz sir we have no technique and information that how we can aply for them plz sir guide me about aply.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for helping students. I have got some questions, which confused me. Could you please answer me?

    1-I have got overall 5.5 in IELTS, I would like to know if there would be any chance in apply for a university that requires IELTS 6 in overall?

    2-Do I need to pay application fee after notification of acceptance or before submitting the documents?

    3-I have a plan to study in Artificial intelligence in master, but I could not find a university, which offers this course, and all are offering “Computer Systems Architecture” or “Computer Software and Theory” or “Computer Applied Technology”, but not Artificial intelligence, for I heard China is AI powerhouse, how can I study at it?

    4-If I register many times in CSC platform for different universities using various email addresses but the same personal information, will they remove me or is this making trouble?
    5-I have a GPA 4.0 and I have wrote and published a book in English (Related to computer), but I have no ISI paper or such will I have any chance?

  3. Hello,
    I am writing this email because I have a couple of doubts regarding my application to earn a Chinese Government Scholarship to study a master program in China. I am in the process to apply to a couple of master programs,but I just realized that through the website I can only apply to type B scholarship, but only type A scholarship would cover the full tuition cost of both programs. I just checked that I have ‘to apply through embassy’ in order to earn a type A scholarship. Does it mean that I have to go to the Chinese Embassy of my country and apply through them ?

  4. Hello,I am zomon p Dolo from Liberia, and a graduate of the university of Liberia. Bsc in Agriculture also a third semester student at the Confucius Institute studying Chinese language and culture. I want to do master in Agriculture in China, and forward my Chinese language program. 0775014879/0880343031.

  5. Good afternoon, Muhammad Yousaf, your blog is amazing, so helpful and so clear. I have never left any comment in my life or something like this, but in this case I couldn’t. God bless you, Muhammad. Wish you all the best.

  6. Hello Mr. Yousaf i want to apply for more than one university in CSC scholarship and i have one big question and that is, shall i fill CSC scholarship online application with different e-mail address or i should fill with one e-mail address

  7. Hello! Let me ask, does the HSK score matter for getting CSC Scholarship (master’s degree)? if so, please tell me the required HSK 5 level of points.

  8. Hello
    if i apply for more than 1 universit, i must create different accounts with differents e-mail address and different user names?

  9. i have got interest to study in China in any good University as long i will acquire quality and authentic Education. I would like to study economics as my career.

  10. I have already applied to one university and really wants to increase the chances of winning the CSC scholarship. PLEASE your reply to these question will go along way for me and others who many be confused just as I am.
    1. Do I need to create new email addresses if i want to apply more than one?
    2. Can’t I used one email address and apply as much as possible, by just changing the Agency Number?
    3. If I use different email addresses and I succeeded in getting 3 schools accepting me how would csc make know that I’ve been accepted by 3 school and honour my preference or make choice of school for me?

  11. Thank you for all your information that helps us a lot;
    Please I would like to know if I want to apply for several universities at the same time I have to create as many accounts on the CSC website: what does each university want an account? or how is it done?

    Thank you in advance

  12. HI Guys,

    Thanks for your great content. I have one question. How can I apply for another University under the online application Platform? I have already submitted my application for the first university, how can I submit for the second one?

    Thanks for your help

  13. i wan tot apply for masters degree in csc scholarship at wuhan university. they said that they need original notarized certificate and said that they did not back it. in our country original certificate is needed for most of the organization and higher study. if i send photocopy. will it be acceptable?

  14. I want to know that how to create csc account for any other university…. I am already registered to the csc account for one university.

  15. Dear Muhammad,
    First of all, thank you for all the materials you have put up online to help us prospective students prepare for the scholarship program.
    I’ve found two parts of your writing that say the opposite things, leaving me with a really important question.

    1 “One of our followers told us that he applied to nine Chinese Universities at the same time for CSC Scholarship and he got accepted by three Universities. Then, he made his decision to select one university out of the three.”

    2 “If in case you get selected by more than one University for CSC Scholarship and you don’t give your preference then China Scholarship Council will decide which university is a good fit for you and you will then be admitted under CSC Scholarship in that particular University. ”

    1 states that after getting accepted by three universities, he chose one of them. Meanwhile, 2 states that CSC will decide.

    Is this referring to the difference between application Type A (Ministry) and B (directly to university)?
    Because the online application for CGS allows you to select Prefernce I, II, III if you select Type A.
    Meanwhile, you cannot give a preference for Type B, this is obvious since you’re choosing one university specifically per one account (although you can make multiple accounts to “directly” apply to one university at a time by giving its agency number).

    So my final questions are
    1 if you apply through the ministry (Type A), does your preference decide which university you get into, given that you get accepted by more than one university?
    2 If you apply direct (Type B) AND get accepted by more than one university, are YOU the one who gets to choose which one to enroll in?

    It would really help me out with my application process if you could answer these questions.
    Thank you.

  16. I have csc smart admin angular account because last year i applied for chinese government scholarship.
    This year I try to apply for it again. after signing account, I can rewrite my app;ication or even I cannot edit them.
    For this year, How to apply for it ? Please

  17. Good Day, thank you for your work, can you please help me and answer some questions if you don’t mind. This year, if I am not mistaken, there appeared a limit on the number of applications that you can apply to universities (CSC LAIHUA). By type B only 3, and by type A only 2. Do you know what can happen if I exceed the number of these Applications?



    Am kindly inquiring with you about Csc scholarship.
    I have applied for the Chinese Government Scholarship Category A.

    So here is my Question.

    If I again apply for Chinese Government Scholarship on Category B does that limit or lower my chances of getting admitted on Csc Scholarship for Category A
    (Because am more interested in getting admitted on Category A)

    Please kindly advise am abit confused.

  19. I registered at csc website last year and want to apply this year but when I go to csc website my previous year record is shown with same email address as login. how can I delete old record and submit fresh data for this year application.

  20. Hello there!I think your info should be updated. Now, you are only allowed to apply for no more than 3 universities’ scholarships (type B), and no more than 2 type A.

  21. Thank you for the post but I have an inquiry if I want to apply to more than university so Do I need to have more than CSC account? because each csc account accept only one application!

    Hope to answer me sooner

  22. Dear sir,
    i have applied at category B to tianjin university for 2019/2020 i got pre admission letter next i got email to contact embasy
    please explain what should i do at this stage ??

  23. Hi there!
    I am an undergraduate student from Myanmar and interested in applying CSC. I already applied CSC with category A for undergraduate study. When I contacted to the embassy of China in my country, a responsible person said I did not need to submit the application in hard copy to the embassy starting from this year. So I just submitted my application online before two days of deadline. *My first question is that the deadline for embassy application procedure is 30 April for every year? If so, I am lucky to be a consider applicant. When I asked him, he said he did not know and I just needed to follow the online instructions. But I cannot exactly find the deadline for embassy application for my country, Myanmar. *My second question is that I did not apply the universities to get the admission or offer letter so do I have a chance to win the CSC without an admission letter? And I just applied for Clinical Medicine for my major study, but I do not have HSK and my Chinese is poor, so *do you think that they would arrange me to study Chinese for one year as minor study? And I do not know which universities are suitable to study Chinese. Or perhaps, they let me study Chinese at one of three universities that chose before my major study. And *how can I know that I win CSC or not? *Will they announce the list online or by sending to the embassy in my country?
    Please kindly answer my questions thoroughly.
    Best Regards,

  24. In your above blog you have written as:

    “If in case you get selected by more than one University for CSC Scholarship and you don’t give your preference then China Scholarship Council will decide which university is a good fit for you and you will then be admitted under CSC Scholarship in that particular University. There are nearly 243 Chinese Universities awarding CSC Scholarships to international students.:

    I want to know how will we give our preference? what is procedure here if i get nominated by all 3 universities that i have applied for?
    Waiting for positive reply from your side. Thanks

  25. Hello,
    That was really a helpful article but still it don’t answer what i am for. I am being nominated for CSC by a Chinese university and they are saying that wait for CSC results in July. I want to ask what are the chances of getting the scholarship in this scenario.


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