What is CSC Scholarship? | How to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship?

What are your chances to win Chinese Scholarships?

CSC Scholarship is sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council. CSC Scholarship is also known as the Chinese Government Scholarship being offered in over 243 Chinese Universities. CSC Scholarship offers fully and partially funded scholarships to international students to study bachelor, master and doctoral programs in Chinese Universities.

An applicant for Chinese Government Scholarship also known as CSC Scholarship can apply for CSC Scholarship in many Chinese Universities at the same time. As per the details verified by the Chinese Scholarship Council, international students have the liberty to apply for admission and scholarships in all universities across China. However, you have to fill separate CSC scholarship online application and submit it separately to each university.

What are your chances to win a CSC Scholarship?

If your grades are above average and you have a clear and novel research or study plan then you have high chances of being selected for CSC Scholarship in any of the Chinese University. It has been seen that students with high grades often get rejected from Chinese Universities because they do not have a well-written research proposal or study plan. Whereas, the average students successfully won fully funded Chinese Government Scholarships just because of their complete documentation and well researched and nicely written study plan or research proposal.

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Can i apply for CSC Scholarship in more than one University at the same time?

There is no restriction over the total number of CSC Scholarship applications you submit in Chinese Universities. That means you can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) in many universities at the same time. However, please make sure to fill separate CSC Scholarship online application forms for each university. If you apply for Chinese Scholarship in more universities then your chances to win a Scholarship will be increased accordingly. One of our followers told us that he applied to nine Chinese Universities at the same time for CSC Scholarship and he got accepted by three Universities. Then, he made his decision to select one university out of the three.

If in case you get selected by more than one University for CSC Scholarship and you don’t give your preference then China Scholarship Council will decide which university is a good fit for you and you will then be admitted under CSC Scholarship in that particular University. There are nearly 243 Chinese Universities awarding CSC Scholarships to international students.

Can you apply for a CSC Scholarship on Hope Certificate?

Yes, you can apply for the CSC Scholarship by providing a hope certificate of the final result (final semester). You have to attach a set of all your transcripts along with the hope certificate and submit the documents to the international student office of the university for consideration of CSC Scholarship.

Where can I find the list of Chinese Universities without application Fee?

There are some Chinese Universities where international students applying for the CSC Scholarship are not required to pay any application fee. A complete list of Chinese Universities without application fee was recently published which will help you to apply for a CSC Scholarship without paying the application fee.


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