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The Nanjing Government in conjunction with Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST) sponsor an NMG scholarship (Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship) that meant to support and encourage outstanding international students to pursue their degrees at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. The NMG scholarship arrangement involves both full time and part-time students and the process for applying for NMG is same as that of CSC Scholarship.

NMG-NJUST Chinese Scholarship Benefits

The Full-time basis NMG scholarship takes 40 awardees who are proficient in both English and Chinese languages and includes all majors. The scholarship takes the duration of 4years for the doctoral students and two and a half years for the master’s students. The full-time scholarship covers for the tuition fee, campus dormitory accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance and monthly living allowances. Doctoral students get 3000 RMB while the master’s students get 2000RMB per month on NMG Scholarship.

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The part-time based scholarship takes 20 awardees for the master’s students and 45 awardees for the undergraduate students. The master’s students must be proficient in both English and Chinese while the later requires English only. The master’s program offers all majors while the undergraduate offers bioengineering, Automation, Electronics information and engineering. Both part-time programs are provided with comprehensive insurance coverage and full tuition fee for the master’s students. Undergraduates are only exempted half tuition fee.

The scholarship awardees for of Chinese-taught postgraduate programs with less proficiency in the Chinese language must enroll for Chinese language course for one academic year before undertaking their majors. During this time, the recipients are only awarded the Chinese language student scholarship and can only be awarded the doctoral or masters scholarship once they begin their majors.

The awardees with family membership certificate issued by the general consulate or the China embassy married doctoral or master’s students who wish to carry their family members can apply for an off-campus accommodation. The subsidy is 750 RMB per month for the master’s students and 1500RMB for the doctoral students.

The study duration is equal to the scholarship duration and therefore if awardees decide to postpone their graduation, they will not be eligible for the scholarship for an extended period. If they decide to leave school or terminate their study, the scholarship is terminated.

Eligibility for NMG Scholarship in NJUST:

  • The applicants must be from non-Chinese nationalities, in good health and having an amicable attitude toward China.
  • The bachelor degree applicants must be less than 28 years and attained a high school certificate. For the masters, they require a bachelor degree and are 35 years or below. The doctoral applicants must have their master’s certificate and be 40 years or less.
  • The academic record of the applicants must be competitive with transcripts results having 75% and above as well language requirements.
  • Students who have won other Chinese scholarship in the previous tears are not eligible for this scholarship.

How to apply for NMG-NJUST Scholarship?

The applicants are mandated to complete an online application as well as to mail hardcopy package with various materials to us. Regardless of the results, the hard copy materials are not returnable to the applicant.

Hardcopy Application in NJUST

  • A printed and fully completed form of Nanjing Municipal Government (NMG) – Nanjing University of Science & Technology Joint Scholarship Program scholarship downloaded online.
  • Passport information page copy
  • Certificates of English language proficiency
  • Official transcripts, diploma of highest degree and graduation certificates copies.
  • Personal statement or research plan which should not be less than 800 words. It should include your academic background, work experience, reasons for choosing your major, and your motivation to study in China, a research plan, your target research field and academic achievements.
  • Academic achievements and your all research papers
  • Provisional consent form for the postgraduate applicants which is filled by a professor and sent with the application for the scholarship.
  • Reference letters where the bachelor degree applicants submit two reference letters from their high school teachers and the master’s student applicants submit two reference letters from professors at their institutions which should be in Chinese or English.
  • Foreign physical examination form in original and photocopies which should be in English.

NMG Scholarship Online Application:

Make sure the above-mentioned documents are available to be attached to NMG Scholarship online application system.


All the documents should be notarized an translated into either Chinese or English before submitting them to the school of international education. The 500rmb fee is paid as evaluation and confirmation free for every scholarship awardees.

The hardcopy scholarship application should be sent by post to:

International Education School of (NMG) Nanjing University of Science & Technology near 200 Xiaolingwei Street, the city is Nanjing and Province is Jiangsu. The postal code is 210094, China.

Personal deliveries should be taken to:

The Nanjing University of Science & Technology, International Education department and room number 225.

The application deadline date is on 30th May.

The Annual Review of NMG Scholarship:

The scholarship awardees must receive an annual review of their academic performances where fails are not tolerated and other performances where discipline violations ad a record of punishment is not tolerated too.

If the students fail to meet the required standards, the scholarship is suspended for at least one year. If the students fail twice in the annual review of their study, the scholarship is terminated. Contact information

The following are links on where to get various contact information:

  • In case you want to get scholarship information, visit this NMG Scholarship page of NJUST, Nanjing China and navigate to the scholarship section of the site.
  • The information on all majors can be found on NMG-NJUST degree programs page.
  • For the undergraduate applicants, the consultation services can be done via undergraduate@njust.edu.cn.
  • The masters and doctoral program applicants can seek consultations via postgraduate@njust.edu.cn

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