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There are various financial sources in Zhengzhou University that are ready and willing to support the international student to carry on research and study at Zhengzhou University on Zhengzhou University President Scholarship. The university offers various part-time and full-time scholarships. In past years, full-time scholarship covered more than 20% of the overall admission done on a full-time basis.

Zhengzhou University (ZZU) scholarship Information

As stated earlier, there are various types of financiers for the prospects students who have amazing talents. The students can either be partially or fully supported by the scholarship. The full scholarship covers international travels, medical fees, full tuition fees, living allowances, and accommodation. The partial covers for most of the study costs but the awardees of the partial scholarship pay quite a similar amount as the Chinese students.

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List of scholarships available at Zhengzhou University:

  • CSC Scholarship Zhengzhou University
  • Zhengzhou University Confucius Scholarship
  • Henan Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Zhengzhou University President Scholarship
  1. Chinese Government Scholarship is a program provided by the china scholarship council. It includes programs such as the CGS university program. The other programs are; WMO program, Great Wall program, AUN program, EU program, PIF program and bilateral program as the General programs offered by the scholarship. Every year, more than 50 applicants are sponsored by the Chinese government to take their scholarship at ZZU. most of these students are doctors and masters program, students.
  2. Confucius Institute Scholarship is provided by Confucius Institute Headquarters. It takes more than 40 applicants every year for them to study in ZZU. Most of these students are masters students and those who want to have a yearlong study of the language program. It is offered to Chinese language teachers, students, and scholars from other countries who want to pursue:
  1. Henan Provincial Government Scholarship is an establishment of the Henan provincial government with the aim of supporting excellent and outstanding international scholars and students in studying of all the programs and majors offered by universities located in Henan province. It covers major parts of the tuition for the part-time scholarship awardees. More than 150 applicants are sponsored every year by the Henan Provincial Government scholarship. These students mostly take non-degree programs and bachelor program. Out of these only ten students pursue doctor or master program.
  2. Zhengzhou has set aside Zhengzhou University President Scholarship with an objective of attracting outstanding and excellent students to pursue their studies in ZZU. The Zhengzhou university president scholarship sponsors more than 50 applicants of whom most of them take the doctoral program. Very few of the students enroll in other programs.

Current student’s scholarship tenure

Most of the scholarship winners continue with their scholarship each year after the annual review is done since most of the scholarships are renewable. Excellent students who do not have a scholarship or was not a scholarship winner can apply for various scholarships offered.

  • The Henan provincial government scholarship established by Henan provincial government. It offers excellent international students a chance to pursue any program offered in any of the Henan universities.
  • ZZU scholarship is also available for outstanding international students. The Zhengzhou University also sponsors self-sponsored students whose performance ranks top 10%.

Programs that are supported by the ZZU scholarship

  • Language programs
  • General scholar program
  • Senior scholar program
  • Master program’
  • Doctor program
  • Bachelor program

Detailed information on the scholarships

  1. The CSC general scholarship offers programs to the freshmen and covers all the subjects. It is a renewable scholarship and its application runs from January to early April. It covers the medical bills, tuition, accommodation and living allowances.
  2. Zhengzhou University CGS-University Program caters for masters and doctors program freshmen whose application runs from January to April. It is an all-inclusive scholarship offering the following subjects; Chinese Language, Culture, Literature, History, Philosophy.
  3. HPGS Scholarship is applied by all students and covers all programs and subjects. It is a renewable scholarship which covers an amount ranging from 5000; 15000-40000 RMB annually for one person. The application is open from January to early April.
  4. ZUS is available for the current students and covers for all the subjects and programs. It covers an amount ranging from 3000-12000 RMB per year for a single person. It is a non-renewable scholarship whose application is open in September and November.
  5. PS is a freshman scholarship for all subjects and programs. It is a renewable scholarship whose application is open from January to June.
  6. CIS–South Asia Chinese Teacher Program scholarship is offered to south Asian freshmen interested in taking Chinese Language, Culture, Literature, History, Philosophy.
  7. The application runs all year long for Zhengzhou University President Scholarship.


Deadline to apply:

If you want to apply for Zhengzhou University President Scholarship then Please visit the Official Website to check the Deadline and more information.

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  1. Dear Chinese scholarship for 2018-2019,
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  5. I am a PhD applicant at CGS. I have got an acceptance letter from supervisor for the CSC. But the university that i have applied responded me we didn’t Provide PhD scholarship for Chinese government scholarship applicant rather they have informed me to apply on presidential scholarship for Zhengzhou university. So do you think the supervisor from CSC can also supervise me for presidential scholarship???

  6. Does Zhengzhou university presidential scholarship and Chinese government government scholarship requires an application fee?


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