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Hebei University CSC Scholarship 2018-2019

Hebei University CSC Scholarship
Written by Muhammad Yousaf

Hebei University now accept applications for Chinese Government Scholarship for master, bachelor and doctoral programs from non-Chinese citizens, having their age less than 40 years.

Benefits of the Hebei University CSC scholarship

The students are given accommodation, living expenses, and tuition waiver.

  • Doctoral students are given 3500 RMB per month
  • Undergraduate students are given 2500 RMB per month
  • Masters students are given 3000 RMB per month.

The living expenses are given monthly by the institution. The students get the full monthly allowance if they register before the 15th of the same month and get half of the full monthly living allowance if they register after the 15th. The students are also given 15 days living expenses after the graduating time and date which is set by the institution.  If the students leave China for more than 15 days and are not on holidays, the living expenses will not be given during the days they are absent.

The students are also given comprehensive medical insurance.

How to apply for CSC scholarship in Hebei University China?

  1. The applicants must be citizen s of other countries other than China and have a valid foreign passport.
  2. The applicants must be in good health, well mannered and well collected in a way they will abide by rules and regulations of the university as well the people’s republic of China.
  3. The applicants should not be China students. China graduates should have graduated more than one academic year for them to be eligible for the scholarship.
  4. Masters students should be holders of bachelor’s degree and be of 35 years and below.
  5. The doctoral program applicants should be 40 years and below and be holders of master’s degree.
  6. The applicants should be proficient in English as the programs are English –taught. Non-native speakers should provide their English ability test score which should be over 6.5 for the IELTS tests or 90 in the TOFEL test. (English proficiency certificate is also acceptable)

Where to submit CSC scholarship online application?

  1. The applicants should previously contact their related supervisors and if they approve their admissions, they can then submit their supervisor offer for the international students of Hebei University of technology together with their application materials.
  2. The applicant should fill an online application form at the Chinese scholarship information center.
  3. The online form will ask you for the agency number of Hebei University, which is 10080.
  4. All the duly filled application forms and hard copies should be submitted to Hebei University of technology, school of international students.

The required application documents for Hebei University Scholarship:

  • The two supervisors or professors or lecturers of your last attended university must provide you the recommendation letter. It should include the seal of the school of international education, supervisor’s signature and school of international school dean’s signature.
  • Diploma recipients should submit documents issued y their current school as a proof that they are their current students or provide documents showing the expected graduation dates. Documents not written in Chinese or English language should be attached with notarized English or Chinese translations.
  • Academic transcripts which should be written in either English or Chinese and attached witch notarized translation for any of the language written in a different language.
  • A study plan which should be written in either English or Chinese and should not be less than 800 words.
  • You may try to get a letter of acceptance but acceptance letter is not a mandatory paper to attach with application.
  • For the art students, they must provide a CD for their work which should include two color paintings, two sketches, and two other works.
  • The Foreign physical examination is written in either English or Chinese. It should cover all the materials listed on the form. It should also be complete and contain the signature of the attending physician otherwise it will be termed as invalid. The results are only valid for six months.
  • Valid HSK certificate for the programs offered in Chinese language.


Hebei University application:

The university reviews the applications documents submitted and decided which applicants to nominate. You have to submit two applications, first application will be an online application on CSC platform and the second application will be at Hebei University site and then bind both application forms with your documents and send on the address of Hebei University, China.

Visa application form and admission letters for the qualified students in the school of international study are provided before 21st July. The admission information is also published on their website.

Applicants who miss the Hebei University of technology scholarship can apply for the Chinese government scholarship or apply for Hebei provincial government scholarship




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