Resume Paper – Which Paper is best for printing Resume

Which Resume Paper is best for printing your CV for a job or for a scholarship? Full classification of papers which you can use to print out resume, available here.  You must read this before taking CV print. The first impression that a potential employer or scholarship awarding person receives from their applicants is based on their resume. A resume is a one – two-page document consisting of a person’s work experience, educational history and special skills that the person have which are related to the job that he is applying to. Just as the wording of the resume is important, it is also very important that on which type of paper the resume is being printed on. A person who really wants to get the job should place importance on the type of paper that he’s printing the resume. If you are an engineering and writing an engineering resume then you need to care allot about the weight and texture of paper you use. Following types of papers are available in market for printing your resume:

Resume Paper Types, 

Linen 100% Cotton (32lbs) Rating: 5/5

This is by far the best paper to go with if you’re applying for a job. The 100% linen and 32lbs, makes the paper more durable and powerful of the rest of the resume.

White 100% Cotton (32lbs) Rating: 4/5

This paper also stands out of the crowd because of its high impact and premium weight. The only thing that this paper lack is flavor and color that might further make it stand out.

White 100% Cotton (24lbs) Rating:  3/5

White paper is a good choice to go with when it comes to selecting the type of resume paper, especially when you don’t know how will the employer react.

Ivory 25% Cotton (24lbs) Rating: 2/5

This type of paper isn’t the best choice for you if you’re going to buy a resume paper. The color, weight all are not suitable for a preferred resume.

Resume Paper Weight

The weight of the resume paper is heavier, solid and a lot sturdier than a normal paper. The resume paper is also non-transparent. The thickness and non-transparent feature of paper avoids tearing of the paper. 24lbs paper is used and preferred by Duke Career center.

Resume Paper Color

The color of the paper matter the most, even more than the weight. Resumes are typically white, off-white, light gray or cream. Many people say going against the typical white paper and select another color makes your resume stands out in the large stack of paper. So do keep this in mind when applying for the resume next time.

Watermark Use on Paper of Resume

A watermark is a sort of check, commonly a logo, which is set on more costly paper amid its preparing. The watermark is typically just observed when the paper is held up to light. It is not a necessity for resumes, in any case, it shows that the potential employee took the time and cost to buy top notch paper.

Texture of Resume Paper

The texture of a paper is the finish or feel of the paper. Lighter weight papers, and cheap papers are smooth, the expensive type of paper have a special texture to them, which makes them stand out more. The type of texture of paper consist of linen, laid, coated or shiny and un-coated. When selecting the paper for your resume first feel the texture of the paper and then select the paper which suits you the best. Texture of paper is often selected for the business letterhead and resume writing.

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  1. Excellent resource, very similar to how we think about paper at My only tip would be that in the top choice linen is a texture rather than a color.

  2. Waqas – nice post – I agree with this article and the importance of printing on nice paper. My only suggestion isn’t to rate the paper on 1-5. The choice of paper really is personal preference.


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