Research Paper Outline – Research Paper Outline Template

Choosing the right Research paper outline template makes a huge difference in showcasing your work. It should visualize your effort through the appropriate structure. It does not matter how much work you have done in completing the work unless it is submitted with a good write-up. Most of the papers submitted have the identical structure to make it universal and evaluation easy. No matter which template you use there are few necessary structures that are mandatory to be included. Another thing is that sometimes people get confused between research paper outline and Speech outline, so these are not same outlines. If you are applying for a scholarship then you need to write a scholarship essay to provide them an insight about your previous research and this is one of the type of outlines we mentioned down below:

Research Paper Outline Basic Structure

Most of the scientific papers contain or more preferably should contain the following structures as a Research paper outline templates

  • Title of the Presenting material
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Brief content regarding Experiment or study done
  • Conclusion
  • Reference


The Title page will be a short page that enlists your report, so obviously you must write it more carefully. You must make the title clear about what you’re about to discuss in the paper and the title should be appropriate to the project as well as compact as possible to make it attractive. For example the report of an underwater spy drone may have the title “Submersible spy copter” Rather than Spy unmanned underwater vehicle. Tile must be decided to ensure it contains enough keyword to facilitate report to pop up in the search engines. The tile page should summarize the content inside the report so it can be decided after completion of the report.


The abstract is the most important part of the report because people interested in reading your report will always start with the abstract which contains the precise summary or abstract part of your research, results and conclusions. It is a preview of your research so it should display the important Points of your researcher so that you convince this article contains the information they need.

It is always a good idea to refer the previous articles and papers on this genre.

Table of contents

The table’s page simply acts as the navigator to your paper/article. It gives the viewer, page number, subtitles etc. some report even contains separate tables for the diagrams that is included in the report.


The introduction part reserves a significant space in research paper outline template as it is the first step in portraying the research. It should contain brief but short note about the aim of the research, proposed method of doing it and expected conclusion

Introduction part should also contain the information about the fact that why you started this research.


For this portion of your report you must describe the methods used when performing the experiment. This should include, the location and times of sample collection, when the equipment was utilized, and what techniques were used.

The idea behind the content section is that some other researcher can exactly copy your experiments without having going through the process of performing the experiments them self.

Scientific articles are peer reviewed and this get the possibility that other people may/can try to copy your results.


This is really just a more elaborate version of the article.

In a few paragraphs, you should summarize all your findings about the particular experiment that you performed. Your abstract will do most of this for you but, it can help the reader know about your experiment/research more.


Include all of your references in this section, even if you only found a few sentences.

Even if the link, that you’re getting the information about, referred to someone else. You are required to display personal references in case the company where you wish to apply for a particular vacancy needs any reference thing.

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