Scholarship in Amsterdam school of Communication Research-Faculty of Social and Behavioral Research PhD fellowship

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) is one of the leading research institute of Communication sciences at the Amsterdam University. It is the Biggest research center of Communication studies in Europe. ASCoR has more than fifty research fellows working as a permanent employee and it has more than 35 candidates in the English language research program.

ASCoR is now looking for Ph.D. candidates. Their work will be to discuss the projects in the class with the Master’s students along with their Ph.D. Studies. Candidates will be given a handsome amount per month along with accommodation and other benefits.

Project Description for Amsterdam Fellowship

The project will be focused primarily on the interplay among the interpersonal communication and a school health intervention. At the beginning, both the Qualitative and quantitative information will be gathered to analyze the effects on the substance use of this intervention in interaction with interpersonal communication variables (Between teacher and students, as well as among students).

In the Later phase, two practical experiments will be performed to improve the intervention based on the results of the first phase. The project will be implemented in the latest born school which are keen to progress and attract more students to motivate them to Self-control, resist unhealthy activities and drugs. The target group will be from (16-18) years, old students.

Benefits of Amsterdam Scholarship:

  • €2191 to € 2,801 gross income per month

Eligibility Criteria for Amsterdam School of Communication Research Ph.D. vacancy

  • Candidates should hold a Research master’s degree in communications science or fields related to the project.
  • Candidates who are going to complete their graduation before 1 October 2017 are also eligible.
  • Candidates who have simple master’s degree or MPhil should have to complete some extra course work in their Ph.D. duration.
  • Should have a good academic background.
  • Should have good oral and written English skills
  • Should have an idea about the quantitative research (survey research, or experiments) or qualitative research (focus, group, interviews).
  • Should have excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Should have the ability and interest to co-operate with others.
  • Should be strong enough to face unexpected situations.

Required Documents

  • Write a motivation letter that should be at least 600 words to motivate a supervisor.
  • Provide a detailed resume. mention all the academic activities, extracurricular activities, seminars, conference if any attained, thesis work, a brief description of your research papers if any.
  • Transcripts of your master’s (18 years) and bachelor’s degrees.
  • Certificate or any proof of your master’s degree. If you have some more time to complete your degree at the time of the application, then provide a hope certificate from your current university and mention the expected date of your program completion.
  • Also attach the samples of your academic writings like your thesis, published papers, articles or related stuff.
  • One recommendation letter from any referees that may a professor from your current university.
  • Complete the application form online, download and attach all the above documents, make a single Pdf file of all documents.

Job Information

The deadline is 31 May, please write vacancy number 17-235 in the subject option of the application form. Send the pdf file to the email:

Find application form here: ASCoR Scholarship Application form

Official notice of ASCoR scholarship.

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