Rotary Scholarship for water and sanitation professionals, Netherland Scholarship

IHE and Water Delft Institute for water education have teamed up to tackle the world’s water and Sanitation problems and calamity issues by providing the training and scholarships to the water and sanitation professionals. Which aims to design, schedule and execute solutions in the developing countries. Through this platform, the Rotary Foundation will offer scholarships to the rotary clubs and districts to choose the deserving candidates each year.

Scholarship of Rotary for International Students

Rotary is a platform which gathers volunteer leaderships from all over the world who are willing to contribute their services for the betterment of the earth. It brings together a huge number of people around 1.2 million members around the world. Their contributions are helping for both the local and internationals families to work for a polio-free world.

Benefits of the Rotary Scholarship

  • The prize money decided to issue the winner of rotary scholarship is around €34,000 which will be used for education fee, monthly living expenses, and accommodation purposes to stay in Netherland.
  • Rotary grants are provided to build a long term friendly relationship between the Rotarians and developing communities.
  • After the completion of the course, the knowledge gained will be used to implement in the candidate’s home country and will get an opportunity to interact with the Rotarians who are resided in Netherlands.
  • Rotary Scholarship Foundation alumni will enjoy the partnership with the fellow rotary scholarship holders and rotary family worldwide.
  • Furthermore, it will benefit the rotary Grant winners to involve themselves with a local rotary club and Alumni association of Rotary Foundation will give many benefits to staying connected with the global rotary community and Resources.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates willing to apply for this scholarship must get admission in any of these three programs in Netherlands.
    MSc in Urban and Water sanitation.
    MSc in Water management and Governance.
    MSc in water science and Engineering.
  • Joint Programs offered under rotary scholarship are not eligible.
  • Candidates must go back to their home countries after the completion of the program.
  • Candidates who are aware of the Water and sanitation issues

Application Process

Students admitted to UNESCO-IHE’s one of the eligible programs mentioned above are requested to seek the sponsorship from their local rotary club or district by completing the Scholarship form which has to be filled by the candidate, and then send it to the local rotary member who agrees to sponsor the scholarship.

  • The local rotary member will review the application form and the terms and conditions needed for the scholarship.
  • They will conduct an interview of the candidate.
  • Sponsor will then complete the sponsorship portion in the application form and will submit it to the Rotary’s grant center.
  • The rotary foundation will review the application form.
  • Candidates will be notified about the final result at the beginning of the August.

Step by step procedure

  • First get admission in the Delft-based program in any of the Above mentioned programs. Contact UNESCO-IHE directly if you have any questions about application process, before that read the steps thoroughly
  • Use club finder on the Rotary’s official website to find the rotary club in your home country.
  • Choose the Rotary club or district where you want to send your application. Note: Application should be submitted to the Club or district. If any of this application sent to TRF directly will not be considered.
  • Complete the candidate portion of the application and submit it to the local rotary club or district.
  • With your application form, you must submit your latest CV or resume.
  • Also, Attach copy of your admission letter from UNESCO_IHE
  • Ask the Rotarian to complete sponsor portion and ask them to submit it through Rotary’s grant center.
  • Completed applications must be submitted by the Sponsor Rotarian and received by the rotary foundation before the 15 June.
  • The application must be completed electronically or typed not handwritten.
  • Rotary scholarship application form
  • Deadline is June the 15th.

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  1. Though this scholarship is too complicated to apply for a person like me ( I’m pretty illeterate in matters of foreign scholarships). But still, the effort you guys are putting, is highly commendable.


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