Scholarships for Arts Students in Art School nominated as Candidates

Waiblingen. Three young students of the Art School Waiblingen can look forward to scholarships the association “Friends of the Gallery Stihl”: Halida Kohan, Milan Schmidle (18) and the youngest of the bunch, Lukas Storm (10). “The grants are intended to be a recognition and an incentive to continue to develop artistically,” said the chairman of the Association, Hansjörg Thomae.

“Keep it up”, which gives the Förderverein chairman Hansjörg Thomae young artists on their way when he presented them on Tuesday afternoon in art school certificates. Total 1000 euros represents the association every year for three scholarships. “This is not primarily about money,” said Thomae. “The grants are intended to be primarily a recognition for the young artists.” And as an incentive to stay tuned: the money goes exactly to attend a one-year course at the art school.

The proposals come from the art school

Proposed has three fellows the Head of the School of Arts, Christine Lutz, together with their teachers. “In Luke we like particularly well, how great of detail he had painted for his age,” says Lutz. His talent should therefore be encouraged. Therefore, he had also received a grant, although it is rare that such young students would be suggested. Ten year old Lukas is clearly proud of his award. Why he draws so much, he can not say for sure: “It’s just fun for me,” he says and shrugs. His mother, Claudia Storm tells Luke’ve always drawn. “No matter where we go, pen and paper are always there,” she says. And the mark rate on Thursday afternoon was for Luke a fixed date – because nothing should come between. “Even at birth the grandmother we had to get up from the coffee table and drive him to art school,” his mother says, laughing.

He was like Luke, as if he had attended the first course at the art school about as old told Milan Schmidle which may also appreciate a scholarship. he had always been drawn: “In elementary school, I have always painted the backs of the worksheets,” he recalls. For his art he likes to use different media – even the sweater he wears, he has even printed. It is for the 18-year-olds did not, of course, that he can draw at all: After a skiing accident he had his fine motor skills and the “flow” in the drawing to work hard again.

The 15-year-old Halida Kohan distinguished, since she can remember. “Drawing means everything to me,” she says. So she could relax, process grief or simply let their creativity run wild. You really want to stay at the Art School and attend more courses. And professionally they want to do something artistic later: “I want to be an architect,” she is convinced. Then she now working toward already.


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