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Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) Scholarship 2020

2020 SINGA Scholarship Awards for international students



The Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship 2020 invites applications from international students to study for free in Singapore.

SINGA Scholarship 2020 is a kind of financial aid program which offers programs to overseas students to study for free in any of the three partner universities in Singapore with a monthly stipend. Apply for Doctoral Degree programs under Science and Engineering niches if you have already completed your Bachelor or Master’s degree.

Students who already completed Masters/MS can also apply for Ph.D. programs in Singapore under SINGA Graduate Scholarship 2020 program which is sponsored by [NTU] Nanyang Technological University, [A*Star] agency for science, technology, and research, [SUTD] Singapore university of technology and design and [NUS] National University of Singapore.


Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) Scholarship 2020


International students willing to apply for Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship for 2020 session will be given following listed benefits:

  • Singa scholarship award offers Tuition fee exemption to its winning applicants
  • Monthly Stipend of [Singapore Dollar] S$2000 will be provided to Singa Award Winners
  • Singa Graduate scholarship program allocates S$1000 one-time settlement funds to the winner
  • One-way and one-time Travel Grant of S$1500 to Singa Awards Winner candidates
  • Applications to accompany spouse will be granted by Singa Scholarship Winners
  • No Application Fee for Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) Scholarship Application, and No need to send hard copies. Only Online Singa Scholarship application required. Link available on how to apply section.


Who can apply for Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship?


Eligibility terms for Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship 2020 are not that narrow and it provides opportunities to all students who passed bachelor level or MS program to get enrolled directly into a Ph.D. degree program offered by SINGA graduate scholarship council partner Universities.

Singa Scholarships are also open to Master’s degree-holding students to apply as well. Following the list of Eligibility criteria must be fulfilled in order to proceed with the Singapore SINGA Scholarship 2020 online application:

  • Supervisor Required before Applying for SINGA Graduate Scholarship?
    No, an acceptance letter to apply for the Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship. Although, Singa Scholarship council encourages international students to learn about professors research area; from Singapore’s Singa Award partner universities to chose their field and an online application form of SINGA scholarship, candidates may wish for their desired professor in any Singaporean university
  • SINGA Award application does not require TOEFL or IELTS or GRE.
  • Prior to applying for Ph.D. Degree at Singa Partner Universities applicants must have Bachelor’s Degree certifications and transcripts available.
  • No Age limits to apply for SINGA International Graduate Scholarship
  • Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship 2020 online application requires two of your previous university professors to write recommendations for you.


Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship online application Process


Documents Required for Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship 2020 online application:

–Passport Copy
–Transcripts and Certifications of Bachelor Degrees
–Certifications and Transcripts of MS Degrees (Optional)
–Two Recommendation letters (Online Process Explained at the end of this article)
–Singa Does not require IELTS/GRE/TOEFL


Degree Programs Offered by Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship and Recommendation letter Procedure


  • Only Science and Engineering Ph.D. programs are sponsored by SINGA Award Council
  • Recommendation Letter Procedure for SINGA Scholarship:
    You have to mention names and email addresses of two of your previous university professors in the online application system of SINGA Scholarship and then SINGA will send emails to your professors to complete an online recommendation form. So, you must ask your professors to check emails and fill SINGA Scholarship recommendation form


Singapore International Award Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship partner Universities:


  • Nanyang Technological University NTU
  • [A*Star] Agency for science, technology, and research
  • Singapore University of technology and design [SUTD]
  • [NUS] the National University of Singapore.
  • Submit the online application for SINGA Scholarship
  • No need to submit hard copies of documents because an only online application is required
  • There is no application fee for Singapore scholarship
  • There is no age limit to apply for SINGA scholars program
  • If you don’t have a passport then use your national identity card to apply for Singapore scholarship program
  • Your spouse can also live with you in Singapore

The deadline for the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) scholarship 2020 session is June 1, 2019. Therefore, submit your application for SINGA awards asap!

Procedure Video: Please go to youtube and paste this text in Youtube Search:

“Singapore Scholarships Application Process – Free Education for all scholarship fellow”


Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.


  1. As you mention that acceptance letter is not require. So does it has any importance. Can it increase chances of selection

    1. Not required. All applicants will be interviewed and assessed in that interview and then assigned to professor. But if you still wish to select any specific professor then you can mention it in your online application.

      1. Greetings to you sir. Please I wish to ask, is there any alternatives as per the passport? I requested for mind and till date it’s not yet out. The deadline for applications is soon approaching, please what can I do? But I have a valid identity card. Thanks for clearing my doubt.

        1. but you mentioned above (If you don’t have passport then use your national identity card to apply for Singapore scholarship program)

  2. Hi…
    Currently, I am attending Master program on Public Health. Health science program included for this scholarship?

  3. Hai…. sir as I did M.AIn special education,M.ed in education,M.s in speech and language pathology want to do PhD in these this scholarship is offers these degrees in these subjects if have then plz guide me….what can I do…

    1. Science and Technology degrees only.. But search for universities who offer your subjects under Singa Awards

    1. It does not depends upon how many students they recruit. If they get quality applications they they might select all.

    1. Kindly consult admission department of partner universities of SINGA awards and ask them if your subject is covered under SINGA

  4. Thanks for sharing this infi.
    Can u give the list of courses or degrees or departments which are under this award.
    And 2nd my master will finish in May 17 so can i apply now

    1. Kindly search for SINGA partner universities and see if your program is covered under SINGA Awards.

  5. i’m student of Psychology..Would you please make it confirm psychology major is included in Singa Award scholarship or not?

  6. What is the last date to apply for SINGA scholarship?
    today i was applying for this scholarship my registration was successful but when i was about to finish the application i was surprised that it show that application is closed.

  7. Sir I applied yesterday 01 june at pak time successfully submitted.and I gave 3 refrees in it.but 2 refrees submitted this at 1 june at pk time 10:30.then I ask you that what are these refrees accepted?and 3rd refree has not submitted yet.its not really tention??

        1. Procedure is mentioned above. Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email within 10 weeks of application deadline.

  8. Now whats next procedure about this?where will interview do?and what will admission be confirm?and where are you?now in pakistan?

  9. Sir
    i have completed my BS telecommunication. currently i am completing my MS(CSIT) from NEDUET, i have completed 06 courses. can apply for this scholarship.
    What i have to follow.

  10. I don’t have pasport right now, I will get one when I get my passport. Is there any way to apply without passport.

      1. I have done masters in soil science, now want to get Adm in PhD program in soil science on scholar ship basis as I am working in state finance department, guide me please

    1. SINGA awards are not open now but we will inform you via email once announced. You can apply for Swiss or Schwarzman Scholarship programs.

    1. SINGA Awards list of successful candidates will be provided only by SINGA authorities. They emailed successful candidates already.

  11. If a person got acceptance from National University of Singapore then how much chance he would be have to avail SINGA award? Please Reply

      1. Dear Muhammad,
        Can I get the E-mail to which the professors will send their reference letters? Because in the system they don’t mention that email.

  12. I am from Egypt and I have got Master degree in Veterinary Medicine .. field of Parasitology … I can apply for this PhD scholarship ? ..
    if i can get this scholarship , eligible to bring my wife and newly born baby with me and get fund for them ?

    1. Yes i think you can apply, but please check your country name in approved country list for this scholarship. Yes, you may bring your family.

  13. sir…kindly let me know we have to take out print of declaration form in order to sign it???? waiting for reply as soon as possible..

      1. brother does its mandatory to write 3000 words for aspiration letter? can u make little guidance what topic i have to cover in aspiration letter as i hardly written 1000 words?

      2. no I don’t think so because there is no place to sign and even no option to upload the document. and it is clearly written that need to click yes , then why to sign and where to sign?

    1. guria kindly can u tell does its necessary that aspiration letter must be of 3000 words??
      as i start to write and until now i had written only 1000 words.

  14. Brother I am from Pakistan. I have completed BS in Geology, am i eligible or not?
    whats the deadline of this scholarship???

  15. Could you evaluate my profile
    M.Sc 4.19 out of 4.5 (south korea
    B.Sc 2.84 out of 4 (61.8 % marks) (bangladesh)

    Ielts 6.5 , S-7.5, R-6.5, W-5, L-7

    Pubication 5 internatonal conference paper , 2 journal under review. ,

    This there any possibility to get selected for singa scholarship.

  16. Could you evaluate my profile
    M.Sc 4.19 out of 4.5 (south korea
    B.Sc 2.84 out of 4 (61.8 % marks) (bangladesh)

    Ielts 6.5 , S-7.5, R-6.5, W-5, L-7

    Pubication 5 internatonal conference paper , 2 journal under review. ,

    Can you share some accepted student profile?

  17. I am a PhD degree holder. But I want to apply PhD scholarships awarded by Singa. Is multi PhD holding available or not?

  18. I have already submitted online application for Jan 2018 semester.
    I would like to know result announcement date and that of way such as email or website or something.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi sir first i want to thank you for creating this website
    I am student from ALGERIA I just finish my MASTER degre studies. i want to know if i can enroll to Singa scholership in this moment
    Thank you again

  20. Good day Sir, please i graduate from biochemistry department in 2008 and i want switch to medicine can i apply for this scholarship

  21. I hav master degree in agriculture sciences specialization in horticulture. Is there any position for agriculture graduates

  22. Hi thete; my name is Darine ,I’m from Sudan ,I’m seaking a master of physiotherapy scholarship.
    Do you have physical therapy scholarship?

  23. This scholarship is only for PhD there is no master ? I haven’t master only in pharmacy
    If yes what starting and date line for scholarship2018 application
    Hope to get answer
    Thank you

  24. Hi pro i have a diploma in electrical engineering can i find a chance at this scholarship?? If i dont have a chance at this scholarship may i can find at another one??

  25. Dear Waqas
    it’s pleasure to write to you. I’d like to ask about is there any post-doctor in the field of material science, physics or polymer science

  26. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh first congratulation then I would like to apply this scholarship so that how can I apply this scholarship? Please contact me whasApp or viber +252615606550
    Are there any scholarship for undergraduate degree?

  27. right now iam Doing Full time Ph.D in NIT warangal, Indian can i have exchange program for a period of 3 months to visit and work with Professors in NTU,NUS in the department of chemical Engineering.

  28. Thank you for sharing nice information dear .
    i have contacted few supervisor their reply is what kind of help we can do for you regarding this ?

  29. May i apply to any other courses even if i didn’t found any courses related to my specialization (BSc in agricultural engineering) ??
    Does applying to a course required that course be related to my bachelor degree field?

  30. Hello Waqas,
    My name is Safia Sheikheldin, Iam from West Darfur State Sudan, graduated from Ahfad University for Women School of Rural Extension Education and Development.
    Iam asking for scholarship, can you guide and direct me.

  31. A.O.A , You are doing great job. May Allah give you reward.I have a query.
    I want to apply to Singapore University of technology and design [SUTD] . If I apply to SINGA is there any need to apply to university website [SUTD] separately. Because SINGA is only offering grant and we need to apply in university for admission. Right?

  32. Dear,
    I submitted PHD application for SINGA award successfully. However, i read a comment above states to print and upload the application. Is it a must? and i could not get a command to upload the application. Please any suggestion i am confused?

  33. Hy Dear, Isn’t it open now for Phd Applications?
    i found your post regarding SINGA, in which lastdate was metioned as 1 Jan. but in that application form they r asking for IELTS, TOEFL etc. Now what to to.
    n what should i select to apply from the list of awards mentioned on portal.?

  34. I am a Demonstrator at the Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2015 and PreMaster in Hydro geology in 2016. Can I apply in the specialty of Hydro geology?

  35. I am a Demonstrator at the Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in 2015 and PreMaster in Hydro geology in 2016. Can I apply in the specialty of Hydro geology to prepare MSC

  36. Sir as you described SINGA Award application does not require TOEFL or IELTS or GRE. In application portal it is asking for these scores. I would like to know if they will ask for GRE after interview for admission process?

  37. I have graduated from English education (bachelor degree) and linguistics (master degree).

    Can you give me any recommendation for scholarship of doctoral degree of language or education in Singapore?

    Thank you

  38. I am from Iran. I have got Master degree in solid state physic and worked on magnetic material. I can apply for this PhD scholarship ? I have 3 ISI (Q1).

  39. thank you for helping us in the application procees . How can I could apply for the social sciences and Development related fields?

  40. Hii my name is shaheen Ghazala i have just completed my masters in geography am i eligible for pursuing my phd in geography please inform thankyou

  41. Dear,
    I have MSc. degree in medical parasitology. Is it possible for me participate in this program and use of this scholarship?

  42. i am young civil engineer with specialization of hydraulic engineering 7+ plus year both in industeries as university lecturer.i strongly need to study my phd in singapore!! i have applied in 2017 but while i submitte it said rejected. i canot told u that the time i i am a phd candidate in addiss ababa insitute of technology in ethiopia but if i get the chance in singa i will reject it..i need your suport kindly

  43. salam sir
    i wanna ask about MBBSfor undergraduate ,Master and Phd in medicine for graduated student from country rather than Singapore for which type (name) of scholarship we can apply for ? like me am from Jordan and graduated from china and my bather he want to apply for MBBS ,i apply for MBBS-phd for my brother but they ask for research and the professor who in-charge of that research but he did not do any research yet …… hope u understand me an help me and if i can directly contact with you ……. full of respect sir .

  44. Assalamualaikum, how are you?
    I hope you are well.
    I want to know that, how can I apply Bachelors Degree with scholarship from Bangladesh?
    Please tell me about this details!!!

  45. Good morning Sir,
    I’m Martina, I’m a Nigerian. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Cameroon. I presently live in Nigeria. I don’t have the contact of m professors in Cameroon. Can I please use recommendation letter from my places of work?

    Please where can I get the list of the programs you offer?

    Thank you

  46. Hello,I need help !!I was applying for SINGA 2019 but there’s field with papers published and name of author ….but I don’t have any publications ,when I read how to apply they mention that publications if available but I couldn’t submit ,what i have to do ??

  47. Hello,please I need help in field of career I should fill papers published (name of author ,title ….) but I don’t have any publications ,when I read how to apply I found publications if available but I couldn’t submit without it why ??!!

  48. Hello dear Yousf, can you till me about singo scholarship is it has a master degree in in Urban planning/Architecture.

  49. Sir, I completed my MBBS degree from Bangladesh, I am eligible to apply for this scholaship? can I choose subject of my chice, and what is the language of teaching?

  50. Do I even have to apply seperately in the NUS website for that particular department after filling the SINGA application.?.
    Is SINGA’s online application enough for applying to NUS?

  51. i am from Afghanistan and i have graduated from computer science faculty can i apply for master scholarship??? can i know the deadline of this scholarship.

  52. pls sir when precisely is 2019 application begins since 2018 is over. I have MSc in Community Health and Development, hope there is related programs

  53. Hi, Mohammed… I am from EGYPT. I got my bachelor’s in Engineering
    I want to know when can I apply and when will be the next intake. and my marks are comparable to 2.2UK degree. Is it good?

  54. Hello,
    I’m focusing for SINGA scholarship for my PhD in chemistry and I had completed my master degree as well from national institute of technology with 81%. Plz guide me for the procedure of application.

  55. salam..sir!
    when singa award scholarship will open bs degree will complete in 2019 till march..
    plzz inform me..when it will open..kindy..really needed

  56. Dear Waqas Muhammad,
    Kindly when is the deadline for Singha scholarship for 2019 intake?

    Thank you advance for your cooperation

  57. hello sir, i want to know the deadline of singapore scholarship 2020? and when will SINGA scholarship announce again????

      1. Hi
        is the application open now?
        what’s wrong with this all the comment are out of the date( 2016) and application deadline is June 2019.

      2. sir i AM nawab khan i have don msc (hons) in agricultural extension department. can i apply for singa scholarship PLEASE SIR, HELP

      3. sir, I have applied but didn’t get the confirmation mail from them they said that mail has been sent to your email id but I check every folder and there is no such mail. I tried to reset but again they said that mail has been sent but there is nothing.

  58. I recently completed my bechler in statistics with good grades I pursue my master in Singapore. I have all duments passport degrees recomemdation laters etc. Please tell me deadline date of this Singapore schalarship and how I can apply.
    Favourable response are awaited

  59. I want to know, is there any scholarship to study Masters level in Singapore? if is available please share the links

  60. Sir! I am doing my MSc(Hons.) in Agricultural Sciences. so I’ve no masters degree yet, i want to apply for PhD. can I apply for this scholarship?
    second thing is that an official bachlor’s degree is not issued yet, but I’ve a provisional certificate. is it sufficient????

  61. Hello:
    I did my master course in Science and Engineering in Japan(2016-2018), and have more than six years of professional experiences as structural engineer. Now, I would like to apply for PhD in Structural/Civil Engineering. Do I need to consult with supervisor prior to applying for this scholarship?
    Thank you

  62. Assalamo alaikum sir
    I am currently student of Bsc(hons) agricultural sciences 8th semester. Can i apply for scholarship? And how could i apply??

  63. Hello sir, Please is the result for SINGA 2018 out? have they emailed successful candidates?
    Thank you for your assistance.

  64. Im in last semester of masters programe..
    Is there any offer for social science students in mphil or phd programs after masters?

  65. Hallo sir , before I want to pass my honor . I am study at electronic engineering , in ythe 6th semester, in this year I will got a licence diploma at electronic , then I want to finish my studies and I want to aplay to get scholarship.
    How I can aplay. Thank you.

  66. Asalam u Alikum
    I have BSC in Electrical engg . I have a question for you That I can apply For MS programs ?
    This scholarship have Msc Programs ?

  67. Hello sir!
    Thank you very much for all your help.
    Actually I have been interested on this particular scholarship since I started my bachelor’s degree.
    Right now what I really want to know is if I can apply for the Masters program before I graduate?
    Since the deadline is on the 1st of June and my graduation date is on the other hand between the first week of November.
    By the time of application I will have all my transcripts(for the past 7 semesters excluding the 8 semester) and recommendation letters from both of my teachers.
    In addition to that I will issue a letter written by my head of department on behalf attesting that I will be graduating in Nov 2020.

    Thank you very much once more sir!
    I will be waiting for your kind response

  68. Hello, what if someone wants to study MBA? Is it included in the scholarship programme? And if IELTS not required then what other criteria would be considered to study at the universities? Or in which language students are studding?

  69. Please my country is delaying to issue my passport, as the deadline is approaching, what can I do? I have a valid identity card.

  70. Sir,
    I’m doing BS(hons) in Bioinformatics and this is my final semester going on, which will end till 20th June. Am I eligible to apply?

  71. I am Samuel Aragaw from Ethiopia and I have a bachelor degree in Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering. Can I apply for MSC. in the fields of civil engineering and related fields of study at Singapore award or scholarship. since most awards posted are Phd level.

  72. Dear Concern
    Hope this email finds you well. Should I apply for every University enlisted for this program or one application will cover all the University? How will you select the University for a candidate? Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Marzan Sarkar
    Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    Jahangirnagar University

  73. Hello i am Alieu Jarjou from the Gambia. I completed my grade 12 WAEC exams and now I need a scholarship to further I my education. I studied the science field.

  74. Hie, Everytime i try to register on A*Star schorlaship portal it keeps saying enter valid email. Yet it’s the same email i have been using since. I tried another email it desplayed same message. ..what do i do?

  75. Good day,
    Can i apply for Singa scholarship even if i don’t have acceptance letter from NUS? I am interested for year 2020?

  76. Hello sir
    I am an engineering graduate in biotechnology. Am I eligible for the Phd program? I had been working for a bioinformatics startup for two years and was able to publish a research paper on an analysis done by the team. Are the reference letters supposed to be obtained from professors of university , where degree was undergone or from professors at work?

  77. i emailed professor he replied me,
    “Dear Arshad,

    First things you need to consider the source of funding is it self funding or Pakistani gov funds?

    Secondly, you need to score GRE at least 319, any score less than that will not be acceptable.”
    kindly guide what should i reply now ?

  78. Dear Sir,
    I have transcripts of bachelor degree program and my degree will issue in december, can i apply on the basis of transcripts ?

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