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Yes Scholarship for Muslim Students to Study in United States

The Kennedy-Lugar youth and study (YES) program is funded by the US department of the state and Bureau of Educational and Cultural affairs(ECA) to give grants to the high school students with major Muslim papulation for one year. The aim of the scholarship is to build friendly relations between the United states and the Muslim countries. Through this cultural exchange program student can present and show their culture to the host country and in return they will learn about the culture and ethics of the United states. Students selected for this program will be given full scholarship for one academic year and they will live with a host family. Scholarship winners will attain high school, engage in different healthy activities to learn about the American culture and values, Will gain leadership skills and will help the local American’s to understand their countries and cultures.

Eligible countries for Yes Scholarship

Bahrain, Albania, Bosnia and Herzovegina, Bulgeria, Cameroon, West Bank, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Tunisia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, India, Jordan, Israel (Arab communities), Kenya, Kuwait, Kosovo, Indonesia, Liberia, Macedonia, Mali, Mozambique, Malaysia, Lebanon, Libya, Gaza

Eligibility Criteria for Yes Scholarship in United States

  • Should be a citizen of the eligible countries to apply for Yes scholarship program
  • Should have excellent record of academic activities
  • Minimum age should be 15 years old and should be older than 17 years at the time of entering USA( August 1st ,2017)
  • Should be able to pass all the test that will be conducted by the YES scholars in their home countries.
  • Should not be a citizen of USA and have not born in USA.
  • Have not applied for Green Card at the time of applying for the scholarship
  • Should have good communication skills to represent their home countries in united states.
  • Should have interest and great will to promote their culture and values in United states of America.

Things To Do

  • Student will live with an American Host family. That will treat him/her like their real child and every expense will bear by the US government and Host Families.
  • Students will study for one year in US high school.
  • Should participate in different activities and Leadership programs
  • Need to give presentations in different schools and organization about their culture and about their country to help Americans learn about their home Country.

Benefits of Yes Scholarship Program

  • One year full scholarship, including Air fare , Room, health insurance and every thing.
  • Will attain different healthy activities and leadership programs
  • Will be able to improve their English
  • Make new friends from different countries
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Promote the culture of your home country.

 Application process

You can apply for Yes scholarship for Muslim students through their website before the deadline.


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I started this scholarship sharing platform in order to facilitate young talented students to help them so they can apply for countless number of opportunities in all niches globally.

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