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SJTU CSC Scholarship

Shanghai Jiaotong University SJTU CSC Scholarship admissions are now open to international students for master and Ph.D. programs. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) CSC Scholarships are categorized in a different manner in contrast with the CSC scholarships of other Chinese Universities. The breakdown of CSC Scholarship grants in SJTU are as follows:

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CSC Scholarship SJTU (Ph.D. Program)

  1. Type A SJTU CSC Scholarship: 
    A1-CSC SJTU Scholarship (4 Years): Monthly Stipend 4000 RMB/month
    A2-SGS SJTU Scholarship (4 Years): Monthly Stipend 1500 RMB/month
  2. Type B SJTU Scholarship China
    (4 Years): Monthly Stipend 2500 RMB/month
  3. Type B SJTU Scholarship China
    (4 Years): Monthly Stipend 1500 RMB/month
CSC Scholarship SJTU (Master Degree) SJTU CSC Scholarship
Type A 81,300 RMB a year Stipend is 3000 yuan & room 1200 yuan
Type B 64,400 RMB a year Stipend is 1700 & room 1200
Type C 44,200 RMB a year Stipend is 0 & room 1200
Type D 29,600 RMB a year Tuition Fee Free

CSC Scholarship in SJTU is accepting students now so please have a look at our step by step admission guide below:

SJTU CSC Scholarship Online Application Procedure

Application requirements for SJTU Scholarships are listed here:

  • Chinese language requirements are dependable on the choice of your degree course at SJTU.
  • English language requirement is waived off if you belong from a native English speaking country or if you studied your undergraduate degree from any native English speaking country.
  • Candidate must be healthy, posses an impressable academic background and must not be a Chinese citizen.

How to submit CSC Scholarship application at SJTU?

  • Submit an application at CSC scholarship website online for CSC Scholarship sponsorship.
  • Agency number of Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) is 10248.
  • Submit another application for admission in SJTU Admissions online application website.
  • Deposit an application processing fee of 800 Chinese yuan in SJTU bank account.
  • Make two sets of documents containing: English proficiency certificate/IELTS/HSK, two recommendation letters, transcripts, passport copy, study plan or research proposal, passport size photographs, medical form and receipt of deposited application fee.
  • Applications open every year from December 1st.
  • Deadline for SJTU CSC Scholarship is 31st March.
  • Deadline for SJTU Self supported programs is 31st May.

List of programs offered by SJTU:

List of SJTU departments:

Before you begin your next academic journey in China, a quick read on the article about the student guide to study in China is highly recommended.


Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf is mentoring new students to win scholarships for a long time. He realized the fact that it is essential to create a platform where students can find authentic opportunities to apply for and ask questions regarding any relevant matters.

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  1. bhai CSC aur SJTU CSC are different scholarships?? if i am applying for CSC then i have to apply for SJTU CSC scholarship too??

  2. I will like to thank you for the support and encouragement in respect to scholarship applications
    I created account to apply for PhD Scholarship through CSC Scholarship but my passport is not ready at now can I continue . with the application process

  3. Yousaf bro is it mandatory to pay the application processing fee for SJTU or without paying application fee my application will be proceesed .i have 91 percent marks in my bachelor degree and also have a good acadamic career.plz help me in this matter .thanks….

    1. Apply for SJTU scholarship as explained below and your chances will be high if you have got good marks in the previous course and have submitted your application without any errors.

  4. hi sir this is nice thank you, but can I apply to more than one to CSC Scholarship with only different Universities agency number I mean with out changing my Status.

  5. please sir let me know acceptance letter is mandatory in shanghai jiatong university, waiting for your for your kind response

  6. Assalam o alaikum

    I would like to know where i can apply for bachelor’s in Computer science and SE
    Fully scholarship based Universities , or like partial scholarship based universities.

  7. Hello. I will apply for CSC Scholarship in December through CSC website. Which sholarship type should I choose? Can I choose A type on CSC website without going to China embassy?

  8. I have decided to pursue a business master’s degree. This important step will provide me with the business and technical skills I need to strengthen my job prospects. My choice of perusing a master’s degree study in China will have a significant impact on my future career and my country upon my return, so i am not taking the decision lightly. Luckily, China CSC scholarship is at hand.

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