SoftoCoupon “Help to Save” Scholarship


In order to provide an assistance program for students to reduce their tuition tee and gather smarter tactics of saving money, SoftoCoupon has begun “Help to Save” scholarship program. The best idea and response will be selected to be presented at the site and thereby rewarded a prize.

Award for Help to Save Scholarship Winner:

A Scholarship worth $500 and one-time only.

Steps to Apply:

1. Provide the required information
2. Finish the short survey dealing with daily online or in-store shopping habits, behavior, etc.
3. This is the creative aspect wherein one needs to write an essay about how money is saved in daily life. For example – using coupons to get discounts on the wish list items is a great method. Helpful tips are always appreciated; so the best idea is to supply the ideas and check if your idea can win you the coveted prize.
4. The application must be submitted by clicking at the bottom of the application page once it is filled up.

Note: Every step mentioned above must be completed prior to the deadline so that the application is considered.

Submit Your Completed SOFTOCOUPON “Help To Save” Scholarship Application


December 31, 2017 is the last date for submission.


SoftoCoupon team members will make a judgment of the submission based on following aspects:

– Completeness (30%)
– Quality of the submission (30%) (writing skills, structure, originality, etc.)
– Exclusivity and benefits of ideas presented in the essay (40%)



Regardless of a student’s nationality and the subject he/she is doing a major in, SoftoCoupon has kept the “Help to Save” scholarship program for anyone of sixteen years of age and enrolled at an accredited university or college based in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, only for the current (2017-18) school year having a legitimate acceptance letter from the accredited institute. Any employee of SoftoCoupon or a parent or an affiliate company and even family members (spouse, siblings, or children) are not allowed to take part in the competition. The program is subject to laws and regulations pertaining to the country, state or local regions, and stands void wherever forbidden.

Limit: One application per person.


The scholarship winner will be notified via email and must reply to within a period of seven business days from the date when the email is notified. Any potential winner who hasn’t been contacted by email and submits Affidavit of eligibility and Liability/Publicity release (excepting cases where law restricts) within seven business days stands disqualified, and the scholarship will be forfeited and the prize is hence given to any alternate applicant from the same application period who has obtained the next highest score.

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  1. I really need help. I want to know about the german and holland universities. Actually my parents are worried about me. As I have taken a 1 year gap or else I can say I have completed a 1 year bachelor course which I think was not a good decision. I want to persue life sciences course from Germany or Holland. I don’t know which university is better for me. I am not having any how to get admission in these universities. Would you plz help me out?

    • Please have a look in scholarship application procedures and find a scholarship that suits your needs and go for it.

  2. It is a very good program for the beneficiaries and this is a way to create a sustainable development because knowledge is wealth


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