Japanese Scholarships for Asian Students under JICA Scholarship Program


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) invites students from Asia for its paid scholarships, who are carrying on their studies at “partner institutes” of JICA. Selected participants will start their specified programme (Masters or Ph.D.) around September 2020 in Japan at partner Japanese Universities.

The main objective of this initiative is to boost the potential of human competencies between Japan and Asian regions and encourage the people to bring out more innovations in Asia.

JICA Scholarship Application Procedure:

The students are accepted for scholarship in master’s or doctor’s programme from the fields such as Science and Technology, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and especially from Information and Technology etc.

What Benefits to Expect in JICA Scholarship Programme?

The JICA will facilitate with a lot of attractive benefits for the scholarship holders in order to enable students to grow in their fields. Below are the fixed allowances that will be borne by JICA.

  • The actual cost of tuition of master’s or doctor’s programme will be sponsored by the JICA at the Japanese university.
  • JICA will facilitate the students with a fixed living allowance during the study period.
  • JICA will also help students with a lump sum amount as Outfit Allowance.
  • The mobility of students will be looked after with a mobilization allowance.
  • Moving allowance is included in the program with lump sum payment for the rental contract.
  • Lump sum payment will be provided for books.
  • Students will be allowed to draw fixed amount for interior research.
  • Round-trip actual cost of airfare will be allowed to students
  • Different support programs for students as well as the observation visits and internship are sponsored by JICA in the study period in a Japanese university.
  • In the case of student needs Japanese language course, the tuition cost is to be borne by JICA including business manner training with a fixed amount.

Who is Eligible to Apply for JICA Scholarship?

In order to apply for JICA scholarship, the student must fulfill the eligibility criteria of Japanese University and JICA.

It is recommended that student should have a clear understanding of JICA initiative, its objectives, and passion for contributing to the industry with new innovations. He should have the ability to understand and speak fluent English. The candidate must be physically and mentally fit. He must not already, or thinking of another international scholarship.


The student must be a citizen of one of the 12 countries listed below to apply for JICA scholarship programme :

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Pakistan
  5. India
  6. Indonesia
  7. Bangladesh
  8. Malaysia
  9. Myanmar
  10. Pakistan
  11. the Philippines
  12. Vietnam
  13. Thailand


  • The student must hold bachelor degree to apply for master’s degree at Japanese University. For doctor’s programme, MS degree is a must.
  • Only those students can apply who have been graduated from “partner institutes” of JICA.


The age of student who wants to apply for Japanese scholarship must not be more than 40 years as of   1st September 2020 for both, master’s and doctor’s programme.

How to apply for JICA Scholarship?

Each student is recommended to review the list of partner Japanese Universities, their requirements for eligibility of scholarship and selection procedure at the official website of JICA. The student has to submit the necessary documents required by the Japanese University. Once the acceptance and confirmation from the University are made, the JICA will ask the student to submit prescribed documents to proceed to the visa application. JICA is not responsible for the cost of selection procedure including traveling expenses.

Examination / Test by Japanese University:-

The Japanese University will judge the student on its own criteria apart from research work and attitudes of a student towards a scholarship.

Approval of Selected Student:-

JICA will conduct assess the student who comes up after passing all the selections by Japanese University. The main focus is to determine the potential of the student to bring up new industry developments in his own country. The student must be formally approved as participant of the programme by JICA and Government belonging to student. Approved participant’s status as “officially dispatched student” should be endorsed by the concerning government. For this purpose, JICA requires each approved participant to submit an application form to fulfill such formalities.

Application Timeframe:-

Application period depends upon the specific Japanese University applied by the student for the scholarship. Have a look at their official JICA scholarship page.

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