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Swiss Government Excellence Research scholarships for international students

One of The Hottest Scholarships in The World - Hurry up!

Swiss Government Excellence Research scholarships for international students sponsored through the Federal Commission of Scholarships (FCS) in collaboration with the Swiss government.

This Swiss scholarship is a highly paid research grant which will be available to students willing to carry out their researches in Swiss universities for MS Ph.D. and Postdoc level.


Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Benefits for MS Ph.D. and Post Doc students


Swiss Government Excellence scholarship is very highly paid and provided numerous benefits to its winning scholars and universities in the European Swiss region have high rankings.

  • The Swiss government will provide US$2000 a month as a stipend to its MS, Ph.D. and post-doc students with additional funds allocation from the Federal Commission of scholarships on request
  • With that, another fund of nearly US$300 per month will be paid to all international students winning the Swiss Government Scholarship for Accommodation purpose
  • All international Swiss government scholarship winners will get full exemption of course fee
  • Non-EU (international) students who win Swiss excellence scholarship will be provided with Health insurance benefits supported by the federal commission of scholarship
  • Air ticket allocation will be credited to all scholarship winners at the end of their degree or research programs in Swiss universities under Swiss scholarship
  • One year half ticket benefit cards to travel within Swiss regions will be issued to winners of Swiss scholarship programs
  • Swiss research scholarship winners will enjoy study tours to various European regions, free dinners, guided training sessions and other things all organized by the Swiss government.

STEP by Step Video Method for Swiss Scholarship Application:

Go to youtube and copy-paste the sentence written below in Youtube Search: 

Copy Paste it in YouTube ->  Swiss Government Scholarship for MS Ph.D. and Post Doc | Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Who can apply for Swiss Government Scholarship Programs?


Swiss Government Scholarship is open to all students from worldwide and for almost all research fields like medical sciences, engineering niche, arts groups, music & filmography, politics subjects ocean sciences, and much much more subjects.


Eligibility to apply for Swiss Government Scholarship and Documents Required for Swiss Scholarship Programs


  • The Swiss scholarship candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in the case of applying for an MS program in any Swiss university. MS degree is required if applying for a Master’s and Ph.D. is required if applying for a Postdoc program in any Swiss University under the Swiss Government Fellowship.
  • There is an age restriction for Master (MS) and Ph.D. applicants willing to study at any Swiss University under scholarship and age must have to be under thirty-five.
  • For Post Doc applicants for the Swiss Excellence scholarship, there is no age limit but the gap between Ph.D. and this application has not to be over five years.
    Video to obtain acceptance letter is available in the below section of this page.
  • The IELTS testing score sheet is required as per your subject requirements defined by any Swiss university where you apply for admission


Step by Step Procedure to apply for Swiss Government Scholarship.


Video Method to find universities and their departments under Swiss Scholarship and method to find emails of faculty


Step 1:

Find a degree program in universities under the Swiss Scholarship scheme. Email professors in Swiss universities to ask if they can supervise your degree and obtain Acceptance Letter from them.
ACCEPTANCE LETTER IS NECESSARY, else your Swiss scholarship application will be rejected.

The Swiss scholarship application process is now Open!
List of Universities under Swiss Government Scholarship:


  • Basel University
  • Lucerne University
  • Bern University
  • Geneva University
  • Lugano University
  • Lausanne University
  • St. Gallen University
  • Zurich University
  • Neuchatel University
  • Lausanne EPFL Swiss federal institute of technology
  • ETHZ Zurich Federal Institute of technology
  • ETH domain institutes of technology
  • Western Switzerland applied for sciences university
  • Southern Switzerland arts and applied sciences university
  • Northwest Switzerland university of applied sciences
  • Lucerne Arts and Applied sciences university


Step 2:


Once you get your acceptance letter from any university advisor from any Switzerland university then you can proceed Swiss scholarship application and university admission procedure in parallel.

Apply to any university in the Swiss region and mention in admission forms before submitting to a university that you are also processing Swiss scholarship forms at the local Swiss embassy.

So two separate application procedures you have to make, one is for Swiss scholarship grant at the Local embassy and one is for securing admission in any Swiss university mentioned in the above list.

Now as per university methods you can fulfill university online application forms and submit an application online as well as by post as asked by that particular Swiss university requirement.

And Secondly, email your local embassy to obtain Scholarship Application forms package.


Step 3:


Application Procedure and Documents required by any Swiss University?

See the university site and read what docs they require for your admission and submit applications as they ask for securing admissions.


Application Process and Docs for Swiss Scholarship form for local Swiss Embassy 

Fill FCS Official Swiss Research Scholarship forms obtained by the embassy and submit the forms by post to your country’s Switzerland Embassy. In the case of Pakistan here is the link from where you can obtain Pakistan Swiss Embassy address

Switzerland Research Scholarship List of documents for the embassy:

  • Grade sheets of bachelor degree notarized by a government servant in case applying for Swiss MS degree programs
  • Score sheets of Masters attested format if applying for Ph.D. and publications; if any,
  • Obtain Research proposal format from your local embassy and write your study plan in Swiss University, must not increase 5 pages
  • A motivation letter is also required with your Swiss scholarship application package to the embassy
  • CV & acceptance document issued to you by a professor who wants to supervise your degree
  • Two original recommendation letters from your last university but use recommendation forms issued to you by the Swiss embassy in your country
  • Attach passport copy in Swiss scholarship application bundle and conduct medical and ask the doctor to fill out the medical exam form issued to you by the Swiss embassy for scholarship

Three sets of documents must be sent to the Swiss embassy.
Do not fill forms by hand, only typed through a computer as asked by the Switzerland Embassy.


Step 4:


The interview will be conducted at your country’s local Swiss embassy and successful candidates will get admission letters with a Swiss scholarship grant certificate after that from the Swiss embassy.

For official call letter for this scholarship, you can click this link: Swiss Scholarship Call letter
After opening the above link, kindly select your country and get the details.


Make sure you check out the deadline for Swiss Government Excellence Research scholarships here before proceeding any further with your preparation.


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  1. is acceptance letter for ms degree from professor is essential??? or in case of ms only acceptane letter from university is required??

      1. Can you guide me a good possible univeristy in the field of Petroleum Engineering or Energy system engineering in Switzerland ?

    1. I sent the mail to professor for acceptance letter and he replaid we only admit residents of swiss.what should I do now.

      1. Tell him that you are applying for Swiss scholarship and International students are now eligible to join Swiss labs. And hope for the best and see if he changes his mind.

        1. I applied for Masters in Dental medicine. may be this is the reason they aren’t providing me the letter.

          1. No, sometimes professors do not have vacancies but try out with different proposals from different emails to same professors in all universities 🙂

    1. Kindly see the video in this article that how to find universities, their departments and their faculty email list.

    1. No age requirement if applying for Postdoc, the only requirement is that there must not be a gap of over five years from when you got your PhD

      1. Thanks a lot. One more question, do I still need to get IELTS or taking the PhD from UK (the university of Manchester) and staying 5 years in UK could be enough

        1. I think you have to take IELTS as long as you are not native 🙂 but still you can check for this requirement with targeted university.

      2. Hi,
        Anyone above 35 will not considered for scholarship or is there any relaxation on age limit for phd?
        I am 38years old and have got research proposal everything ready. Just wondering whether I can apply for scholarship ?

      3. Hi Waqas,

        Its good that you are reply everybody. I am a Ph. D. in Chemistry and already in contact with Prof. in Neuchatel University. My Ph. D. degree (provisional) I got in December 2010 and I am not eligible for this fellowship. But my convocation degree is in December 2011 and I become eligible. DO this work in this case as I cross the 5 year limit??

        Please, let me know.



        1. Dear Sachin, please contact university about it and i hope they will inform you better… 5 Year constraint is there to remain eligible for this scholarship although you might get some favor based on degree issue date or convocation date.

  2. What will be semester intake for this scholarship ? I mean we have to take supervision letter ….. so for which round we can apply for admission . January 2017 ? is it?

  3. Thanks for your help Waquas,

    Regarding IELTS condition, I took my PhD from UK (the university of Manchester) and stayed 5 years in UK. Is this enough or I still need to get IELTS score.

    1. For postdoc, there is an another requirement which is that you must not have over 5 years of gap between your PhD and post doc application to remain eligible for Swiss excellence scholarship. For IELTS requirement, kindly consult targeted universities.

  4. i ahve don my ms in computer science and now i want to get admission in p.hd what is the deadline plz

    1. Then you can take IELTS and also contact professors to get acceptance which is mandatory requirement for Swiss Excellence scholarship

  5. please i cannot see any faculty of pharmacy in Swiss universities particulary my pharmacognosy department (natural medicinal plants) i ask if this is scholarship support my work field?
    need help please and how can i search for it under any category

    1. Check all universities listed in article if not then you can find any other relevant field 🙂

    1. IELTS is mandatory requirement when applying for any European based university. 30th September

  6. please tell me this scholarship support phytochemistry and natural medicinal plants of pharmaceutical sciences

    1. Kindly check with targeted university departments. I provided list of universities in article already.

  7. good morning
    sir i am m.phil student.My subject is education and my thesis is under procedure i want to gain scholarship please tell me the all procedure how can i avail scholarship

    1. You can find a relevant subject field if interested to apply for Swiss Excellence scholarship.

    1. I think you can apply, kindly check your country’s eligibility from the link in article at the end. 35 years of age limit is there.

  8. I have an IELTS of 6.5 and is like 6months more than the two years expiry date do i still need to take a fresh test and what is the required score for swiss scholarship. thanks

    1. I don’t think so. get in touch with universities and have a look at their IELTS requirement terms

  9. Txs for the opportunity. But I am above 35yrs so I can’t apply for the PhD scholarship. Pls do you have other phd in transport logistics or supply chain management scholarships you can recommend? Thank you

  10. Dear Waqas,Happy Ramdan.

    Actually i did M.Phil from pakistan working in UAE-University since 4 years .I saw advertisement for PhD in university of Bern IELTS not mentioned there .I just want to confirm I need to provide IELTS if yes then whats score they their requirement and one more thing can i contact with professors without Ilets after i will provide

    1. Kindly contact university ISO department and ask for this clarification 🙂 Yes you can contact professors without IELTS, IELTS is university requirement for admission

  11. Granted that IELTS is mandatory for the application, will I be given an accpetance letter by a professor without having the IELTS.

    1. Professors mostly not ask for IELTS. IELTS is the requirement for university admission only

  12. I just completed my MS in management coursework but thesis is still in process… i guess i cant apply for phd untill the completion of thesis so shall i apply for MS for this scholarship ?

    1. Kindly figure out what university requirements are. Every university has its own requirements.

  13. hi
    i have done my Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics Engineering in march 2016 and i want to apply here , i also asked how much band is required in IELTS.

  14. when I log in to the department of ancient history in human sciences there is no team faculty besides the web is in German I couldn’t search further

  15. if i am a master student now , it is planned to graduate at feb-2017, .. can i apply for PhD ? .. and if yes .. is it necessary to submit my master Thesis or work in the application?

  16. Waqas Thumbs up brother
    you explained every thing see video and read text …. easily understand things

  17. I couldn’t find the team faculty members nor their mails in the International relations department

  18. Hello bro.
    I am currently in 8th term and within 3 months i am gonna pasaout from uni ..can i apply ?i will be having my final results till November or december this year.

    1. Kindly check university requirement for that. Every university has separate band requirement for IELTS

  19. Hi. Thank you for sharing this. you have written in the above that we can apply for MS but in their official site it is mentioned that there is written that no scholarships for bachelors and masters, isnt it?

    1. On their official website there are three programs available. One for post doc second for PhD and third one for Researches and in this program people having only bachelor degree can apply.

  20. no scholarships available for masters for students from pakistan ? because it says no masters scholarships available when i opt pakistan in the given space. kindly let me know

    1. It has research program and for that students having Bachelor degrees can also apply but having nice and clear research directions. You can see in their site that three programs are available. First one is for Postdoc second for PhD and third one is for Research work and in this program eligibility requirements only bachelor degree is required. 🙂 😉

      1. So does the research programme means Master Programme ?

        Master and research are same things or different ?

  21. Hello, its very good effort… i just want to confirm… that if we apply and provide ielts certifcate latter… is it possible??? Either uni will accept application without ielts/tofel?

  22. Second thing which make me confuse that documents first submittef to embasy, while documents along acceptance will be submitted later????

    1. There are two parallel processes, first one is to submit documents for admission in university and second one is to submit docs to embassy for scholarship grant along with acceptance in both sets.

  23. this is scholarship really and already opens from august 2016 or maybe ? and also about date for winners results and travel to Switzerland?

  24. when i was checking for earth science in which i was searching for petroleum and i saw the team but at that time time i did not forward my mail to professor but now i m trying to do but i cant see the team for that i mean professor. someone can tell me why its like this?

    1. Check using some other device or contact ISO or admission department of that university to provide you with emails of professors.

  25. Dear Waqas this right or wrong to email and seek acceptance letter from 4 professors at the same department ? if this is wrong what can i do?

    1. This is right method. But be careful not to send emails in bulk. And be specific about their research directions. In first email do not send any attachments, if professors asks for anything then send that thing only in next email 😉

  26. Is this scholarship only applicable for MS (masters in sciences) and not MA (masters in arts) like social sciences and humanities if i am applying for a masters degree?

    1. Its for both MS or MA or Master, you must have some research direction because these are research based programs not degree based.

  27. HI Waqas,

    I have done MBA in HRM from London from 2010 to 2011 batch. I received my degree in December 2014. I have two questions:

    1. Can I still apply for the PhD as i have not done MS but done MBA in HRM?
    2. I am not sure if my college in London will now provide the “recommendation letter” as i have heard most of the professors have been replaced, what would be the alternative?



    1. Yes you can apply, contact your new professors and ask them for favor and explain your issue 🙂 I am sure they’ll help out.

  28. I want to apply for masters in Electrical Related course, Please clarify, whether i have to apply for the admission in the course programs and the apply for this scholarship , or just simply talk to the professors and show them my interest, and get an acceptance/ call letter from them ? I have IELTS btw.

    1. Yes you have to get acceptance letter first from professors prior to apply for admission and scholarship.

  29. – i am an MPhil student and have been working on my thesis. i am hopeful that it will be finished by the end of September. Should I apply for the MS program?
    – if I win the scholarship for MS luckily… would it be possible at that time to convert it for PhD??

  30. I have MA in regional studies track Asian studies, can i apply for PhD in international relations ?

    which university I have to apply for?

  31. Dear Waqas

    I have BA in hotel Management and MA in regional studies and I would like to continue my PhD in international relations, which university would be the best (SWISS universities) ? and if it is possible to help me in finding a scholarship ?

    1. Kindly find any university offering your program in Swiss region and apply for Swiss Excellence scholarship

  32. Aoa,
    I found another link of swiss govt schlorship….. but uni list is different compartive to this….. so??

  33. Dear Waqas,

    I also want to apply for this scholarship. I just completed my Masters from Finland and insh’ALLAH planning to graduate in August. So in my case, do I need to appear for IELTS? . Secondly, what about the application then , do I need to send it to Swiss embassy in Pak. ? Actually I have a lot of confusion because I’m already in Europe so how will they handle my case if I get acceptance from any Professor.

    1. Kindly read article, all your questions are already answered in there 🙂 You have to take IELTS and have to contact Embassy in PAK

  34. Hello Waqas,

    I am doing BS Electrical Engineering from NUST and will pass out in July 2017 (currently 7th semester)

    For This Scholarship should I apply now or next year? Also Please suggest When should i take IELTs Test for this Scholarship.

    Thank you.

  35. It says that Scholarship duration is one year, While engineering Masters i think require two years.

      1. In the research scholarship pdf document it is written that the maximum duration is one year (12 Months).

        1. I am sorry just cross-checked, yes its for 1 year for Research based ones… Thanks for letting us know about it 🙂

    1. Contact targeted university about it and i am sure they will help you in this regard 🙂

  36. dear I am final year student of Engineering and expected to graduate in nov, can i apply for the scholarship ? and can sent emails to the professors ?

  37. asalam o alaikum Mr. Waqas,

    I need to know, how can i get Swiss scholarship forms from embassy website ?, should I write email to them form scholarship form package.


    1. You can go to swiss embassy after August 1 once they open application process or you can email them 🙂

  38. I just want to be sure of the scholarship funded master degree for just one year or two as I understand?!! and Phd is 2-3 year right?!
    am I understanding right?!

  39. Aoa, i receive almost similar response from 2-3 prof that hiring process has been closed…. what does it mean??? before opening of admission how it may close??

    1. Tell professors that you are applying for Research Program from Pakistan and applications will reopen on 1st August so if they have any vacancies then they can let you know. Sometimes, they mean that they already took students and do not have any further vacancy available 🙂

  40. AOA Waqas bro ,,im now in 8th semester B.Tech Civil technology i want apply for MS civil engineering,my final exam will be started on 8 august and degree will be awarded in november december so are im eligible for apply?

    1. You can apply next year for Swiss program and you can apply for China scholarships this January.

    1. IELTS Band Score requirement depends upon university so better check their websites for this information 🙂

  41. is there any particular format for getting an acceptance letter… or can anyone share me the format of it..

    1. Professors have their formats so no need to worry about it just ask them and if they have vacancy then they will provide.

  42. hello:) is the accepting letter required for the thesis period only during the masters? and if yes i couldn’t find any application for masters degree in the universities as well as the requirements of the univerities plus the duration of the degree. i am wondering about the procedure from the local embassy as it is not clear for me. Could you help please, thank you in advance.

    1. Yes acceptance letter is required for this scholarship. There are research based master programs in universities kindly check again 🙂

  43. i have completed bsc electrical engineering,,,,, now i want to ms,,i got 3.10cgpa,i am fresh graduated,,am i eligible for this schlorship?

  44. Aoa Dear Bro…you are doing a very good job…

    if someone has got the acceptance letter from professor of Swiss uni. for Swiss Government excellent scholarship award…then what are the chances of selection for this scholarship……….?
    I heard that acceptance letter is the key for selection for this scholarship and people get selection for this award?
    is it true?

    1. Yes, acceptance letter is mandatory requirement for Swiss Scholarship program. Chances are healthy if you obtain acceptance.

  45. Dear Waqas Muhammad,

    I’m interested in applying for this Scholarship so I have several questions:

    1. In the guide it is stated that we should apply simultaneously for both the Master Degree and the Scholarship. I have already been accepted for a Master Degree at ETH Zurich. Does that mean that I am not able to apply for the scholarship?

    2. My Master Degree program starts on the 20-th of September 2016. And as I read in the comments this scholarship application is for the 2017 session. Am I allowed to apply for scholarship now and get the scholarship for my second semester starting February 2017?

    3. I finished my undergrad studies but due to my university policies I wont be able to get the actual Diploma until next year. The reason for that is that they organize a special ceremony where all diplomas are awarded to students who finished in the previous year. That being said will an official certificate from my university, with a list of subjects and grades, stating that I have finished my studies be enough for the application process?

    4. I am a student from Macedonia and in Macedonia there is no Swiss Embassy. We apply for VISA in the Regional Consular for West Balkan in Prishtina, Kosovo. Nonetheless starting 1st of September I will be in Zurich and as you stated previously in the comments the application deadline is due to 30th of September. Am I allowed to apply for this scholarship while I am in Zurich? And if yes please tell me what is the procedure.

    5. What happens if I get a mentorship from one professor and I decide that I want to change him for a different professor. Will I lose the scholarship?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kindest regards,
    Jovan Andonov

    1. Answers are as follows:
      1- If this university is sponsored under Swiss Scholarship program then for sure you can apply. Also check your country’s eligibility.

      2- As the program starts this year so you can not apply for this scholarship as it is for next year when open in this August

      3- For original diploma concerns, please contact university for solution 🙂

      4- You have to check your country’s name in Swiss Scholarship Program eligible country list first

      5- No, but you have to inform international student office with valid reasons and scholarship authorities 🙂

    1. Yes TOEFL is necessary requirement for it and yes you can apply on research base program 🙂

    1. It depends on any specific university requirement 🙂 Check relevant university in Swiss region for that.

  46. universities are french speaking…and i have not done any french language course .Then what about it???

  47. 1- The link of scholarship call center is not found.
    2- I want to know how I get the requirements of any university and IELTS score

    1. 1- Link is updated
      2- Requirements for IELTS are demanded by University based on the program you chose so please ask university about it 🙂

  48. Hello,
    the last link in this article is not valid and there are no requirements in the universities websites or IELTS score. What do I do?

  49. I’m currently in NUST pursuing Electrical engineering. I will graduate in april 2017 . Nust can provide a provisional letter that i will pass the courses and will defintely pass out in april 2017 . Most universities accept this letter for application for masters without a degree. Will this letter be enough to apply for this scholarship ?

  50. I m student of pharm.D it will b completed in september2017.can i apply for msc.clinical pharmacy?

    1. No you can’t as application process for Swiss fellowships will end this year but you can apply next year for Swiss scholarship 2018 program

      1. Dear Waqas,
        Are Zurich University, Zurich Fedral Institute of Technology & Zurich Domain Institute of technology same universities?
        In addition, University given below is part of Swiss Scholarship? .ch

  51. Is it ok to apply with toefl ibt and Gre and I was wondering if there is specific score required for English certificates

    1. Depends on university. Date is over but you can apply for next year and start preparing your documents for it from now.

  52. should i need to prepare research proposal for getting acceptance from supervisor? if yes then how to prepare and decide the topic and propsal? plz guide

  53. I want to ask ,can i apply for more than one university,so i need to have acceptance letter from more than one?

  54. I have contacted a HOD of University according to him this Scholarship is only eligible for Phd Not For Masters and Asked me for any kind of link for this scholarship. Kindly provide me any official link of this scholarship.

    1. Some universities do not provide it for MS but its date is over so you can now think about CSC China scholarship.

  55. I want to ask if the scholarship are now open to accept the applications?? if yes where is the link for the applications??

  56. Dear Waqas, I sent an email to Zurich university and asked them I want to get admission in MS and want to send an email to faculty to get project approval but I don’t know that when MS program will start at Zurich and want to apply for SWISS scholarship. They replied me that SWISS scholarship is only for PhD students? Is it right?

    1. Some universities do not offer for MS. But now its too late. Sorry i was out of country and was unable to reply on time.

  57. salam! I have done BBA Hons 16 years with cgpa 3.14… Am i elligible for this scholarship for session 2018, And please provide me the list of Universities offering MBA

  58. Your post says the application for Swiss scholarship will begin in August, is the application for the 2017/2018 session or the 2018/2019 session?

  59. please tell is GRE\ GMAT required for swill excellence scholarship for PHD?? or only IELTS is enough?

    1. GRE and GMAT are the requirements set by some of the Swiss universities but not all. So please check the departments and program requirements. But IELTS is mandatory for all.

  60. wanna ask about the IELTS, can we submit the English Proficiency Certificate instead of IELTS certificate, provided by the university from which i have studied?

  61. AOA
    i am the student of M.Phil i had submitted my final thesis hopely my viva will conduct in septmber after that i just got DMC can i apply for this scholrshp

  62. i am a 7th semester student my bachler degree will complete in janury 2018 . can i apply for swiss government scholarship ?

  63. Assalam-u-Alaikum Waqas.
    Is this scholarship available for January 2018 intake now? if it is then please inform what are the deadlines of it.

  64. I searched for the faculty on university site but didn’t find. Please help me out.. and I am a mtech biotechnology fresher student just waiting for my final semester result. So am I eligible for this scholarship.

  65. I searched on the university website for the faculty but I didn’t find anything so can you please help me out. And I am a mtech biotechnology final year student. I just completed my master’s degree and waiting for the results so I am eligible for this scholarship.

  66. hi waqas i hope you are fine.i email in 4 university for accptance Letter but still no response.i yhink there is some issue in my email could you please provide the sample of email?

  67. Morning,
    For Pakistani Students, I guess we can’t apply for masters degree. They just offer scholarships for Research Fellowship, post doc and PhD. In all 3 cases you have to have the Masters degree at must. Any solutions or am i misinterpreting.

  68. Hi Waqas-
    Is it ok if i apply to Swiss government scholarship( with acceptance letter from professor) first via embassy and then apply for admission to university.

  69. Hiiii sir, I have got an aadmission letter from the university. What is the procedure now to apply scholarship. I have got admission for sep 2018 intake.

  70. AOA.
    Sir, I am fresh graduate from quaid e azam university. want to study abroad with fully funded scholarship. i should done ielts? if i will do ielts in 2 months what will be the options for me?

  71. Hi Mr waqas,I’m Daniel from Kenya, do I have to email my preferred university so that I can be granted a supervisor in my masters theses.

  72. Hi, I’m Iranian, and I want to know the scholarship deadline is finished? And is this scholarships for Iranian too ? Thanks for your answer

  73. assalam walikum sir. sir i want to confirm that ILETS is mandatory for MS study under Swiss Scholarship or not??

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