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The Art of Searching an English Language Teaching Jobs in China

One of the fastest growing countries in the world is China. The country is home to culinary traditions, fascinating history, and diverse cultural landscape. It is a country where 1 billion non-native English speakers currently reside. The demand for English is high in China due to different reasons. It is certainly not hard to find an English Teaching Job in China. However like any other country, China has its own unique dynamics and as a job searcher, you need to keep in mind many aspects. In the headings below these aspects have been covered in detail.

Lack of steady salary and dishonest/unprofessional schools is a common problem which people face when it comes to teaching English in other countries. However, this is not the problem with the institutions in China. All schools are professional and the teaching rights are fulfilled. It is essential that research must be done and the below-mentioned concerns should be kept in mind before you begin to apply for ESL English Teaching Jobs in China.

1.      The Teacher’s Budget

Many teachers are reluctant for China simply because they are confused whether teaching English in China will pay off well or not? The concern is genuine as nobody would want to leave his native country for a small bargain. The good news is that the salary for English teachers in China is rising and even if one gets an entry level position then even in such a case one will be able to earn around $2000 – $4500 per month.  The salary includes other essential things as well such as free housing, healthcare, and bonus.

If one is lucky enough to get a higher teaching position then in such a scenario the individual will be able to make around $2400 per month (benefits included).  The salary for English teachers in China is overall not that bad. The city where one gets the job also plays a huge role. Some cities are expensive such as Beijing and Shanghai while some cities are cheap too such as Qingdao.

2.      Teacher’s Visa for teaching the English language in China

To get the teacher’s work Visa in China with proper documentation is necessary. If any document is missing then that can result in immediate deportation from China. One must possess the Z visa if he wants to begin an English teaching profession in China.  The visa is provided by the school long before sponsorship.

The school will issue an invitation letter and agency number to you so you can apply for the Z type Chinese VISA and once this is done, the teacher may collect the documents from the embassy.  Before the allotment of Visa some key documents are required such as passport, TESOL certificate, and the University Degree.

3.      School Types in China

The teaching options in China are many and each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages. The majority of schools require TEFL certificate along with a Bachelor’s Degree. Any school which does not ask for these documents falls into the fraudulent category.  There are three types of schools in China:

  • Private schools in China
    The best option is to get a job in a private school. There are many reasons behind this statement however one major reason is that the facilities in private schools are better and they really take care of their teachers.  Getting a job in a private setting is not that easy and it requires some serious experience.
  • ESL Language Center in China
    Another option in China is to go to an ESL school. In ESL school one needs to teach students that can be both children as well as Adults. There are some schools that give due consideration to only business speaking English. In these schools sometimes the classes are also held on Weekends and night.
  • Public Schools in China
    Public schools are also very much there in China. In these schools, a teacher has to teach around 50 students per class. Each lesson has to be taught for at least 40 minutes. The classes are held from 7:30 a.m in the morning till 4:30 p.m. in the evening.

In a majority of the cases, one needs to go for private tuitions as well to make the ends meet while teaching in a public school. Private tuitions can be found with ease in China. The best way to find such Jobs is through local websites.

4.      Diversity in China

Teaching English is not a big issue in China. What most people find challenging is adapting to the culture of the country! Like any other country, there is certain teaching etiquette in China which one needs to follow. The social norms of China have been there for the last 1000 years. The teaching method best suited in a Chinese institute is lecturing. The students do not ask many questions with the teacher. They listen attentively.

5.      The Workplace Culture of China

The working culture in China is very different from some of the other countries of the world. A strong hierarchy exists in the workplace. One must not challenge the authority in a Chinese workplace, does not matter whether the authority is wrong or right. Whatever role a person is given in the hierarchy he should follow it. Getting out of the role can be risky. To survive in a Chinese Workplace one needs to learn the art of face-saving.

6.      Discrimination in China

China is a big country where people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds reside. In the hiring process, one can face discrimination too. There are several reasons behind this discrimination however one common reason is “Physical Appearance”. The Chinese Society has a specific physical appearance in Mind when it comes to English Teachers. One must not get dis-hearted if he does not get hired. One must keep this in mind that China is a homogenous society. If one experience prejudices in a workplace then this is nothing to worry about. The person should take this as a challenge and try to change the perception of him in the school through his professionalism and hard work.

7.      TEFL for English Teachers for Chinese Jobs

As mentioned already TEFL certificate is mandatory as far as teaching in China is concerned. Yes, other qualifications are also important however TEFL is a basic requirement in China. A person can do the TEFL course in his own country, pass the exam and get the certification.

Verdict on Teaching in China

According to many, China is an undeclared superpower of the world at the moment. The country is seeing growth by each passing day. Travelling to China as an English teacher is not a bad option at all. It provides one the chance to learn about the culture of the country and also provides the opportunity to make some nice fortune.

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  2. Good evening! I am getting my Master’s Degree this summer. So, I am thinking about job opportunities abroad after my graduation. I have found your page with interesting information about teaching English in China. I have got a couple of questions, and it will be great if I get the answers.
    1. I am from Asian country, since I look like a typical Asian. Does it matter? cuz, I heard it is important to have an European appearance even if you are not a native speaker.
    2. Would you help us to find employees?
    3. Can I substitute TOEFL certificate with IELTS? If yes, what about the required points?
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