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Why work in China? China is one of the most developed countries in the world. It is very much predicted that it is the future superpower of the world. Home to around 1.35 billion people China is a place which is a mix blend of diverse cuisine, ancient history, and rich culture. The country is one of those blessed places of the world where you will find a number of high tech cities. Expat teachers are fond of living in China due to the unique experience and economic opportunities the county is providing. If you want to directly apply for ESL jobs in China then you can send us your resume and obtain our email address mentioned at the end of this article.

1. Benefits of Teaching in China

As an English teacher, there are many benefits which will be provided to you in China. These benefits are the prime reason why ESL English teachers, in particular, are attracted towards China. The benefits have been briefly discussed in the headings below

1.1 How much is the salary of an English Teacher in China?

The salary is very much dependent on your experience as well as qualification. The salary is also very dependent on the cost of living. Some cities like Shanghai are very expensive. Of course, if you get an English teaching job in Shanghai your salary will be as per the economic conditions there. Places like Qingdao are less expensive. In a Nutshell, it all depends on the cost of living too. If we really want to give you a number then that would be around 4,000-22,000RMB.

  • Free accommodation with utility bills provided by your school in China
  • Flight tickets will also be covered by your Chinese school
  • Medical and accidental insurance coverage provide

1.2 What are the working hours for your job in China?

The working hours are manageable and are not beyond human capacity. Usually, you have to work for at least 40 hours a week which will be overall 5 days.

1.3 Paid Vacations in China?

You can relax in all national holidays. Schools will pay full salary during the holidays as well.

2. Teaching Work Visa Requirement for China

The mentioned benefits must have got you excited however there are some criteria which you need to follow if you want to make your dream of teaching English in China a reality. The criteria have been discussed below:

2.1 Experience and Degree Requirements

You must be at least having a Degree in Bachelor’s regardless of field. Similarly, you must be experienced too if you really want a good salary. You also need to have a TEFL certification of at least 120 plus hours. There are some schools that except 100 hour TEFL certificate too. However, the requirement of 120 plus hours becomes mandatory if you are looking to teach in first-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

2.4 Documents required for Chinese Work VISA

The Chinese work VISA Z type is required in order to teach English in Chinese schools and the documentation process can be divided into 2 phases. One is when you are in your home country and second is when you land in China.

Home Country VISA process

  • You need to have a valid passport ( 12 months/ expiration date)
  • You must provide the official letter from the school which is also known as “Foreign Expert Invitation”
  • A foreign expert ID must be provided by you. This ID will be given to you by the Chinese school
  • Take your letter of the invite with you to the nearest Chinese consulate and apply for the Z visa. The Z visa is actually the work visa
  • The best option is to go for A Z visa also known as employment visa. This is the quickest and safest way to go to China. This visa is not recommended for you. It is applicable only when you really want to reach China fast and you are ready to make extra trips to finish the documented procedure for Z visa.
  • As explained already you will be passed through a health check in your home country

Process for VISA requirement after landing in mainland China

Once you land in China, the procedure goes as follows

  • Another health check as explained earlier
  • You need to get yourself registered to a close by police station. Provide them your living record. Your school will surely assist in this
  • You will be given your resident permit by your school

3. ESL Jobs in China

A large number of ESL English teaching jobs available in our partner international schools chains based in China. If you are interested then please feel free to send us your resume if you meet the requirements that we listed above to be an English teacher in Chinese schools. ESL jobs in China are home to a cordial teaching team, much better support and exceptional teaching material is designed by our native English speaking teachers for students in China. Our gates are open for all those candidates who are dedicated to the field of education along with career development.

3.1 ESL English teaching jobs in Shanghai

Shanghai is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It is considered as an international city known for its progressiveness and vibrancy. It is also the cultural and economic center of China.

3.2 ESL English teaching jobs in Nanjing

Nanjing is one of the most beautiful places in China. It is a historical area where once 6 different dynasties of China once ruled.  The city has an awesome cultural heritage. The city is developing at a rapid pace.

3.3 ESL English teaching jobs in Beijing

Beijing is considered a modern city in China. The city is looking after the needs and wants of around 25 million people. It is also the third most populated city in the world. Since it is the largest city in the world hence English teaching jobs are ample here.

3.4 ESL English teaching jobs in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is basically the capital of Zhejiang. The city is located in the south of Shanghai. It is considered as the most adorable city of China. It is primarily regarded for its natural beauty and historic relics. The most famous tourist destination of the region is West Lake.

3.5 ESL English teaching jobs in Shenzhen

It is the first economic zone of China and one can understand that why it is growing very fast. Today it is the city where you will find some of the most famous industrial and financial centers of China. The city is home to several entrepreneurs and expats.  The demand for English teachers has considerably increased in Shenzhen.

3.6 ESL English teaching jobs in Suzhou

Suzhou is a mixed blend of tourism, culture, and history which is located on the northern side of Shanghai. The city has rich history of 4000 years. Canals, streams, and gardens are the main highlights of this city.

3.7 ESL English teaching jobs in Jinan

Being a capital of Shandong province, Jinan serves as the traffic junction to various well-known attractions of Shandong. It is also referred by the locals as the city of springs. It is popular due to its Lu Culture.

3.8 ESL English teaching jobs in Qingdao

Located in the Jiao Zhou Bay, Qingdao is basically a coastal city known for its landscapes and European Architecture. The city life is bustling and is surrounded by natural beauty. The city is known for its entertaining events and tourist attractions. The city has an exceptional transportation network.

4. Cost of Living in China

The overall cost of living in China is relatively cheaper then what most of the people think. It is possible that your salary may be much lesser then your home country however if you look at things in the economic perspective in China then things will be very different. Though cities like Beijing and Shanghai are considered expensive however even in these cities the cost of living is much lesser then some of the western countries.

4.1 Accommodation expense in China

As mentioned already the accommodation is provided by the school with a monthly allowance of 3000-5000 RMB

4.2 Utility Bills in China

The Utility Bills are around 200-1500 RMB in mainland China for a normal two-person family.

4.3 Food Allowance in China

The food allowance is provided by the school and is around 3000-5000 RMB

4.4 Taxi in China

  • 16rmb/3km ( first tier cities)
  • 11 rmb/3km (2nd tier cities)
  • 6rmb/3km (3rd tier cities)

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