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The Boustany Foundation MBA Harvard Scholarship Program – The Deadline is Close!

Do you want to study at the University of Harvard?

When it comes to prestigious schools, there is no other name more famous than Harvard. Getting your MBA at Harvard is the best way to secure a successful path in life but on the downside of things, Harvard is not cheap.

Luckily, here is where the Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship Program comes in and saves the day. This is program grants positions once every two years for a two-year course at the Harvard University MBA. The program is now accepting applications for the class that starts in Autumn 2021.

If this is the first time that you are reading about the Boustany Foundation, then all you need to know is that it recognizes the importance of helping people evolve. The foundation believes that by helping students get an MBA, the world will be a much better place thanks to the involvement that the students will have in the world.

The Boustany Foundation MBA Harvard Scholarship Program: Benefits

The Scholarship offers the following benefits:

  • Financial aid amounting to US$95,000 (US$47,500 per year) towards tuition fees
  • Successful scholars are expected to complete a two-month unpaid internship with the Foundation. Projects are varied and relate to the Foundation’s activities or those of its partners.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship are covered by the Foundation.

The Boustany Foundation MBA Harvard Scholarship Program: Criteria

  • Candidates must have an excellent academic background and show considerable promise.
  • Although the Scholarship can be awarded to candidates of any nation, priority will be given to candidates of Lebanese descent.
  • Candidates may apply for the Scholarship only after receiving an offer of admission from the Harvard MBA program.
  • Eligible Regions: Open for all.

Official Letter and Deadline

If you think that you have what it takes to be a Harvard student, then you should CLICK HERE and access the official website of the scholarship program where you can find additional information and an application guide. The deadline is 1 June 2020.



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