The Deloitte One Young World Scholarship Program in Munich, Berlin


The Deloitte One Young World Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from young minds from all over the world that prove to have leadership potential. The scholarship program is awarding studying positions in the beautiful Munich city in Germany and it aims to help young leaders develop the skills that they need to make the world a better place.

We are living in strange times as a result of the global pandemic and the Deloitte One Young World Scholarship Program believes that now is the best time to provide outstanding students with new ways of learning and developing skills that will help solve issues such as the pandemic.

Furthermore, the scholarship program is working with stakeholders across the business, government, and civil society to provide 50 million lives for a world of opportunity by 2030. With that being said, let’s go ahead and check out what are the benefits of being accepted in this scholarship program.

The Deloitte One Young World Scholarship Program in 2020


  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2020 in Munich;
  • Hotel accommodation in a private room between 13 and 17 (inclusive) October 2020;
  • The cost of travel to and from Munich (economy class);
  • Catering which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner (provided by the hotel and during the Summit);
  • Ground transportation between Summit venues
  • Participation in Deloitte-hosted sessions for their delegation in the lead-up to and during the Summit, and a Deloitte “buddy.”

The Deloitte One Young World Scholarship Program in 2020


This scholarship is for young leaders focussed on improving the education, skills, and access to opportunities for people in their communities, countries, or world at large. The scholarship is seeking candidates who have demonstrated commitment to-

  • Improving access to education, skills, or employment opportunities for those that may be left behind by the rapidly changing global economy.
  • Creating skills development or lifelong learning opportunities for people to prepare for the future workforce, including in areas where there are talent shortages.
  • Accelerating entrepreneurship, new types of employment, or provide opportunities for people to overcome traditional barriers to employment. Also, One Young World will assess candidates based on their:
  • Evidenced commitment to delivering positive change
  • Demonstrated capacity for leadership
  • Understanding of key local and/or global issues
  • Track record of generating impactful and innovative solutions to address education and skills challenges

Official Letter and Deadline

If you think that you are eligible for this scholarship program, then you should access the official website where you can find additional information. The deadline is May 22, 2020.

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