The World Citizen Talent €5,000 Scholarship at Hague University


The Hague University of Applied Sciences is one of the world’s most renowned academic institutions and it is now offering three scholarships for international students. The World Citizen Talent Scholarship is available to Master’s degree students.

The scholarship program provides up to three international students with considerable financial support that will help them achieve their dreams of studying at such a prestigious university and also to live in the Netherlands. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out what are the benefits of being awarded a position at the World Citizen Talent Scholarship.

The World Citizen Talent Scholarship in 2020 at Hague University: Benefits

Some of you might be disappointed to find out that the scholarship program doesn’t cover tuition, travel and living expenses. However, the World Citizen Talent Scholarship does much than that! Outstanding international students who prove themselves worthy will be awarded 5,000 Euros. This is one of the most significant benefits that students who are planning to study in the Netherlands can benefit from. To make things even better, the students will also benefit from the chance to study at the renowned University of Hague.

The World Citizen Talent Scholarship in 2020 at Hague University: Criteria

As the scholarship program’s title implies, all international students who are considered a World Citizen is accepted to apply for a position. However, the University is seeking young, intelligent, talented and ambitious people who view themselves as citizens of the world. Nonetheless, let’s see the factors that determine a World Citizen.

  • The student needs to come outside the Netherlands and also to not be a resident of the country;
  • Applicant needs to be enrolling for the first time at The Hague University of Applied Sciences;
  • The student needs to be applying for this scholarship position for the first time;
  • The student needs to be conditionally accepted to the University of Hague before 31 March.

Official Letter and Deadline

We are advising all Master’s degree students who are interested in applying for this scholarship program to CLICK HERE and visit the official website. The website contains additional information, the online application form and the scholarship’s deadline

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